Neem Oil For Fleas In The House, Yard & On Pets

Will neem oil kill fleas? If you’re having doubts about the efficacy of this natural oil, you’ll need to find out more by reading to the end.

Does Neem Oil Kill Fleas?

Also known as Margosa oil, neem oil is derived from the seeds and fruits of the evergreen neem tree. One of the clear benefits of neem oil is its pest repellent properties which is why it’s added to lots of insecticide products.

Although it’s useful for pest treatments, there are lots of other uses.

Broad use categories include hair treatments, skin treatments, as well as for teeth and oral treatments.

Neem oil use also extends to the treatment of cancer, pet care, general health improvement, and garden use among several others.

We’re most concerned about its effect on a particular type of pest; fleas.

What Pests Does Neem Oil Kill?

In terms of the pests killed by neem oil, a lot of these cannot be exhausted here.

Common pests treated with this oil include thrips, aphids, fungus gnats, spider mites, worms, beetles, destructive caterpillars, and mealybugs.

Are Fleas Killed by Neem Oil?

When it comes to the efficacy of neem oil as a flea killer, there’s no overwhelming evidence of its kill capacity. This isn’t to say that neem oil has no exterminating effect on fleas. It does kill fleas but might have lots of limitations.

Such limitations will come in the form of neem oil concentrations and application methods.

When going for neem oil treatments, it’s best to choose cold-pressed neem oil as these tend to be more effective on pests. With neem oil use, you get to benefit from flexibility.

Flexibility in this sense involves assorted mixing ratios or doses. It’s also important to note that neem oil is only safe for topical application or treatments.

How to Use Neem Oil For Flea Extermination

One of the ways to apply neem oil treatments to your flea issues is by adding some of it to your pet’s shampoo. About 2 to 3 teaspoons should be added and worked into your pet’s fur. Now, do not rinse immediately.

You want your neem oil flea treatment to have the most impact on targeted pests.

After sitting for about 5 to 10 minutes, wash off or rinse your pet’s fur. You should find dead fleas already. You might have to repeat this treatment severally within the week for the most impact.

How Safe is Neem Oil Flea Treatment?

When treating your home and pets for fleas, you want to be sure that the methods adopted aren’t harmful or pose health risks. For the most part, neem oil treatments are considered safe for both humans and pets.

However, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of allergies developing.

In such a situation, you’ll have to discontinue its use. Also, pregnant women are mostly advised to avoid neem oil use. Outside of these possibilities, neem oil treatments for your flea issues should work without any incidence.

When using on pets, it’s best to seek advice from a vet on pet safety.

Prepping Your Neem Oil Shampoo Treatment For Fleas

As stated earlier, neem oil needs to be used the right way to have any real effect on fleas. About 2 to 3 teaspoons of neem oil should be added to your regular pet dog shampoo.

Now, slowly lather and leave for about 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

It’s important to focus on areas such as the groin, ears, belly, topline, and armpits for best results. These are areas most targeted by fleas on pet bodies.

Asides from your dog shampoo, there are other ways to apply neem oil treatments. One of them includes mixing with suitable career oil.

You can use any carrier oil you choose. An example is an almond oil among a long list of others. Using a ratio of 1:10 have this neem oil treatment massaged over your dog’s body.

Allow sitting for between 5 to 7 minutes before rinsing. Multiple applications may be necessary to have comprehensive results.

Are Neem Oil Treatments For Fleas Comprehensive Enough?

When homeowners treat or fleas, they expect to get the best possible result from their efforts.

While fleas can be exterminated using neem oil, this method may not be as comprehensive as using the services of a professional pest technician.

There are lots of possible reasons for that. First, you might not be knowledgeable about flea behavior, thus, might end up not applying correctly.

Also, the strength of your neem oil insecticide might not be sufficient enough to kill all fleas.

Such limitations come into play and will need to either be supplemented with other measures or replaced with professional treatment.

There are other measures to take in making your treatment more effective. Such actions include regularly vacuuming your carpets and hot water laundry for infested fabrics.

Your regular vacuuming routine can be made more effective by incorporating the baking soda. This is sprinkled on your carpets and helps in killing fleas. Baking soda helps with dehydration.

Fleas are killed and vacuumed off your carpet with the help of this product.

Neem Oil Treatments Must Make Contact with Fleas

Neem oil needs to be applied directly on fleas to have any real effect. If it doesn’t, there’s little chance of having the desired effect. Your flea problems might linger on long after treatment.

You must also understand that your treatment needs to be strong enough to have the exterminating effect required.

Diluting your neem oil more than necessary might result in little to no results. The more concentrated, the better.

Neem Oil Treatment Might Not be Suitable For You

There are times when certain treatment methods tend to prove difficult to implement. You might experience allergies with neem oil use or maybe generally uncomfortable implementing this treatment.

You have the freedom to go with what works best for you.

There are lots of neem oil alternatives that can be used for flea elimination. Since you’re interested in natural solutions, going for such alternatives wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The goal is to have fleas exterminated.

Neem oil will readily kill fleas when applied properly. However, it might not be comprehensive enough as flea issues might linger on. You’ll need to know how to apply.

Examples have been provided above for you to follow.

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