How Much Does Hedge And Shrub Trimming Cost?

Here is how much to trim bush and hedges.

Shrubs are plants that serve several purposes.

Some of these include being used for erosion control, landscape improvement, as well as growing them to serve as backdrops. Now, whatever your reasons for planting shrubs, having them maintained is necessary.

One of the key maintenance actions involves trimming.

Having your shrubs trimmed comes at a cost if you aren’t doing it yourself. This is what we seek to focus on; shrub trimming service costs.

How much will it cost to have shrubs trimmed?

Here, you’ll find all cost-related information to help you plan better.

Shrub Trimming Prices

Shrub trimming isn’t only necessary to beautify the plants. It may be necessary when such plants are overgrown. Sometimes, shrubs could extend to areas they shouldn’t.

You might also need to keep the plant to a certain height so as not to block your view.

Now, shrub trimming shouldn’t be handled haphazardly. In other words, it should be properly done with aesthetics being a key consideration.

Also, shrub trimming should be done in such a way that it doesn’t affect the plant. Here, we’re talking about having a trained technician perform such action.

You Must Not If You Cannot

This simply means shrub trimming should be left to the professionals. Not every shrub should be trimmed the same way. Now, not every homeowner knows exactly what to do when trimming shrubs.

Your approach should be backed by knowledge.

So, if you aren’t knowledgeable enough about shrub trimming, it’s best you allowed a professional to handle the procedure. Expertly trained arborists are best suited for such jobs.

They know about plant health and from what points to trim shrubs.

Cost Of Different Types Of Shrub Trimming Services

There are several types of shrub trimming services these range from corrective pruning, dead wooding, thinning cuts as well as heading cuts among others.

None of these can be performed effectively without an understanding of the procedures.

So, it’s best to stay off trimming your shrubs and allow a pro to handle the procedure. The only exception will be for persons having the required skills.

Average Bush Trimming Cost

With professional help come basic costs.

Here, the cost incurred for shrub trimming is determined by the extent of the job, the hours spent on the shrub condition. Now, average hedge trimming service costs falling within the $40 to $75 per hour range.

Most times, trimming costs will either follow a ‘number of shrubs’ or ‘per man-hour basis. You’ll find per-man-hour trimming costs ranging from $60 to $75 while per-shrub trimming costs go from $6 to $8.

Shrub height is also factored into trimming costs.

As such, trimming fees incurred for a shrub less than 2 ft. start at $2. Shrubs with heights between 2 to 4 f. cost about $6 to trim. Those from 4 to 8 ft. will cost about $10 while overgrown shrubs which are more than 8 ft. will cost anywhere from $12 to $20 to trim.

These are only estimated as actual costs will vary from one job to the next. So, to have a definite cost for your shrub trimming project, you’ll need an arborist to inspect your shrub condition.

  • Cost of Cleaning

Every shrub trimming job results in the area being littered with plant cuts. Most contractors will clean the area by having these cleared and hauled off. This isn’t done for free.

Rather, it’s factored into your total costs. The cost of cleaning will contribute about $25 extra to your total costs.

Factors Affecting Shrub Trimming Costs

Shrub trimming costs are influenced by certain factors. These range from time spent on the job, the number of trimming services within your area, and your location.

Costs incurred for a shrub trimming job aren’t uniform across all locations as you’ll find out under the factors provided.

  • Time Spent on the Job

Time spent on the job is essential in determining the eventual costs to be paid.

Remember we mentioned hourly rates as one of the costing criteria. So, the longer a shrub trimming job lasts, the higher the costs involved. Here, the cost per hour is multiplied by the hours spent to get the actual fee.

  • Number of Trimming Services within your Area

How many plant care services are within your area? This is important because the more the competition, the higher shrub trimming costs are likely to be.

More shrub trimming services translate to higher competition which results in a price drop. The opposite applies to fewer trimming services.

  • Your Location

Your location plays a role in determining shrub trimming costs. Due to the high cost of living in certain areas, shrub trimming costs could be considerably higher than in rural communities.

There are also differences in costs due to the number of trimming services in a given area.

Trimming is Beneficial to Shrubs

In a bid to save money on trimming costs, a lot of homeowners make the mistake of waiting longer than necessary before trimming their shrubs.

This leads to overgrown shrubs which can be damaging to such plants.

You’ll need to perform some level of maintenance by having your shrubs trimmed regularly. When such action is considered as an investment that benefits the plants, it becomes easier to have such maintained.

Shrub Trimming Frequency

If you’re wondering how many times in a year will be best to have your shrubs trimmed, wonder no more. Shrub trimming needs to be done twice yearly.

Knowing this is important in determining the cost it takes to complete the job.

However, trimming can be done even more frequently. With more frequent pruning, less of the shrub is cut and the health of the plant is guaranteed. Also, lesser costs are involved compared to when shrubs are left to overgrow.

Trimming frequency is about 5 times a year. It depends on how you want to proceed.

More importantly, we recommend you speak to your arborist about everything concerning trimming frequency. Doing this saves you a lot of stress and worry.

Details on shrub trimming costs have been discussed to this point. Your shrub trimming project doesn’t have to be complicated. Plus, you don’t need to guess how much such a procedure will cost.

The information provided here gives you as much detail as necessary to make informed decisions.

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