Are you finding it hard to clean your high-rise glass windows? A magnetic window cleaner can spare you the time and energy you are putting into it. It can also save you the risk of endangering your life trying to clean those windows.

The device is one of those beautiful inventions that help make cleaning much easier and fun.

Living in an apartment with high-rise glass windows can be very demanding. If you are like most people that have this phobia for heights, you would constantly find yourself making excuses to avoid cleaning the windows.

Even when you attempt to do them, it will take you a very long time to get the job done.

However, this is different from a magnetic window cleaner. You can clean any type of windows (including high-rise windows) without much stress. The risk of falling from a ladder while doing the cleaning is eliminated.

What Is A Magnetic Window Cleaner And How Does It Work?

A magnetic window cleaner is a piece of cleaning equipment featuring two parts that stick to each other when placed on both sides of the glass window. Each of these parts contains a magnet that attracts and sticks to the other from the two sides of the window.

The device often comes in different designs, sizes, and prices. The one you buy depends on the type of windows you intend to clean with it. If your type of glass window is thin and single glazed, you would have to get the one featuring small magnets.

In the same way, if your glass window is the thick and double glazed type, it would be best for you to get the magnetic window cleaner with medium-sized magnets. If you have a super thick glass window, there is also a special model of magnetic window cleaner for that.

Regardless of the model you buy, you will be getting two magnetic parts, a microfiber cloth, spacer, spare magnets, safety string, and spare rubber squeegees. These all have their specific roles in the cleaning.

To clean windows with the device, you will have to attach the safety string to the window. With that, the other magnetic part you place outside the window will stay in place. With that in place, you will have to stick the other part from the inside and glide.them.

Why You Should Use A Magnetic Window Cleaner?

There are many reasons you start using a magnetic window cleaner instead of cleaning your glass windows the traditional way.

First is the fact that it is very helpful when it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach areas of your window. With magnetic window cleaners, you can comfortably clean the outsides of your windows without using a ladder and doing everything all by yourself.

Apart from that, the magnetic window cleaner allows you to clean the two sides of your glass windows at the same time. The good thing is that you can do all that from inside your room. Instead of cleaning the inside and then going outside to do the other side, you get to do everything simultaneously. That saves you a whole lot of time.

The device usually comes in a very portable size. You can easily move it around and also store it after use. Unlike several cleaning tools that take up a lot of space.

You can get the device at a very affordable rate from most stores that deal with cleaning tools and also online from sites like Amazon and so on.

Cleaning Your Windows With Magnetic Window Cleaner

For excellent results, you must learn how to properly clean your glass windows with a magnetic window cleaner. This will help save you from wasting your time and energy using the tool.

Below is a step by step guide on how to use the device in cleaning your windows.

Step 1: Prepare The Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution you use for this is very important. Do not just use a random detergent for washing windows, ensure you use the one that can make the solution soapy. The magnetic window cleaner needs this to enable it to glide across the window surface easily.

One way you can get the solution to become quite soapy is by stirring it well after adding the detergent to it. The moment the bubbles become much, it is ready for use.

Step 2: Wet Each Of The Parts Of The Magnetic Window Cleaner

Do you remember I mentioned earlier that magnetic window cleaner usually comes with two magnetic parts that attract and stick to each other when placed on both sides of the window? In this stage, you are to wet each of these parts by dipping them into the solution.

Do not dip the parts into the solution together, else they end up sticking to each other. Dip them separately and ensure that their sponges are well soaked.

Step 3: Place The Magnetic Parts On Each Side Of The Window

After wetting the two parts of the magnetic window cleaner, place them on each of the sides of the window you intend cleaning. The right way to do this is by placing the larger part of the inside and the smaller one outside.

You can use the safety string to attach the part outside to the window to prevent it from falling off. After that, stick the two parts together and slowly closing the window.

Step 4: Clean The Window Slowly

Once you’ve joined the two parts together from both sides and closed the window, you can begin the cleaning. Go slow. Don’t be in a hurry. Clean the window by focusing on one direction at a time, starting from the top down to the bottom.

Ensure that every part of the glass window is reached and properly cleaned. Once you are sure you’ve cleaned the window thoroughly, slowly move the device to where you can easily reach the part that is outside the window. Separate the two parts and bring in the one outside

Step 5: Clean The Residue

When using a magnetic window cleaner, it is not uncommon to find some streaks left on the glass windows. If you leave them that way, the cleaning won’t look professional. The windows won’t have that shine they are supposed to.

To get rid of those streaks, wet the microfiber cloth (in the magnetic window cleaner package) with clean water. Then put it on each of the parts of the device and clean the two sides of the window with it.

Step 6: Clean Your Tools

Once you are done with cleaning the two sides of the window, clean your tools. Allow them to dry and then store them in the appropriate places.

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners To Buy

Need some recommendations on the best magnetic window cleaners to buy? Check out the ones listed below:

  • MIFXIN Double-Side Magnetic Glass Cleaner

This cleaning device is mainly for double glazed windows measuring 15 to 24mm in thickness. You can use it on high-rise glass windows as well as on easier to reach windows. It comes with two powerful magnets, built-in water storage, 2m long safety string and a few other things to make your window cleaning easier.

To use the device, simply follow the step by step guide we have given in this guide or the instructions found on the manual that comes with it.

Remember that this is for double glazed glass windows measuring 15 to 24mm in thickness. Only use it for such windows. The device may fall off or not move if used on the wrong window types. To avoid such experiences, do not use it on single glazed or extremely thick glass windows.

  • LvDD Double-Sided Window Cleaner

This magnetic window cleaner is also ideal for high-rise double glazed windows with 15 to 24mm thickness. The product comes with very powerful magnets that ensure the tool doesn’t fall off during cleaning.

Just like the first recommended magnetic window cleaner, this one features a 2m long safety rope that you can attach to your wrist when cleaning your windows. It also comes with a sponge on both parts of the device. Based on experience, these sponges can hold water for a long time. that means you can use the device for a long time without having to dip it in the cleaning solution every time.

LvDD Double-sided Window Cleaner is highly recommended by numerous users around the world. If you need a tool to help your cleaning easier, consider going for this one. However, bear in mind that this is for double glazed windows and only use it for that.

In Summary

Magnetic window cleaner allows you to clean high-rise glass windows without putting your life in danger doing that. You can comfortably clean both sides of your windows right from your room. No need to climb any ladder or search for long cleaning sticks to do that.

Are you searching for the best magnetic window cleaners to buy? This list contains some of the most recommended ones. You can give any of them a try and see how that goes for you.

I hope you find this helpful.

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