This guide is a nursing home cleaning checklist. We’ve taken the time to provide you with a great checklist with specific cleaning tasks you can perform easily.

This helps eliminate all guesswork or the chances of leaving out other areas during senior living home cleaning.

Nursing homes are popular in providing care for the elderly. Among the several vital services offered are sanitary or cleaning services. In other words, such facilities need to be kept clean at all times.

To clean a nursing home effectively, you’ll need a tool that is considered highly essential to getting the job done perfectly.

Nursing Home Housekeeping Cleaning Checklist

There are basic cleaning supplies you cannot do without. This helps make the job more efficient and effective. Such supplies and equipment include mops and buckets, bleach, disinfectants, wipes & spray, patient wipes, chlorine tablets, vacuum cleaner, and floor cleaner.

Supplies and equipment include hand sanitizer, washing up liquid, laundry products, urine and vomit spill pack, steam cleaner, and carpet shampoo. These are essential and make the cleaning process less difficult, while also helping provide a thorough job.

You’ll need to put on personal protective equipment during cleaning; such as gloves, aprons and nose masks

Setting Your Cleaning Schedules

The frequency of cleaning should depend on the needs of the nursing home.

Daily cleaning is very essential. However deep cleaning can be done once a while to cover areas that aren’t frequently cleaned.

Deep cleaning can be scheduled on an ongoing basis as well as weekly or monthly timeframes or both.

Care Home Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning a nursing home should be done comprehensively in a way that no area is left out. This includes a wide range of specific tasks such as;

  • Clean Doors and Door Frames

Nursing home doors are high touchpoints that will need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Clean the doors, the frames, as well as the door, handles as frequently as possible.

  • Clean Radiator Covers

Radiators are heat exchanging devices that help to heat buildings. If your nursing home has one, you’ll need to clean the inlet cover. Dirt that usually settles on such covers is in the form of dust.

As such, remove the covers and wipe clean. Also vacuum the inlet before replacing the cover.

  • Clean the Kitchen Area

This area will require your frequent attention.

To clean the kitchen, dishwashers should be loaded with dishes and washed clean. Clean all countertops plus all surfaces including ovens and all appliances. The cabinets should and pantry should be emptied and wiped clean before replacing food items.

Kitchen floors should be cleaned and mopped with garbage can be emptied and new liners replaced.

  • Handrails

All handrails in a nursing home should be targeted for cleaning and disinfection. These are high touchpoints that require daily cleanup.

  • Windows

Windows will need frequent cleaning as well. When cleaning windows, also include the frames and handles as well as the glass parts. Window sills and ledges should also be dusted and wiped clean.

  • Bed Frames, Shelves and Top of Wardrobes

Bed frames should be cleaned as often as necessary. The same applies to wardrobe and shelve tops.

  • Bath Hoist

One of the main touchpoints in a bathroom is the bath hoist. The elderly will need some support to get in and out of a bathtub. Clean these regularly and between each use.

  • Mattresses

Each mattress in the nursing home should be well vacuumed when necessary. This is usually done during the deep cleaning. Also disinfect when needed.

  • Wheel Chairs

All wheelchairs used in a nursing home should be cleaned after each used. Also check or inspect any need for maintenance.

  • Bedside Cabinets

If there are bedside cabinets, these should be tidied and dusted clean. Also remove any clutter and dispose of unnecessary items.

  • Bedside Tables

This is sometimes referred to as a bedside cabinet too. Wipe the surface of such tables and arrange any items found on it. Also discard any item that isn’t considered important. Such tables might need some polishing too.

This isn’t a daily task but can be done weekly or monthly.

  • Remove Cobwebs and Dust Ceiling Fans

You’ll need to inspect for cobwebs in wall corners, behind or beside furniture as well as up the ceiling. Get rid of these and also dust the ceiling fans. This should be done for as long as there are dust and cobwebs are found.

  • Wipe Down Walls

The walls in a nursing home are bound to accumulate dust over time as well as have stains caused by multiple factors. Such walls will need to be wiped clean.

When performing this deep cleaning task, move furniture away from walls to create space for cleaning.

  • Clean Extractor Fans

Extractor fans will need to be cleaned. Before doing this, the fan will need to be switched off and wiped clean, thus getting rid of accumulated dirt.

  • Toilets and Bathrooms

The toilets and bathrooms in nursing homes require thorough and frequent cleaning and disinfection. Germs can be easily be transmitted and spread from an untidy bathroom and toilet. Clean and disinfect all surfaces and sinks.

Toilets should be frequently scrubbed clean and disinfected too. The same applies to the shower or bathtub area. These should be cleaned including walls and floors. All touchpoints including door handles or knobs should be cleaned and disinfected.

Empty the garbage can and supply fresh liners. The bathroom floor should be swept clean and properly disinfected.

  • Sweep Floors and Vacuum Carpets

A nursing home is busier than private residential buildings. As such, a lot of dirt will be generated. Clean all floors and vacuum carpets. Garbage cans should also be emptied.

  • Clean Medicine Trolleys and Cupboards

All medicine trolleys should frequently be cleaned and disinfected. Cupboards will require some wiping down as well. Wipe all dust and collected dirt both within and outside such cupboards.

  • Light Fittings

All light fittings including switches and lampshades should be cleaned. Switches are touchpoints that will need some disinfecting too.

This nursing home cleaning checklist, when followed enables you to perform a thorough job. You don’t have to worry or brainstorm about what tasks to perform any more using this guide.

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