Liftmaster Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost

How much will it cost to replace a Liftmaster garage door spring?

You’ll find out soon enough if you read on. This blog post will focus on LiftMaster garage door spring replacement costs. In addition to that, we’ll highlight some factors that may affect the cost and more.

Let’s get down to business.

How Much Does Liftmaster Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost?

LiftMaster garage doors are tested to meet the highest level of safety standards. The door openers are built to handle heavy and frequently used doors with ease regularly.

This makes them ideal for homes with attached garages. However, your LiftMaster door spring may snap due to several factors and require swapping.

A Little About LiftMaster

This is a top brand of professionally installed garage and commercial door openers.

They are designed to fit most applications and provide the latest safety, security, performance, and connectivity innovations.

Furthermore, they aim to exceed customers’ expectations by providing exceptional, safe, and reliable products and services. For that, they put quality and safety at the forefront of everything.

Cost of Swapping LiftMaster Garage Door Spring

The price of changing this door spring depends on a couple of factors. The weight, size, type of spring, and who will be swapping the spring.

Generally, getting a professional to replace the spring costs an average of $200-$300. However, if you do it yourself, the cost will be lower than that.

DIY cost, on average, $30-$100 in parts.

Other Components You May Replace

Besides spring, these doors are composed of other essential parts. They include logic boards, chain kits, safety reversing sensors, gear kits, light lenses, end panels, and covers.

Others include motors and electricals, limit switch kits, and belt kits. These components may also get damaged and require repairs or swapping, as the case may be.

Elements that Influence the Cost of Changning LiftMaster Garage Door Spring

When changing springs for parking lot doors, the price is influenced by certain factors. They include the type of springs, number of entries, materials, geographic location, labor, etc.

Let’s take a look at these elements.

  • Type of Springs

LiftMaster garage doors have two types of springs; extension and torsion. Each of these components varies accordingly. Extension springs are less expensive but last only 7-12 years.

For you to change, such a model of spring will cost you around $150-$200. Material-wise, the price range is between $30 and $90.

However, torsion spring is more costly and more durable than extension springs. Such models are designed to last 15 years or more under proper maintenance.

Changing the torsion spring on your LiftMaster parking lot door will cost you between $200-$350. The price ranges from $90-$200 to buy the springs.

  • Number of Doors

How many doors you want to fix might affect its pricing.

For instance, some homes use double-door garages that run on two springs to keep them balanced. When you replace one spring, the older one will experience an imbalance.

In a short while, it will likely snap.

Therefore, you’ll need to replace both springs simultaneously, which will double your cost. Depending on your door type, you’ll spend around $200 and $400.

However, you can seek discounts if your spring needs to be changed.

  • Labor

Labor also counts tremendously in the pricing of swapping LiftMaster garage door springs. Because this type of door is challenging to fix, you’ll pay $75-$150 for the service call.

Meanwhile, you’ll need experience hands to come to do the job efficiently. Most companies will send two experts since the doors are heavy and unwieldy.

Furthermore, they can change your door springs within an hour or two. But with additional repairs, it may take longer than that.

However, you can have your garage door fully ready before dusk.

  • Geographic Location

Where you live can also impact the price of replacing your LiftMaster parking lot door spring.

Typically, regions with many professional contractors often have lower service fees. Likewise, areas with limited experts pay higher to have their springs swapped.

Furthermore, if you reside in urban settings, expect higher swapping prices.

That’s because living costs in such environments are higher than in suburban or rural locations. You can also pay an additional fee if the technician travels a distance to reach you.

More factors could impact the cost of changing the spring on your garage gate. Another is converting from extension to torsion spring, materials needed, and more.

Therefore, you’ll need to make a detailed inquiry before embarking on such a mission.

How Do I Know My LiftMaster Garage Door Spring Needs Replacement?

Several signs will indicate that your door spring needs to be swapped.

It would be best to note these signals to avoid ending up with a loud banging door. Some signs of weak or old springs are visible rust, excessively squeaky springs, and crooked tracks.

Common Problems You Can Face with LiftMaster Garage Door Spring

No matter the model of your door, you’ll undoubtedly encounter some issues while running it. How fast you react to these problems may impact its durability and efficiency.

Some common issues you may experience are the door motor running but not opening and the door is hanging crooked.

Sometimes the door cables may lose or snap, crashes down rather than lowering gently, and move excessively slowly. In some cases, you may hear some noises when operating, visible gaps in the springs, and more.

But do you know what can cause your door spring to snape? Certain elements can make your LiftMaster garage door spring loose or get broken.

Among them are rust and corrosion, excessive wear and tear, etc.

Tips for Saving Cost on Replacement

Changing springs for garage doors is among the least expensive repairs you could make. However, removing it from your pocket will still hurt to fix such a problem.

It’s no surprise some homeowners and businesses are running on a budget. In that case, they’ll want to save and reduce unnecessary expenses.

With the following tips outlined below, you can significantly cut the costs of replacing such components. Firstly, replace the batteries when they’re aged, don’t wait until the damage is severe, and check for possible discounts.

Also, keep up with maintenance, go for quality products, look for coupons, opt for professionals to install your doors, etc.

Replacing a LiftMaster garage door spring is less expensive.

However, it’s an operation that must be carried out. Whenever you experience malfunctions using such doors, immediately get an expert to examine them. If the spring snapped, consider swapping it directly.

That way, you’ll continue operating your door smoothly and safely.

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