How Much Does Furniture Removal Cost?

Do you wish to how much does it cost to dump a couch? Is furniture removal cost of major concern to you?

It should because it’s a key consideration that guides the actions of most homeowners. If your search has brought you to this article, you’re welcome!

Here, you’ll find all that needs to be known about furniture removal costs.

Average Couch And Sofa Disposal Costs

To begin with, the typical range for furniture removal is around $75 to $200. On the low end, costs could amount to about $50. This climbs significantly to around $950 on the high end.

How much cost is incurred depends on the furniture size among other factors which will be discussed shortly.

Types of Furniture Removed

Some people may wonder if their furniture qualifies for removal. It absolutely does! Whatever type of furniture you have can be removed. It all depends on the removal service hired for the job.

Some of the most common furniture items removed include sofas and couches.

Others are pianos, sofa beds, tables, chairs, mattresses, cubicles, bookcases, and desks. More furniture types include boxes, file cabinets, tool units, armoires, refrigerators & freezers, as well as washers and dryers.

There are also patio sets and an entertainment center among others. These are only a few of many other furniture types that may require disposal.

Furniture Removal Cost

Furniture removal costs rest on several factors. Such factors always determine how much fee is incurred. We’ll be taking a look at each of these, but before then, let’s consider the cost of having your furniture removed.

We earlier mentioned that the typical cost range for furniture removal is around $75 to $200. Now, let’s get into more cost details by taking a look at the furniture in question.

For a sofa or couch to be removed, it will cost you around $75 to $160.

An armchair will incur a removal fee of around $50 to $100. The same fee of $50 to $100 applies for a table. Removing a mattress will cost about $75 to $100, while a patio set will cost around $150 to $250.

For an entertainment center, removal costs will range from $100 to $200.

Is Your Furniture Pest-Infested?

People dispose of their furniture for several reasons. One of them includes being infested. The need to dispose of such furniture is usually bolstered by the condition of the furniture.

Old furniture with pest infestation problems will require calling a pest control specialist.

The need for a pest control specialist is due to the likelihood of such a pest being present in your home. So, disposing of or removing such furniture won’t be enough.

Your home surroundings have to be treated before new furniture is brought in.

In terms of cost, having a pest control specialist treat infested furniture as well as your home adds up to the total costs incurred. This only applies to persons whose homes and old furniture are infested by pests.

When A Furniture Becomes Disposable

For most homeowners, the need to have furniture replaced or removed largely depends on its condition. In other words, how usable is such furniture?

It depends on who you ask as usability can be relative.

Generally, the need to have the furniture removed hinges on its dilapidated state. Common conditions include old, smelly, and stained furniture. Such furniture may also be ripped or torn, with broken strings as well as having mold or pest infestations.

However, there is furniture having none of the mentioned conditions, yet still being considered for replacement. As mentioned earlier, it boils down to user preferences.

Furniture still in good condition can be donated to charity or sold.

Factors Affecting Furniture Disposal Cost

As always, some factors influence the cost of removing furniture. In other words, such factors will determine whether you attract a lower or higher removal fee.

The most common of these include the number of furniture as well as the size and weight.

Another factor influencing furniture removal cost is location. All of these will contribute to the total fee incurred for furniture disposal.

  • Number of Furniture

The number of furniture to be removed will impact the removal costs. The more the items, the cheaper it gets. How so? Well, it follows the economy of scale principle.

For instance, removing or disposing of a single mattress may cost around $100.

When there are two mattresses to be disposed of, you may end up paying around $150 rather than double the price for removing one. This isn’t unique to mattresses alone.

Irrespective of furniture type, the number of items to be removed will affect removal costs.

  • Size and Weight of Furniture

Furniture comes in varying sizes and weights. There are those which won’t pose many challenges to dispose of while others will require a great deal of effort to remove and dispose of.

The larger and heavier furniture is, the more likely it will attract higher removal costs.

The level of difficulty in removing large and complex furniture is quite high. This affects the hour spent which translates to cost.

So, to have a rough idea about furniture removal cost, consider the size and weight of the furniture in question.

  • Your Location

Furniture removal costs are never uniform across all locations. It’s common to see such costs fluctuating by location.

For instance, it costs around $200 to $500 to remove furniture in NYC, New York. For Atlanta, Georgia, furniture removal costs hover around $100 to $250.

The furniture removal fee in San Francisco, California ranges from $180 to $450. If you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota you’re likely to incur around $150 to $400 for furniture removal.

In Denver, Colorado, furniture removal cost ranges from $100 to $250.

How Much Does DIY Furniture Removal Cost?

If you wish to perform the furniture removal process yourself, it’s going to cost you much less. However, this will involve a lot of labor. In terms of cost, you’re likely to pay around $10 to $50 for dumping fees.

As expected, dumping fees vary by location.

Furniture disposal attracts a wide range of costs based on type, size weight, and other factors mentioned above.

Having this knowledge helps in no small measure to plan for the process. Planning, in this case, refers to financial preparations as well as comparing price quotes of different furniture removal services.

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