Odor Eliminator Machine – 4 Types of Air Purifiers

In this guide, we will look at what an odor eliminator machine is, how it works, the types of air purifiers, cost and every other thing you need to know about an air odor purifier.

One of the first things visitors notice in our homes or offices is the smell. It is also one of the only things they will ever remember about their visit.

As humans, unpleasant smells have a way of making us extremely uncomfortable. That is why you can’t truly relax in an environment with a very offensive odor. Unless you have gotten used to it with time. You can hardly concentrate on anything else.

A whole lot of things often contribute to how our rooms smell: our shoes (especially those stinking sneakers), bathrooms, pets, dirty clothes, food items and sometimes, the refrigerator too. If you’ve got 2 or more kids below the age of 3 around the house, you can also add them to the list. They don’t mind urinating anywhere and everywhere.

How the house smells is not their concern.

While some air fresheners like sprays do quite a good job in neutralizing such fishy smells, their effects don’t last for long. So after some minutes, you find yourself needing to apply them again. Imagine having to constantly do that in front of a visitor, the discomfort and distractions.

That is why the best option to completely take care of the odor at home, office or anywhere, is an odor eliminator machine.

Do odor eliminators make your house smell better? Yes. It helps remove odor from the air.

How Odor Eliminator Machines Work

An odor eliminator machine is an electronic device that pulls in the air within closed doors and passes it through carbon filters to trap malodors from it and then send fresh air back cross the room.

Unlike air fresheners, this device doesn’t just mask malodors. It eliminates them, including the toughest odors from food, shoes, etc.

Apart from taking care of the smell around your room, office or anywhere it is working, the machine also removes dust from there.

Odor eliminator machines usually come with high and low settings. You can easily increase or decrease the speed to suit your needs.

A typical example of that is the Hamilton Beach TrueAir 04532GM Room Odor Eliminator. An odor remover that uses less than 15 watts and weighs just 1 pound or less but very effective.

It comes with 3 carbon filters that trap both dust and malodors for at least three months before you will have to change the filters for new ones.

According to users’ reviews about the products on Amazon and several other sites, the device takes care of the stench from cat poop, spoiled food, body odors and so on. That is how almost all odor eliminator machines work.

Types of Commercial Odor Eliminator Machines for Homes

There are different types of odor eliminator machines commonly used after cleaning homes and offices. Some of them are small in size and can serve for just one room. Such sizes can also be placed in cars to take away malodors.

Others are big, heavy and very powerful. They can serve a whole house at a time. These are the types you often come by in big restaurants and event centers.

Below is a list of some of the types of these odor removal machines there are out there.


  • Ozone Generators

Just like the name sounds, ozone generators eliminate odor in an environment by releasing ozone into that environment. Though this device has been discovered to be very dangerous, if it is handled properly it can help create a comfortable environment anywhere.

The problem with ozone generators is that while they fight malodors, they often release substances into the environments as a result of chemical reaction with air pollutants. These substances have been said to be even more harmful or dangerous to humans than the pollutants they are fighting.

According to studies, the substances they produce have been discovered to cause or worsen asthma, chest pain, and breathing disorders.

Ozone generators often come in different sizes and must be used strictly following the manufacturers’ instructions to avoid causing any form of harm to us.

  • Air Ionizers

Air Ionizers eliminates odor from a place by releasing either negative or positive ions into that place. These ions attach themselves to the air pollutants which are normally neutral. Once that happens, the air pollutants become either positive or negative and begin to attract the opposite charge.

As they attract and get attached to the opposite charge, they keep increasing in weight and eventually fall on the ground where they are cleaned off as people clean their houses.

The challenges air ionizers have when it comes to getting rid of malodorous smells is that they are not very effective against tough odors. It also takes a while before the result of their impacts is noticeable.

Apart from that, air ionizers also release a significant percent of ozone into the environments they are working. This ozone like I mentioned earlier, has been said to have adverse effects on humans.

If you are going to buy such odor eliminator machines, you must make sure you read through the instructions manual and follow the manufacturers’ directions well.

  • Air Purifiers With Filters

This is one of the best types of odor eliminator machines you will ever come across. They are highly recommended for use at homes, offices, restaurants and so on.

This set of odor removal devices comes with three or more filters that suck in air, remove the malodor and send clean air back into the room. They are very effective and can be relied upon to eliminate even the toughest smell.

Apart from getting rid of malodors, this type of odor eliminator machine also traps small insects, specks of dust, furs, and hairs. They are also very effective against gases, smoke, chemical emissions and so on.

The only major challenge with this type of air purifier is that you regularly have to change the filters. At least once every three months. Aside from that, this is the type of odor eliminator machine that is worth having around the house.

The best thing about this is that you don’t have to worry about the health of your kids and pets around it.

According to reports, it is perfectly safe for kids and pets healthwise. This is one of the best room odor eliminators.

  • Filterless Air Purifiers

Like the name sounds, these type of odor eliminator devices does not come with filters. They use other methods to clean the air and send it back into a room.

Due to the absence of filters (which usually need to replaced once in a while), this type of air purifier is less expensive to maintain in the long run.

Does the absence of filters affect the performance of these devices? Not all. Filterless air purifiers neutralize odors well. They only make use of different techniques to do that.

How Much Does a Good Odor Eliminator Machine Cost?

A few things determine the cost of an odor eliminator machine. First is the type, followed by size and efficiency.

For small odor eliminator machines that can be easily carried about, placed somewhere around the room or in a car, you won’t have to spend so much for it. Such odor removal machines can be gotten for a couple of dollars on different e-commerce websites.

However, if you want to get the big sized ozone generators or any other type of odor removal machines that can serve an entire house, you will have to keep from hundreds to thousands of dollars for that.

Safety Tips For Using An Odor Eliminator Machine

Though odor removal machines are very helpful in keeping our environments fresh and helping us relax well, they can also turn out to be harmful if we do not apply precautions.

Below are some of the safety tips to help us stay safe when using these products.

  1. Read through the machine’s instruction manual to learn all you need about the product and how to operate it.
  2. For ozone generators, ensure that no human being is present in the room where it is in operation. The same goes for pets like cats and dogs.
  3. Always follow the recommended time on the instruction manual for the device to work on the air in an environment. Do not allow it to be “on” for 6 to 12 hours if the instruction manual says 2 to 3 hours.
  4. When not in use, turn off and disconnect the device from electricity.
  5. Instruct the kids never to go close to them

In Summary

Certain types of odors are almost unavoidable at home, work, etc. As long as we cook foods, wear shoes and clothes, sweat, and even keep pets around, malodors must always find their way into our rooms.

While some of the odors often neutralize in a few minutes without any effort from us, some can be so tough they will take a long while to fade completely.

With an odor eliminator machine, we can say a permanent goodbye to malodors in a very short time. The device has been carefully built to tackle the most offensive and toughest smell, in a very short time.

Are you searching for a way to put a permanent end to bad odors at home or anywhere? An odor eliminator machine is just the right thing you need.

I hope you find this information useful.

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