Here are the best mulch blower trucks for sale on the market today.

You might be wondering what a mulch blowing truck does, or who will require the services of a mulch blower.

Well, let us pause for a second and understand what it means to mulch: mulch is a protective covering of either compost, paper, leaves, or sawdust, spread or left on the ground, to reduce evaporation, maintain even soil temperature, prevent erosion, control weeds, enrich the soil or keep fruits clean.

Benefits of Using a Mulch Blower

Having explained what a mulch means, it is, however, important to point out the benefits of using such services. A mulch blower truck is a machine that eases clearing, spreading, and composting.

It saves your time and rate of expenditure.

Spreading mulch with wheelbarrows, pitchforks, and shovels, require much labor and is cumbersome. The hi-tech mulch blower requires less labor power, it is quick and efficient, thereby saving you time and cost.

  • Speed

Crews spend less time on your property, as you will reckon when using a mulch blower truck. It is considered a real labor and cost saver.

If it will however take two days for a crew that uses its hands and the traditional – wheelbarrow, pitchfork and shovels, to do the job, it is only a matter of hours when you are using a mulch blower truck, to get the same job done.

  • Accessibility

You will notice that it is however difficult for crew members to get across fragile soil, steep slopes, and inaccessible areas with their tools for labor.

However, these mulch blowers are equipped with an extension of length hose to reach such inaccessible areas.

  • Saving Cost

Labor, is considered the biggest means of incurring the expense, as is the case with the traditional method of spreading, a mulching blower truck saves a lot on cost as it requires the services of two or fewer crew members, delivering quality and timely service.

  • Standardized work

Since using a mulch blower involves an easy step-by-step operation of a mechanical process, the outcome of such a process is regarded as standardized as effort and expertise are required, with no track of wheelbarrow tires across your lawn. Mulch and topsoil are blown by air pressure in a clean and quick state.

  • Easier on Workers

When you are using a mulch blower truck, you discover that there’s a lot less demand on the operator, to cause wear and tear as opposed to using pitchforks and shovels. You save yourself a backache when you use a mulch blower.

Mulch Blower Trucks for Sale; Specs, Manufacturer, and Description


  • 2011 Becker AEROMATIC #HAR2356484.

Manufacturer: Becker; price 15.900

This is a German automobile, Becker corn drill Parallel folding frame HKP 6 mtr., working width 5.72 mtr.

Blower with mechanical distribution Mulch sowing unit DTE electric drive wide angle drive shaft lighting Geka complete 13 rows, 44cm.

  • 1994 Gaspardo sp 530 12-reihig

Manufacturer: Gaspardo; price 12.702

This disc colter, is suitable for mulch blowing, track marker hydraulic,  blower PTO drove with freewheel, wide pressure foller, on-board computer Muller for order recording, hectare counter.

  • 2010 Pottinger TERRASEM C6 #UEL2878698

Manufacturer: Pottinger; price 29.500

Model: Terrasem, TERRASEM C6 Artis – mulch blowing machine with telescopic drawbar f. lower link cultivation KAT II/III with dual-line air brake with tramline leading marker symmetric.

With track marker f. tractor center scribe.

  • 2018 Kverneland optima v e-drive ii

Manufacturer: Kverneland; price 40.484

Model: Optima, 6 HD mulch blowing rows (45-80cm), hydraulic blower drive, V-rubber pressure roller, track markers, lighting, double-disc fertilizer colter HD II, hydraulic fertilizer drive, filling auger, APV micro granules.

  • BB-1208 Material Blowers

FINN Bark Blower applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application.

The BB-1208, with an 8.2 cubic yard capacity, provides high, standard service.

  • BB-302 Material Blowers

The FINN BB-302 Bark Blower applies landscape mulch and other bulk materials with unprecedented efficiency and eliminates the need for labor-intensive hand application.

The 1.5 cubic yard hopper is perfect for mulching.

  • B-40 Straw Blower

Straw Blower brings mulching ease to small landscaping operations. You save time and energy by eliminating tedious and time-consuming hand mulching. And because the unit is both self-powered and portable.

  • MBX Material Blowers

MBX Material blower, designed for EXTREME duty, the MBX Material blower is a versatile machine that efficiently processes a variety of landscaping materials including bark mulch, wood chips, compost, and soil amendments.

  • BB 5-series Material Blowers

Introducing the BB 5-series bark and mulch blower, this new model is designed with ease of use and reliable performance in mind for landscape and erosion control contractors.

With its simplified control package.

  • 2001 Express Blower EB-60

Manufacturer: Express Blower, Price $235, 000

CUSTOMER CONSIGNMENT HIGHLIGHTS: Located on East Coast and ready to deliver for the spring mulch rush, nicely equipped and well maintained 2001 EB-60 on a 2002 FL112 Chassis blower, truck details additional feature.

  • 2008 FINN BB302

Manufacturer: FINN

Model: BB302; 1.5 cubic yard hopper capacity delivering more than 10 cubic yards of mulch per hour.

  • 2010 FINN T330

Manufacturer: FINN

Model: T330; 3000-gallon working capacity tank, large loading hatch with pivoting stainless steel bag cutter, and safety grate spray distance up to 230 feet from the bottom hydraulic hose reel for easy deployment and storage convenience.

  • 2018 FINN T60

Manufacturer: FINN

Model: T60, with up to 600-gallon capacity steel tank that covers up to 7200 square feet per load with seed, fertilizer, and mulch in one simple step optimum mixing capabilities featuring hydraulic controlled paddle agitation.

  • 2018 FINN T120LF

Manufacturer: FINN

The LF120 will cover the average open face in less than 1 hour, using only one tank load. A tower discharge distance up to 180 feet allows for efficient ground coverage. It has a working capacity of 1000 gallons.



Skid-mounted, 80 hp, Honda gx630 gas with electric start, rated for up to four tons of hay or straw mulch per hour/120 bales, and direct placement of 45 feet, a full acre can be mulched in an hour or less.

  • MBH6 Material Blower

The new MBH6 Material Blower is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind for landscape and erosion control contractors.

Its simplified control system, with multi-language capability and streamlined engine.

  • 2016 FINN BB302

Manufacturer: Finn

Model: BB302, FINN BB302, the BB302 bark blower has proven to be the most popular bark and mulch blower for the small to midsize landscape company needing durability and performance on every job site.

  • Williams C-32 Hammermill

Price: $27,500, this 100HP electric hammermill was used to process wood waste into mulch and animal bedding as well as make it a sized product ready for a pellet mill. It has an opening that is 32’’ long x 19’’ wide.

  • 2020 WEAVERLINE KB1355

Manufacturer: WEAVERLINE

Bale Chopper/Blower, 13HP Honda, Landscape Mulch, 56 knives, stationary gooseneck for 6’’ hose, the aggressive 56 knife rotor with a spiral design ensures an even power curve for uniform continuous cutting.

If you have read through to this point, chances are that you’ve found what you need. There’s also the possibility of sparking ideas that will prove useful, in choosing an ideal mulch blowing truck.

Here is all about renting a mulch blower.

This great list of truck models and specification ideas helps make your brainstorming sessions more engaging.

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