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If you want to buy a neem tree, you might find the information here vital to fulfilling your desire.

Neem trees are slow-growing tropical plants known for their tolerance to drought-prone regions.

It’s a tree variety whose multiple benefits have continued to emerge, with more people wanting to grow it on their property.

First, neem trees release a sweet aroma that attracts pollinators like honeybees.

Some cultures, especially in Asia, revere this plant and consider it somewhat sacred. The oils extracted from the neem tree are effective on many ailments.

  • About Neem Trees

Popularly called the evergreen tropical tree, neem trees are primarily famous for their medicinal value.

Regarding development or growth, neem trees can grow to around 30 to 40 ft. at maturity and spread to about 10 to 20 ft.

Full to partial sunlight exposure is necessary for this tree to thrive.

As a tropical plant, you must understand that neem trees will only grow under certain climatic conditions hence the need to consider the growing zone.

One of the clear benefits you get from growing neem trees in your yard is their ornamental value.

This tree sprouts large clusters of sweet-smelling white blooms that leave some wonderful floral fragrance behind.

Neem Plant for Sale

Before buying your neem trees, you should have an idea of what it takes to care for the tree. Here, details such as knowing where to plant, watering requirements, and fertilizing are essential.

Sufficient sunlight exposure duration for proper neem tree growth is between 6 to 8 hours. So, you might want to choose a location that gets such.

When watering, it’s important not to keep the oil saturated.

Regular water is necessary. It’s ideal to water when the soil is dry to a depth of around one to2 inch. The best time for fertilizing neem trees is in early spring.

It’s best to use a slow-release fertilizer with a higher percentage of nitrogen.

How to Buy Neem Trees

Before you set out to buy your neem tree, it’s necessary to weigh your options carefully.

Such options include the tree size, where to shop from, and the hardiness zones most suitable for such trees. Also, understanding the cost is of vital importance.

  • Choosing Neem Tree Size

When shopping for neem trees, size is one of the primary considerations you’ll need to have as a buyer.

Now, this is quite varied depending on what nursery you visit. Pretty much every size (ideal for buyers) can be found.

You’ll discover that sizes impact tree cost. The smaller the neem tree size you want, the lower the price, and vice versa. Measures may include 2 to 4 ft., 4 to 6 ft., 6 to 8 ft., and 8 to 10 ft., etc.

Size has to do with neem tree height.

Where to Buy Neem Tree Near Me

There are nurseries, garden centers, and all sorts of sellers offering to advertise their products. You want to ensure that you buy from the best source, hence the need for due diligence.

Having identified some nurseries, it’s necessary to begin an inquiry about their level of competence.

To begin, do a little research about the company or nursery you’re buying from. Any search engine will do. One great way to start is by entering in “company name scam.”

Tons of search results will emerge about the nursery or seller.

It’s essential not to take the opinions you read to heart wholeheartedly. You will likely find a great source if there aren’t many negative reviews about the seller.

Generally, there should be more positive reviews than negative ones.

  • Hardiness Zones Most Suitable for Neem Trees

Before buying your neem trees, you’ll need to figure out the hardiness zones.

This vital information helps determine whether your climatic conditions will support this tree. Different trees thrive under varying conditions.

As a tropical tree, you want to find out if it stands a chance.

In figuring out the hardiness zones, you must be mindful of the indoor and outdoor growing zones or conditions. Indoor conditions tend to be more controlled compared to outdoor conditions.

So, while neem trees might not survive or do well (outdoors) in certain zones, they might thrive indoors in the exact location. In a nutshell, you should be looking out for both indoor and outdoor growing zones.

Neem trees will do well in growing zones 4 to 11 in the patio (indoor), while ideal outdoor growing zones are more limited to zones 9 to 11.

Average Cost of Neem Trees

What’s the cost of neem trees? This is one of the first questions any buyer will want answers to.

This is understandable due to the need to budget adequately for it. On average, buying a neem tree from a nursery will cost around $34. The average range is about $20 to $70.

Several factors play out that influence the price. Some of these have been discussed above, such as the tree size, the variety, and where to buy from.

When picking the right buyer, you’ll need to focus on price differences between different sellers.

Remember, your goal is to get a good neem tree at the best price. You’ll notice that different nurseries have varying rates for similar products (size and species).

This is due to the different pricing structures adopted by each seller.

This is where you get the advantage as a buyer. You’ll need to do the work by comparing different product offerings. The lowest cost is most times considered the better deal.

However, it would help if you were extra careful not to sacrifice quality for cheap goods or trees. A balance must be struck between the two.

Buying neem trees correctly requires following all the essential tips above. These take into consideration vital areas buyers need to be interested in.

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