How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Getting rid of a yellow jacket problem can be overwhelming. This is even worst for persons having little or no understanding of this pest behavior.

We will focus on yellow jackets and how to control them.

So, for persons with an existing problem, we present you with a step by step guide on how to get rid of yellow jackets.

However, you need to be able to identify, as well as understand their breeding behavior, what attracts them, their likely habitats and more. Hence as part of our discussion, we will present you with all these and more shortly.

  • Why are Yellow Jackets Considered Pests?

It is common knowledge that pests are considered destructive, harmful or dangerous insects or animals. Yellow Jackets are most notorious for their stings. This can be fatal especially for those with allergies.

Consequently, getting complete rid of them is necessary. Also, the nests built by them can be unsightly. Such is likely to be found in prominent locations around your home or property.

  • Identifying a Yellow Jacket

Identifying a pest problem is the first control measure. True to their name, yellow jackets are indeed yellow.

However, these can easily be mistaken for bees.

Despite the similarities, you can easily distinguish the two through observation. Compared to honey bees, yellow jackets are more aggressive. So, a yellow jacket can sting several times, unlike a honey bee that stings once.

Also, yellow jackets make their nests underground. This means you may come too close for comfort when mowing your lawn. Though both look similar (yellow and black markings), yellow jackets aren’t hairy, are smaller and have a brighter yellow.

  • Ground and Aerial Nests

Yellowjackets aren’t restricted to ground nests or habitats alone. They also build their nests above the ground.

Such could be built on trees, in the attic, or walls, etc. Whatever the case is, you need to observe their activities. An easier way to do this is to observe them during the day. You will be able to see where they return.

Doing this before the application of the most appropriate control measures enables you to achieve the best results.

  • Equipment Required

All strategies required to get rid of yellow jackets consist of the use of equipment. However, these depend on your level of expertise. For novices, these consist of protective clothing in addition to your preferred option.

By “option,” we mean either the use of natural extermination-cost/control or chemical treatments. Remember we mentioned earlier that yellow jackets sting, hence the need for protective cover.

On the other hand, if you’d rather choose the option of calling inexperienced pest management services, you’ll not need equipment. This is because they handle every aspect of extermination. You may have to leave your home during treatment at the extreme.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets Naturally and Using Chemicals

This is where we focus on yellow jacket extermination methods you can use. Each of these has been applied successfully with great results. We believe you’ll find this quite useful.

  • Calling a Pest Management Service

This is about the easiest way to handle all types of pest problems. Yellowjackets aren’t an exception. An important reason you should consider this is the convenience it affords you.

While giving you the benefit of convenience, it is also thorough and comprehensive. It starts with searching for available pest control companies nearest to your location. If you wonder how the internet is where to begin.

Most pest management services offer a wide range of services. Treatment for yellow jackets is also varied. There are those which are environmentally friendly.

On the other hand, some treatments may be toxic. These are some of the considerations to make when choosing a pest control service.

DIY is an option to consider for persons who’d rather handle the job themselves. However, to get the best results, you need to have some background knowledge. The internet is a great place to research on yellow jackets as well as the best extermination methods.

With the information here, you can confront the most severe infestation problem yourself.

  • Applying Boiling Water

If you are thinking about one of the most environmentally friendly ways of extermination, this is one of them. However, there are limitations to how effective this method can be. There are also restrictions with nest locations. For instance, reaching aerial nests can be difficult. This is because properly channeling hot water can be treacherous. Thus, this may end up annoying yellow jackets.

Hot water is best applied to nests below the ground surface. However, this also has its limitations. Here, water is boiled and poured through the opening.

We recommend that you wear protective clothing. To make it, even more, safer, consider doing this at night. At this time, yellow jackets aren’t active and you tend to achieve better results.

The downside here is the hive’s internal structure. This may prevent such hot water from reaching them.

  • Using Essential Oils

Essential oils are effective in killing yellow jackets.  Mint oil, in particular, is a very good remedy for treating yellow jacket infestation.

However, how effective it depends on how and where you apply it. After finding available nest locations, you may apply or soak such oils onto cotton or other materials. This can then be stuffed through openings into the hive. We recommend doing this at night when they are all in.

It is also important to use protective clothing here.

  • Setting Yellow Jacket Traps

This a cost-effective way to rid your home of yellow jackets. So how does this work? Yellowjackets are attracted to sugar. Thus, this should be used as a bait and poured into a plastic bottle. This bottle serves as your trap and needs some modification or construction.

Choose any bottle and cut in half. You then need to invert the upper part and place it into the open bottom. The sides should then be sealed with adhesives such as a tape.

After that, mix some sugar and water. By pouring this solution into the trap, yellow jackets can’t resist the appeal.

Though getting in is easy, they are unable to escape. You can make as many of this and place it at different points for the best results.

  • High-Pressure Sprays

These also known as projectile sprays. While most treatments require close-up applications, this is quite different and safer.

Most high-pressure sprays contain chemical substances that kill on contact with yellow jackets. Another advantage is that it can be used to get rid of Yellow Jackets in bushes and also works for a wide range of pests. However, it’s a downside is the harm it poses to the environment and other useful insects such as honey bees.

With high projectile sprays, the chances of stings are limited. However, protective clothing is still useful.

  • Yellow Jackets Control Products

There are several strategies for yellow jacket control. Such include over-the-counter products that are available and can be applied as instructed.

Thus, whenever you purchase any, carefully read the directions for use. These also contain safety precautions.

These products include; Tempo 1% Dust (starting at $48.00), Termidor SC( with a starting price of $69.00), and Alpine Yellow Jacket Bait Station Kit with Onslaught ( starting for $84.95).

Others are Taurus SC Termite ide and Insecticide (starting $43.00), Suspend SC at $33.00, Tempo SC Ultra $35.75, CY-Kick CS $41.49, and Riptide $108.00. Additional products are PT Phantom II Pressurized Insecticide at $23.98, Onslaught Insecticide $49.50, Suspend Polyzone $42.89 and Nuvan ProStrips $41.75.

There are so many more pest control products that can be used in combating yellow jackets. You only need to know what’s best for your situation.

  • Concentrate Your Effort at the Source

More often than not, people focus on the effect and not the cause (source) when exterminating yellow jackets. However, this approach is wrong and will yield a little result if any at all.

The best way to rid your home of these pests is by finding out where the nest is located. This cannot be overstated. In other words, eliminate the nest and overcome the Yellow Jacket problem.

However, there are times when you may still see yellow jackets around. Under such circumstances, treatment may not have been effective or there are more nests. Hence, the need to conduct a thorough assessment. This can be a painstaking process and needs all the attention it deserves especially when it involved getting rid of them in sidings.

  • Yellow Jacket Extermination Cost

How much does yellow jacket removal cost? Removal of this insect pest could cost anywhere from $100$1,100 depending on the size of infestation and nest location. On average, you should prepare to spend between $300 – $500 for a thorough job.


Getting rid of a yellow jackets problem yourself can be quite challenging. Sometimes, this is preferred by persons with a limited budget. Although it may serve its purpose in some cases, it isn’t always reliable.

Therefore we recommend calling for professional help and advice. This option is much easier and safer.

Pest management services are best qualified for the job. All you need to do here is to point to the problem, choose your preferred treatment (which may be recommended) and give way. This is a stress-free alternative to rid your home and surroundings of yellow jackets.

In conclusion, these are some of the most important strategies for persons interested in knowing how to get rid of yellow jackets. These are practical ways anyone can apply.

We have also stressed the importance of focusing on the source or nests. This is because it gives the best results when getting rid of yellow jackets.

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