7 Best Hot Water Storage Tanks for the Boiler to Buy

Do you wish to install a hot water storage tank in your home? Then, you ought to learn a lot about the unit. Such knowledge will help you select the best heating system for your home.

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best hot water storage tanks for boilers. We’ll provide you with their specifications to help you determine which will meet your needs.

Best Hot Water Storage Tank for the Boiler

A hot water storage tank is a crucial home appliance, so it’s essential to get a new one or replace an old one.

The tank is designed with a heat exchanger, typically a metallic coil. The boiler channels water through the tank to warm up the inside of the indirect water cylinder.

After the water moves through the coils successfully, it returns to the boiler and recirculates to repeat the process.

In this part, we’ll review a few brands and models of these tanks for boilers you may purchase for your household.

  1. Utica Boiler’s H2O Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

This unit is reliable for your hot water solution. The system’s design included high performance, durability, and efficiency.

It is the best option for usage with low-mass boilers because it has a modest pressure drop. The stainless steel hot water storage tank has a capacity of 0, 40, 60, 60 liters, 80, and 115 gallons.

In addition, the H20 Stainless Steel Storage Tank from Utica Boiler has top connections, which makes installation simple, easy, and clean; it also has a thermoplastic jack, which means it won’t rust, dent, or scratch; and 2.25 EPS insulation, which offers less than 5 degrees Fahrenheit per hour standby loss.

  1. Hanson Standard ASME Carbon Steel

This product will be ideal for those who want a gas-powered tank for a boiler.

The system is built with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IV for potable tanks. Hanson also bears the HLW stamp and serial number, as the national board requires.

Select this type of tank if you want a guaranteed tank. For a year following the date of shipment, it is free from material and artistry flaws. Complete limited warranty terms are also available upon request.

The system’s maximum temperature is 99 degrees Celsius and 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

  1. RBI storage tanks

RBI tanks are exceptional tanks for boilers. They are designed to provide large volumes of continuous or intermittent hot water supply while maintaining a constant outlet temperature.

The appliance comes in different sizes, ranging from 200 to 1,000 gallons. You can also get custom-built gallons of up to 3,000 units.

RBI tanks offer complete flexibility and are ideal for high-efficiency boilers and other water heaters. They often come in both jacket/insulated and bare configurations.

Because the appliance is ASME certified and uses the latest advanced lining technology, expect maximum performance and durability.

Finally, RBI tanks are produced using an Ultonium lining that is formulated explicitly for hot water applications.

The appliance is ultra-durable and has a wear-resistant lining, which minimizes the effects of the high temperatures associated with water heating.

  1. Heat-Flo’s Hot Water Storage and Booster Tanks

You’ll appreciate getting this appliance because it offers high quality and efficiency. The tank is engineered to provide the reliable and abundant hot water that today’s larger homes need.

Tankless coils, instantaneous water heaters, and plate heat exchangers cannot usually provide hot water to homes with multiple baths, hot tubs, and body sprays.

Flo’s Hot Water Storage / Booster Tanks can store hot water with accurate temperature control.

This reduces boiler fuel consumption because the water can be heated and stored at a lower temperature. This will further minimize burner recycling and make hot water more readily available.

This tank is fully insulated and constructed of stainless steel. It’s also designed with a thermostat, drain, and T & P Valves factory installed. With a flexible thermoplastic jack, the appliance will not rust or dent.

Installation is hassle-free and can be used in a residential or commercial setting.

  1. 30ST Hot Water Storage Tank

This tank will also meet your needs excellently.

It’s a 30-gallon, 150 PSI-rated, jacketed glass-lined, and non-ASME vertical storage tank designed for boilers, hot water circulation systems, geothermal systems, and large-volume delivery applications.

Moreover, it’s a glass-fused-to-steel tank with a powder coat finish. It has 2 or 2.5 NPT connections, one top outlet, and three sides of supply or return.

Additional features include ecomate insulation and a brass drain valve. Buying this appliance will give you a five-year limited tank warranty.

  1. 80ST Hot Water Storage Tank

You can depend on this U.S.-manufactured appliance for all your needs.

The tank has an average capacity of 30- 119 gallons and is 150 PSI rated. It’s also non-ASME vertically insulated and jacketed glass-lined. The exterior is made of steel with a powder coat finish.

Moreover, it has a factory-installed brass drain valve, four 2 or 2.25 NPT connections, one top outlet, and three side supply or return connections.

  1. ASME-certified H.L.W. stamp

Another worthwhile investment is getting an ASME-certified H.L.W. stamp.

The tank can be used alongside boilers and other instantaneous heating systems. It is made of heavy-gauge steel and has two accurate dielectric NPT fittings and a magnesium anode rod.

Moreover, the appliance has a plutonium vitreous glass lining, 125 PSI-certified working pressure, and two non-CFC foam insulators. If you buy this tank, you’ll have a 5-year warranty.

For tanks with double glass lining, you’ll get 10-year warranty coverage.

Apart from the list above, you can explore many tanks for boilers. These appliances are designed to retain hot water for an extended period. This makes them ideal for larger homes, as they’ll not have to run their system all day.

However, before buying one of the appliances listed above,

learn more about them. That way, you can get the best unit to meet your needs. Consider hiring an expert to help you get the best tank for your boiler. But be sure to pay some coins for such services.

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