Homemade Root Killer for Sewer Lines

In this article, we discuss different homemade root killer remedies that can be applied to resolve tree root ingress in sewer lines. All you have to do is to be attentive and follow allow.

Homemade Root Killers for Sewer Lines

One of the commonest problems people encounter with sewer lines is the constant growth and interaction of tree roots with such lines. The situation is much worse for a tree with invasive roots.

Root ingression creates plumbing issues, including clogs, slow draining, and pipe cracks.

People have devised a lot of strategies to deal with such problems. Some of these techniques work, while others aren’t as effective.

Why People go for Homemade Root Killer Remedies for Sewer Lines

One belief that’s quite common among people using homemade root killer remedies is that such methods are organic and cause no harm to beneficial bacteria within their sewer or septic systems.

Whether such an assumption is correct or not largely depends on the nature of the ingredients used.

If your home is hooked to a central sewer system, there isn’t much to worry about as wastewater is centrally treated. However, for persons with septic systems, extra caution needs to be paid to what gets into their drains.

Your homemade root killer may serve its purpose but also harm digestive bacteria within your septic tank. This situation calls for careful selection of your root killer ingredients to ensure you don’t kill off useful bacteria.

With this said, let’s get into the details of our discussion.

Making a Choice

Homemade root killer alternatives for sewer lines are never in short supply. You’ll have to choose what you intend to use from the available options.

Sometimes, mixing some ingredients is necessary to create a potent root killer. Your results largely depend on the efficacy of your ingredients on roots.

Some of these root killer treatments that work include regular salt, rock salt, Epsom salt, foaming root killer, and copper sulfate. Another treatment you can try out is commercial root-killing chemicals.

Isn’t this harmful? You’ll find out shortly. Let’s look at each for a better idea of how they work.

  • Regular Salt

Table salt has proven to be effective in killing tree roots.

You can protect your sewer lines from root ingress by dumping a pound of salt into your toilet. Flush away the salt until it completely disappears.

Again, pour a similar volume of salt into the toilet and repeat the process.

With this performed, the toilet is to remain unused for 12 hours. This allows the salt to dissolve properly and start acting on the roots. You might have to repeat the process each month or quarterly until you notice the free flow of water down your sewer line.

If you’ve tried it with little to no results, you might want to try other measures. Certain factors may have affected the efficacy of your treatment strategy.

For example, your toilet may have been used by a family member within the waiting timeframe. That is why it’s important to let your family know about the treatment.

  • Rock Salt

Rock salt is also used widely for killing tree roots in sewer lines. This chemical compound is quite versatile as it’s also applied for the melting snow on sidewalks and roads in winter.

As snow melts, trees along the road or sidewalk slowly absorb the rock salt solution. What results in the browning of sections of the tree?

This looks like a section of it was burnt by fire. Of course, the results are visible in spring as most trees lose their leaves or are dormant in winter.

With this situation, you get an idea of what happens when rock salt is used to kill roots in sewer lines.

If you’re wondering where to get rock salt, it’s readily sold in local hardware stores. You only need to inquire. If you prefer shopping online, you can place your order from the comfort of your home.

Having received your delivery, all you have to do is pour down a handful of this salt down your toilet.

Flush the toilet until the salt disappears. Now, your toilet will need to be left unused through the night. For this to be possible, it’s best to apply this homemade root killer when everyone has gone to bed.

Within such a timeframe, rock salt does the work of killing these roots.

  • Epsom Salt

Will Epsom salt kill tree roots in a sewer line?

Similar to regular salt, Epsom salt also serves to kill tree roots in sewer lines. However, getting real results will require applying it properly.

Unlike the other homemade remedies, this isn’t applied through the toilet. Rather you’ll have to find the affected area and apply your treatment from outside.

When Epsom salt comes in contact with roots, it dehydrates them completely, causing them to become brittle and die off. To start your treatment, find a bucket and pour some Epsom salt.

There’s no definite amount to use. Apply some water and mix.

Find the root likely leading to your sewer line and pour this mixture around it. If there are multiple roots posing this challenge, have your solution poured around them.

The treated area(s) will need to be covered with a tarp. Before long, you should start seeing results.

  • Foaming Root Killer

The foaming root killer recipe requires several ingredients, such as a cup of boiling water, equal amounts of table salt, and equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda.

These should be mixed into a solution and emptied down the toilet immediately after they are mixed.

You need to apply while the mixture is still fizzing. The foamy mixture occupies or fills the sewer line hence making contact with the roots. It kills such roots on contact.

  • Copper Sulfate

Copper sulfate is another root killer that can be applied to free up your sewer lines. Here, the same treatment procedure followed with table salt is repeated.

As it gets in, it begins to act by killing all roots.

Commercial Root Killing Chemicals as Alternatives

This might sound a bit out of place as the word “chemicals” is used.

However, there are certain commercial chemicals with low toxicity that will readily kill tree roots when poured into the drain or toilet. RootX is a good product to try out.

There are many more you can use for this purpose.

These homemade root killers for sewer lines have been used with appreciable results. You can also put them to good use to get the results you seek.

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