If you’re having trouble with midges and don’t know how to handle them, then stay with me, because I will be discussing how to get rid of midges inside homes.

The word “Midge” is used to describe a wide variety of insect species.

Their common features are their small size and large population. They are also very troublesome insects who have strong jaws accompanied by a painful bite.

Midges Control Options

Here are some reliable options:


Since midges are attracted by open body parts, I thought I’d start by recommending midge repellents. You can use these to keep them away from you.

Wearing long-sleeved shirts is a good way to keep them off, but in a case where they are too many, you might want to try a repellent spray.

The spray is a good remedy midge, especially for outdoor activities like camping around marshy areas. DEET-based repellents are highly recommended, as midges are well irritated by them.

CO2 Traps For Midges

These traps work very well against midges. CO2 traps, lure them in, and kill them. All you have to do is set up the trap.

After the trap kills as many midges as it can, pick up the dead insects and dispose of them properly. Use the trap as many times as required to kill the midges.

Install Small-Mesh Screens

This is not an extermination measure, but rather preventive. Installing small mesh screens in your windows will help keep them out.

If you already have midges in the home, then the screens will prevent others from gaining entry while you exterminate the ones that are already in.

An extra tip is to look for any cracks in the walls, doors, or crevices and seal them up, as they could also act as access points for the midges to get into your home.

Use Air Conditioning To Keep Midges From Entering Buildings

Most insects do not like cold temperatures, midges inclusive. They would rather seek she’ll in warmer environments than be killed by the cold.

You can use this to your advantage by installing air conditioning units in your living room and your bedroom. This will keep the midges at bay.

Keep in mind that this is just a temporary solution to drive them away, as the air-conditioning unit cannot be left on 24 hours a day. You will need a more permanent solution.

Pick Clothing That Completely Covers The Skin

Long-sleeved clothing can help keep the midges away from your skin. You can put them on when you are out camping in the marshy woods.

This method is mainly for preventing outdoor midges. You won’t be spending all eternity outside so it’s also a temporary fix.

Having the midges in your home is a different ball game. You will need a more permanent solution for that.

Drop Granules In Breeding Spots

Standing water is a popular breeding spot for midges. It is filled with young larvae which will grow to become hard-biting adults.

To ensure that doesn’t happen, you can place granules made with bacteria-like BTI in the standing water and it will kill them all.

You can repeat this process several to make sure they are eliminated.

Dry Up Standing Water

As I just mentioned, midges breed in standing water, that is where you can find large amounts of larvae.

Dropping granules in the water is very effective at killing them, but the more permanent solution would be to dry up all the standing water around your yard.

Standing water could be a result of leaking underground pipes. Trace the leakages and fix them to prevent a re-occurrence.

If the water is in a container and has a specific function, then you can add granules to kill any larvae in there, toss the old water out, and fill the container with fresh, clean water.

How To Get Rid Of Biting Midges In The Bedroom Naturally

No one wants midges running riot in their bedrooms, as they can cause all sorts of inconveniences, especially when you’re asleep. What makes it worse is that they are really small insects that aren’t so visible, and this makes it a lot harder to get rid of them.

Not to worry, I’ll be giving you some useful information on how you can get rid of midges in your bedroom.

Step 1

Install screens on your bedroom windows to deny them further access. The screens have to be tightly woven so there are no pockets of space for entry.

Always keep your windows closed, as midges can easily fly through tiny screen holes and land right on your bed.

Step 2

As I have mentioned before, you’d be doing yourself a favor by drying up any patches of standing water around the house, especially the ones close to the bedroom windows.

An extra tip is to move your potted plants away from your windows as well (that’s if you have any). Potted plants carry moisture which midges are very much attracted to.

Leaving them there would mean attracting these bugs closer to your bedroom.

Step 3

Create a homemade trap for them using 1-1/2 inch apple cider vinegar and two drops of liquid detergent.

Stir the mixture up and pour them into bowls, then set the bowls all around your house. Be sure to prioritize the rooms where you noticed midges the most.

The midges will be attracted to the bowls, thanks to the liquid, but little do they know it will kill them as even as they try to land on it.

Step 4

Gather up the dead midges and dispose of them properly. You should also replace the vinegar and detergent mixture at about 3 days intervals. Doing this will kill more midges who decide to come close.

How To Get Rid Of Midges In The Garden

Getting rid of midges in the garden also requires several steps and a combination of efforts.

Keep in mind that garden midges are attracted to things like food and light, and I expect that your garden provides both. Having a clear understanding of what they want and how they behave will give you the upper hand in getting rid of them.

The tips I’ll be giving you below will reduce and/or eliminate them.

Step 1

Since we already know midges are attracted to lights, then you should try to reduce or eliminate garden lighting.

The fewer lights you have the lesser the occurrence of midges.

This app has one disadvantage though, there are harmless and beneficial insects that are also attracted to light, and shutting it out will mean they will disappear too.

If you don’t want to remove the lights or keep them off, then you can simply change the position of the lights. Relocate them to a part of the yard where people hardly go to. Midges will be drawn away from your garden to the new position of the light.

Step 2

If you have pools of standing water around your house then make sure you get rid of them. Doing this will reduce the occurrence of mosquitoes and midges, as they are both fond of such environments.

Midges breed on standing water, including those in rain gutters, planters, and birdbaths.

Step 3

You can light up citronella products around the garden perimeter as well as areas where people usually hang out outdoors. Such areas include the patio and porches.

Apply a DEET-based insect repellent on your clothes and put on some long-sleeved clothes to protect your arms. Also, put on some long pants to guard you against bites.

Step 5

Another means by which you can get rid of midges in the garden is by setting traps. These traps will lure them in, then electrocute them when they are inside.

Pheromone traps are a good recommendation. They aren’t just good for catching midges, they are great for collecting other insects like moths and flies.

Chemical attractants also work well as bait

Step 6

You can also hang pest strips around areas where people gather outdoors. These will help you reduce the occurrence of midges in your garden.

Pest strips are heavily dependent on color since this is what they use to lure unsuspecting insects in, midges inclusive.

Whiteflies for instance are drawn to the color yellow.

The downside to this approach is that you could also trap beneficial insects along with the midges.

Step 7

Using insecticide sprays is just about the most straightforward means by which you can get rid of midges in your garden.

Pyrethrins and Neem are among the most popular and most effective pesticides on the market. Thanks to their effectiveness, they have become household names in the fight against pests.


Midges or gnats (Biting Midges) are terrible company to have either in the bedroom or in the yard. Their bites are very hard and they leave marks on the human body.

I am sure you are tired of them, which is why I hope this article on how to get rid of midges has been very helpful.

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