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We’ll be discussing chimney contractors with details such as how to hire one, types of fixes performed by the contractor, and a whole lot of other areas.

Homeowners having chimney issues or needing chimney rebuilding have those sorted by hiring professionals.

Chimney contractors handle all sorts of chimney-related jobs.

These include installations, repairs, remodeling, and so on. So, are having chimney problems you wish to have professionally fixed by a professional?

This article is your guide on how to go about it.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s begin right away.

Why You Need A Chimney Contractor

While some chimney problems are easily observable even by an untrained eye, other problems can be hidden. In other words, some chimney problems can only be probed and discovered by a professional.

Such problems could lie within the flue system of your chimney.

For the most part, homeowners do not have the tools necessary for detailed inspection of the flue interior. This is where a chimney contractor comes in.

Video inspection tools are used to inspect every inch of the flue interior. This is one of many obvious advantages to hiring a chimney contractor.

Also, not all visible chimney problems can be fixed via DIY.

Your best bet of having a proper job done depends on who you call.

When You Should Hire a Chimney Contractor

A lot of times, people tend to be confused about the proper time to call for professional help. This is increasingly the case because a lot of DIY strategies on maintenance are readily found online.

While that is true, actually getting the job done through the adoption of such techniques isn’t that easy.

The best course of action to take when faced with chimney issues is to have a chimney contractor called to have a look. Any issues apart from the most basic fixes are best performed by professionals.

Consider your chimney an investment that requires the best possible hands to keep it functional.

Some of the most difficult chimney problems to deal with include wind tension, moisture, and blockage within the flue.

  • Wind Tension

Consistently strong winds blowing a chimney could cause problems in the long run.

Here, strong winds will eventually have a weakening effect with symptoms like cracks appearing and mortar weakening resulting among other issues.

However, wind tension only becomes a major issue when the chimney isn’t well constructed. This is where the expertise of a chimney contractor comes to play.

A licensed chimney contractor takes into account the effects of strong winds on the structure.

This problem is forestalled by having steel rods incorporated into the structure. This gives the chimney the added strength it needs to withstand the strongest winds.

A contractor is also at hand to offer real remedies to faulty or improperly built chimneys.

  • Moisture

Moisture is one of the biggest problems that could easily damage a chimney.

This is brought about by cracks. You don’t want to have any delays when cracks begin to appear on your chimney. A chimney contractor should be called upon immediately to perform the needed fixes.

  • Blockages

Another problem you could face with your chimney is a blockage. Blockages often occur with debris accumulation or animals nesting within the structure.

The warmth coming from your chimney during winter serves to attract birds and rodents among other creatures to nest within the structure.

This could sometimes result in such animals getting stuck and dying within the chimney, thus creating more problems. A chimney contractor is a solutions provider for all sorts of chimney issues.

You don’t have to deal with these problems yourself as these pros are only a call away.

Tips on Hiring a Chimney Contractor

Hiring the right professional to handle your chimney issues is as crucial as fixing a steadily deteriorating chimney. Only licensed and reputable contractors can be hired for such jobs.

Some non-professionals could offer enticing deals such as low-cost repairs.

The truth is, such professionals may not have the necessary skill(s) to get the job done. In the end, the problem worsens, thus costing you more in terms of repairs than it would have cost had you hired a professional.

The following questions will prove very useful in this regard.

  • What are the Reviews Like?

The first thing you need to find out about a chimney contractor is by looking at the reviews. Verified reviews don’t lie. They give an idea of the quality of service and what to expect should you hire a particular contractor.

These reviews are dropped by previous clients.

Make your findings before contacting the contractor. This is because it saves you a lot of stress by weeding out those that could cause future problems.

  • How Long Has the Company Been in Business

Again, a chimney contractor must have significant years of experience in their field of business.

Experience has shown that it’s more reliable dealing with contractors having significant years of experience than those without it.

  • Are there Valid Business Liability Insurance & Workers’ Compensation Plans?

Chimney contractors with valid business liability insurance and workers’ compensation plans tend to be more reliable to deal with than those without it.

First, you get to avoid the possibility of bearing any liabilities related to the job. Such proof is obtained from the insurance carrier by requesting the chimney contractor.  

  • Are the Technicians Well Trained and Certified?

It isn’t enough for a chimney contractor to pass all the above requirements. You also need to know whether its technicians are certified and well trained.

It’s best to ask for proof of such certification. This shouldn’t be a problem for truly certified technicians.

  • How Equipped is the Contractor?

Is your chimney contractor well equipped?

The success of the job largely depends on how equipped the contractor is. A serious contractor should have the needed tools.

A case in point will be during a chimney inspection. Instead of using a torch, the contractor should carry out a video inspection.  

  • What type of Inspection Report is Obtainable?

At the end of the day, the quality of your inspection report tells a lot about whether a contractor is reliable or not.

This should be professionally compiled and also comprehensive enough to have an idea of what’s involved.

Chimney contractors are crucial partners when it comes to chimney maintenance. We’ve discussed their importance and how best to hire one.

This should serve as a starting point on how to go about the hiring process.

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