How Much Does Furnace Cleaning Cost?

What is the average cost of furnace cleaning? Here are estimated service prices.

Furnaces are designed to serve various purposes. One thing is common to all; they supply heat. Such heat may be necessary for smelting purposes while others may apply to house heating.

As these heating appliances see frequent usage, they’ll have to be maintained.

Furnace Cleaning Cost Average

Maintenance involves cleaning, repairs, and replacement of damaged components. Here, we’re more concerned about the cleaning type of maintenance.

How do you clean your furnace and what are the typical costs of cleaning? This is the focus of our discussion.

We’ll be looking at cleaning prices to provide the typical cleaning fees charged by professional cleaners.

If you wish to have your furnace cleaned any time soon, this information should be very beneficial to your budgeting needs.

The Cleaning Process

The cleaning process depends on who’s handling the job.

Professional cleaning services have guidelines they follow for cleaning a furnace. It usually follows a systematic process where different components are cleaned individually.

Of course, the furnace must not be in use.

It’s turned off before cleaning begins. Some professionals might start from the outside before focusing on the inside of the furnace while other pros might prefer the opposite.

It all depends on cleaning protocols as there are no standard methods of cleaning. Each cleaning service devises its methodologies.

Cleaning tools and supplies are necessary for an excellent job. This is what sets apart a serious furnace cleaning technician from the others. All possible equipment to be used for the job must be on site.

This includes certain equipment needed for complex jobs.

So how much does it cost to clean a furnace? Let’s find out.

Cost of Furnace Cleaning

The cost of cleaning a furnace is depended on multiple factors.

There’s the type of fuel being combusted, as well as the intensity of the cleaning job. There are also basic labor costs, as well as the cost of cleaning equipment.

With this said, let’s take a look at the pricing structure.

  • Furnace Cleaning Prices

The total cost for furnace cleaning starts from a low of $112 and could go as high as $324.

The cleaning actions performed here consist of labor which involves removing foreign matter from heat exchanger tubes, as well as cleaning vent outlets.

Also, areas between airflow inlets are cleaned.

Labor costs for basic furnace cleanup range from $92 to $299. Before all cleanup procedures are implemented, the area needs to be prepared.

It’s first set up to ensure the job is well carried out before wrapping up the procedure with reassembling furnace unit components.

Furnace cleaning supplies cost between $14 and $16.

Here, both basic and specialized equipment are used for the cleanup process. The use of specialty equipment often attracts a cleaning price.

Such price varies between $7 and $9 per job.

  • Furnace Duct Cleaning Cost

When it comes to deep cleaning a furnace, the duct gets included in the cleaning process. Cleaning the duct alone could incur an additional fee ranging from $250 to $500. T

his depends on the condition of the job as well whether repairs will be a necessary addition.

Sometimes, you might come across a cleaning technician that offers ridiculously lower prices. This might sound too good to be true. If it is, it probably is a sham or scam.

Experience has shown that such deals aren’t worth the time. You might end up getting mediocre services which could end up affecting the performance of your furnace.

Factors Affecting Furnace Cleaning Prices

Furnace cleaning prices are never uniform. These differ due to multiple factors ranging from who you hire, your location, accessibility, as well as the type of fuel combusted.

What more? The condition of your furnace will determine the service cost being charged.

Simply stating these factors won’t do justice to our discussion. It’s necessary to provide further information about how these factors play a role in pricing.

  • Who You Hire

Who gets hired for the job is crucial to the quality of cleaning done. Before paying for a chimney sweep or furnace cleaner, you want to ensure they’re capable of performing an excellent cleanup job.

Based on the topic under discussion, you want a service provider that offers a better deal in terms of cost.

The furnace maintenance industry is quite a competitive one. This means that there are several service providers when it comes to cleaning. Each provider offers certain incentives to attract clients.

Such incentives may include lower cleaning costs or value-added services among others.

  • Your Location

Your location plays a role in the cost of a furnace cleaning project. Not all locations have similar living costs. Some cities tend to have higher living costs than others.

This is most common with larger cities.

So, if you live in a big city, expect higher charges from cleaning companies when it comes to your job. Of course the opposite applies to smaller cities with lower living costs.

  • Accessibility

Accessibility is a price-determining factor because certain obstructions may pose an extra challenge to cleaning.

During an inspection, a furnace cleaning technician takes into account the accessibility options. If any obstacles are affecting the smooth cleanup of the furnace, then expect this to be factored into the cost of cleanup.

  • Type of Fuel Combusted

Fuel types used in a furnace have different effects on the furnace. The three most popular types of furnaces by fuel type are wood furnace, oil furnace, and gas furnace.

Of these three, gas furnaces tend to burn the cleanest with wood furnaces generating the most byproducts like ash and soot.

Here, it’s clear which should require the most maintenance or cleanup. You’ll tend to spend more in cleanup costs for a wood and oil furnace than you would for a gas furnace.

  • Condition of Furnace

The condition of a furnace matters a lot to cleaning costs. Furnaces that are regularly cleaned or maintained tend to cost less to clean than those which are hardly cleaned.

You’re likely to spend more on cleanup costs for a furnace that hardly gets cleaned.

These furnace cleaning prices discussed above as well as influencing factors are crucial to understanding costs.

Here, you get an idea of what the procedure will cost you and get the opportunity of prepping well ahead in terms of budgeting. It’s also important that you choose the right service provider.

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