8 Homemade Fruit Fly Traps And Baits

Fruit fly traps and baits are some of the best methods of eradicating fruit flies from your yard. You just need to set them and leave them hanging in a tree in your yard.

Within a few hours or days, you will be so much amazed at the results you will see.

Are fruit flies on the verge of taking over your home completely? Will it interest you to know how to make homemade fruit fly traps and baits that will cost you very little or nothing?

This article features everything you need to know about managing fruit flies using different kinds of baits and traps. With the information from this guide, you will be able to eliminate the pests from your home. Read on!

Fruit flies can be a nuisance at home. Apart from that, they can contaminate foods and food surfaces with bacteria which can lead to illness once ingested. Three main bacteria they are known to deposit in foods are E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella. These three microorganisms can cause serious harm to humans.

To avoid the dangers that come with fruit fly invasions in our homes, we must treat the infestation while it is still early. This involves employing effective strategies or methods that will help get rid of the pests from our homes.

Some of those methods include the use of fruit fly baits and traps.

Do Fruit Fly Traps And Baits Work?

Yes, they do. Though they may not eliminate all the fruit flies in your home in one day, given the time, their effects can be very obvious.

There are several kinds of fruit fly traps and baits out there. The homemade types and commercial types. Each with its degree of effectiveness. But overall, they work.

How Do Fruit Fly Traps Work?

You may want to ask. Here is how.

Fruit fly traps usually consist of a plastic jar or bottle with a bait inside the bottle to attract and trap the fruit flies inside. The traps usually come with holes that fruit flies can enter, following the attractant.

Once they are inside the bottle, they can never come out, no matter how hard they try. In the end, they will eventually drown in the liquid.

Both the commercial and homemade type of fruit fly traps work in this manner.

Homemade Fruit Fly Traps And Baits

For those who do not want to spend so much money buying commercial fruit fly traps, making some at home can be a great idea. Since both the homemade types and the commercial ones work the same way, making one yourself can save you quite a lot of money.

There are several homemade fruit fly traps that you can make without breaking a sweat. I will list some of them below and also show you how to make them.

  • Red Wine Fruit Fly Traps

This is a type of fruit fly trap with wine.

What you will need to make this type of trap includes: a plastic can or bottle, about half a liter of red wine and detergent.


  1. Punch about 6 to 8 holes on the sides of the bottle. This is to enable fruit flies to get into the bottle easily.
  2. Pour red wine inside the bottle.
  3. Add a little of the detergent and stir. This detergent will help make the red wine thicker. That way, fruit flies can drown in it faster.
  4. Carefully hang the trap on top of a tree where they can be easily seen by fruit flies.

This is a very effective fruit fly trap without vinegar.

  • Rotten Fruit Trap For Fruit Flies

This type of fruit fly trap and bait is made using fruits that have almost started to rot. Below are the steps you need to take to make the trap using banana, apples and other common fruits.


  1. Cut some overripe fruit and place parts of it in a container. The container here should be a small jar or a plastic bottle.
  2. Punch some holes by the top sides of the bottle. About 6 to 8 holes will do. Bear in mind that these holes need to be only big enough for the fruit flies to force themselves in but very difficult for them to exit the bottle.
  3. Close the top of the bottle using a piece of clothing or any other thing. To keep this cover on the trap, you can use a rubber band to hold it tight.
  4. After that, hang your newly made device in the shade of a tree and leave it to work.
  • Beer and Dish Soap Fruit Fly Trap

Beer and dish soap is also a very good combination when it comes to homemade fruit fly traps.


  1. Pour a sizeable amount of the beer into the trap
  2. Add the dish soap to it. This will help thicken it, making it easier for the fruit flies to drown in it.
  3. Burn or punch holes on the sides of the plastic jar or bottle.
  4. Ensure that the lid is closed.
  5. Hang it under the shade on a tree and give it time to work. In a couple of hours or days, you should start seeing results.
  • Orange Fruit Fly Trap

To make this, you will need about two oranges or six mandarins, I liter of water and 50ml household ammonia.


  1. Peel the oranges or mandarins and squeeze out the liquid into a bottle that will serve as the trap
  2. Add water to it
  3. Add the household ammonia to it and stir.
  4. Hang the trap on a tree for more effective results against fruit flies.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Fruit Fly Trap

Other things you may need to add to the apple cider vinegar here, are detergent and hot water to create bubbles in the bottle.


  1. Put a sizeable amount of apple cider vinegar in the bottle.
  2. Add the detergent to it.
  3. Pour in a little bit of hot water. This will create bubbles inside the bottle
  4. Allow it to cool and hang it.
  5. Remember that this bottle must have holes on it and the top must be covered to avoid fruit flies escaping the trap from there.

Commercial Fruit Fly Traps And Baits

There are several commercial options that you can use against fruit flies. You will find them online on different shopping websites like Amazon and Walmart. You can also get them offline from pest control shops.

Before settling for a particular product, you need to research and find out what people who have used it are saying about it. Though many users do not take their time to write full reviews on a particular product, if you search well, you might be able to find one or two brands that people recommend.

In case you are wondering how to go about this, do not panic. We have made all the necessary research for you and below are some commercial fruit fly baits and traps that users greatly recommend.

  1. TERRO Fruit Fly Trap T2500

With over 2500 ratings and reviews on Amazon, TERRO Fruit Fly is among the most effective fruit fly traps you will ever buy.

The product is non-toxic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is safe for use around food, kids, and pets also.

The trap is easy to set, you don’t need to have so many hands to help with it. With the clear-cut directions on the instruction manual, you can get it installed in just a few minutes.

Terro fruit fly trap consists of a liquid lure that attracts the adult fruit flies. Once they follow that into the trap, there is no going back for them. They will remain trapped there until they die.

  1. RESCUE Indoor Non-Toxic Reusable Fruit Fly Trap, 2 Pack

This fruit fly trap will help you eliminate the pests from your indoors. Places like your kitchen area where you can easily find fruit flies indoors.

The product is non-toxic and will not cause any real trouble to kids, pets, etc. You can use it to effectively manage your fruit fly problems.

Check what people that have used the product have to say about it on Amazon and make your decision whether to buy it or not.

  1. BEAPCO 10036 Prefilled Fruit Fly Traps, 6-Pack, Red

This is another commercial fruit fly trap with natural ingredients that you can use to eradicate those flies from your home. The product has received over 4500 reviews on Amazon, the majority of which are positive.

According to several users, this product does exactly what it advertises. You can use it with other traps to eliminate fruit flies from your home.

Feel free to check out some of the user reviews the product has received on Amazon.

In Summary

Fruit fly traps and baits are very effective methods of eliminating flies from your house. Though they have their limitations (for instance they can’t kill eggs), when used against adult fruit flies, they can help in wiping out the pests from your home completely.

I hope you find this guide useful.

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