As you read this article, you’ll learn about realistic nature stone prices per square foot. In addition, we’ll talk about the factors that influence the prices, places for installation, durability, and more.

You can consider going for natural stone as a top-notch flooring option. Such kinds of gemstones are enduring, non-goofy, and water-repellent.

Here, how much is nature stone per square foot? Let’s find out.

Nature Stone Cost

They also have superb thermal traits and are swith, salt-resistant, and earth gentle. Experts say the insulating rates of this stone are two to three times higher than carpeting.

Before installing natural stone, you must know its cost implications.

What’s a Nature Stone?

It’s a unique, organic rock obtained from the earth and used for building or decorative purposes. Silica is one of the primary compositions of the stone.

You can get it in multiple types: marble, quartzite, diorite, granite, travertine, limestone, and laterite. These natural stones have slightly different properties and can be wholly in their natural shape.

Price of Nature Stone Per Square Foot

Nature stone per square foot is around $9 to $14.

However, installing more than 400 square feet can get a discount. The stones are excellent additions to the gorgeous and glossy nature of basements and garages.

Some natural stone contractors make their floors more tempting by offering lower prices. Contractors advertise discounted prices as low as 99 cents per square foot.

But that’s entirely untrue. It’s a strategy to attract customers. Such an offer comes with costs and the downside of natural and proxy stones.

In reality, the average price of this organic stone is beyond that amount per square foot. You’ll need to conduct thorough research to get the right flooring. Investigate the stone products and other alternatives.

Don’t instantly pay a contractor if you want a garage floor made of natural stone.

You can create a pebbled epoxy floor yourself. But if you can’t do it yourself, inviting a professional flooring company will be best.

Factors Influencing the Price of Nature Stones

Several factors can influence the price of natural stones on the secondary market.

They include the type of natural stone flooring, existing concrete conditions, and space. Let’s briefly review these factors for better understanding.

  • Type of Nature Stone Flooring

The type of natural stone you want to install can significantly impact its pricing. Remember, this organic rock comes in different colors and sizes, among other specs.

Moreover, certain types of natural stone are better for indoor or outdoor use, extra lighting, and distinctive-sized areas. Such stones are often costly to work with.

Nevertheless, all types of natural stone will fit your flooring needs. But before you decide on one, consult a salesperson to assist you in selecting a suitable natural stone for your space.

You can also research to know what you want to settle on. If it’s a worthwhile investment, you can continue. But if otherwise, it’s to hang on.

  • Existing Concrete Condition

The existing concrete condition determines how many natural stones you’ll need. Moreover, the project cost can be influenced by the work required.

We refer to removing the worn coating, pairing existing concrete, and expanding joints. Others include removing peeling, moldy tiles, mildewed carpets, cracks, salt damage, and surface deterioration.

  • Space

When considering space as a factor that influences the cost of natural stones, it comes in two forms. The size and type of material you plan to work on and the accessibility of the installation area and space layout.

Most contractors will charge you extra if workers have to carry working tools up and down narrow stairs. If they’re only going to offload them from the truck, the price will be lower.

Furthermore, we have contractors who add up costs due to complicated installations. Before you venture into this project, ensure you call your contactor ahead.

Make inquiries about their cost estimate regarding natural stone flooring. Doing so will enable you to make appropriate financial plans.

If you want to come up with the correct estimate, you may need high-resolution videos or photos. This will help you access the entire element properly.

Sometimes, the existing condition of the concrete could be more stable and ideal for natural stone. If that’s the case, avoid covering the concrete and make an instant replacement.

Repairing damaged concrete often costs more than replacement. That’s because you’ll require more materials to do the job efficiently.

You should hire a professional company if you need help to replace the concrete yourself. Of course, you know the installation cost will impact your pocketbook.

Cost of Installing Nature Stone Flooring

It’s expensive to install a nature stone floor. But the exact amount you’ll spend relies on the size and scope of the project.

If you want an accurate price estimate, you can call a contractor. Some companies send instant, implication-free quotes to those interested in their natural stonework.

The Best Places to Install Nature Stones

Most often, this organic stone is used in indoor and outdoor spaces. However, it can be perfect for garages, patios, or basements.

Areas less than 400 square feet take less than a day to complete construction. Moreover, natural stone lasts and looks elegant for about 15 years.

However, some contractors or companies offer an unconditional warranty if your floor cracks delaminates, or loses its glossy look.

The warranty period typically lasts one to ten years, depending on your chosen company. Moreover, these companies will provide free labor and materials needed for repairs at the right time.

Maintaining a Nature Stone Floor

You must know that natural stones need to be frequently cleaned. You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris.

Then nature provides stone-specific cleaning products for spills and grime. By conducting this maintenance regularly, you’ll extend the longevity of the flooring.

Nature stones are among the most expensive articles around the globe. Using them for flooring a space will take significant money from your pocket.

If you’re wondering how much this organic rock costs per square foot, you can see it above.

Before you venture into a flooring project using these stones, ensure proper preparation—research the cost of surface preparation, materials, and labor.

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