Ortho Home Defense Safety – Is It Toxic To Humans And Pets?

Is Ortho Home Defense toxic to humans and pets?

Pest issues are quite common in a lot of households. Plus, they’re quite varied. These range from rodents, insect pests, and wildlife which are broad categories.

Whatever the pest issues are, the usual approach involves applying appropriate treatment measures.

Is Ortho Home Defense Safe For Pets And Humans?

One of those treatment methods we’ll be looking at is the use of insecticides. Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer is one of such insecticides we’ll be focusing on.

However problematic a pest problem is, one thing you should never lose sight of is safety.

In other words, you only want to use safe pest control methods.

The Need to Maintain Safety

Whatever pest control actions you take, one thing remains paramount; safety!

You don’t only want to keep yourself and members of your household safe, but also your pets. There have been cases of pesticide poisoning resulting from unsafe use or inappropriate application of insecticides.

Also, exposure to certain insecticides could cause a wide range of health issues including allergies. In some cases, such exposures could turn out to be fatal.

Whatever insecticides you use, you want to be certain about their safety before buying.

We’ll be looking at all of that as it relates to Ortho Home Defense.

About Ortho Home Defense

This powerful insecticide product from the Ortho brand serves a wide range of pest control needs.

With Ortho, you get protection from over 130+ insect pests. Among these are common household pests such as roaches, spiders, ants, stink bugs, millipedes, beetles, fleas, and earwigs.

Other common pests killed by Ortho home defense include centipedes, beetles, earwigs, scorpions, and silverfish.

There are lots more we can’t exhaust here. Ortho Home Defense has wide applications and can be sprayed as barrier treatments in kitchens, bathrooms, windows & doors as well as basements.

You also get the protection that extends to your home’s perimeters and foundations, garages, as well as patios & decks.

Ortho Home Defense Safety Guide

The level of safety involved with the use of this pesticide has a lot to do with how it’s applied. Of course, Ortho home defense shouldn’t be ingested by humans and pets.

Plus, it should generally be kept out of the reach of kids and pets. When used, you should stick to all safety precautions as provided by the manufacturer.

Speaking of safety instructions, we’ll be looking at how to use, where to use, where not to use, and when to apply. These are vital areas we’ll be dwelling most of our discussion on.

They sum up the entirety of its (Ortho Home Defense) safe usage procedure.

  • How to Use

Ortho Home Defense is designed for both indoor and outdoor usage.

In indoor environments, you’ll have to first shake the product properly. This should be followed by adjusting or setting the spray nozzle to its indoor setting provisions.

The sprayer will have to be held at a distance of about 12 inches from targeted surfaces. Now, spray or apply a 4-inch band of Ortho Home Defense insecticide along with your home’s interior.

The most problematic spots should be targeted. It’s important when applying this product not to allow it to soak. A slightly wet application will suffice.

For outdoor environments or areas, the application procedures are a little different. Like you did for indoor application, shake the insecticide to enable it to mix.

Next, you’ll need to set the nozzle for outdoor application.

The spray should be held at a 12-inch distance from targeted surfaces and a 12-inch band application around troubled spots made. You’ll also need to apply on surfaces or targets until they’re slightly wet.

Avoid soaking.

  • Where to Use

Having discussed how to use Ortho Home Defense insecticide, let’s have a look at where to use it. This product can be used in pretty much all areas of your home.

Areas recommended for application include family rooms, bathrooms, pantries, and kitchens.

Other areas include basements, bedrooms, closets, garages, and storage areas.

Ortho Home Defense can also be applied as a perimeter treatment along with foundations. So, are there prohibited areas when it comes to the use of this insecticide product?

There are. This takes us to our next point.

  • Where Not to Use

To keep yourself and members of your household as well as your pets safe, you’ll need to know where not to apply this product. Ortho Home Defense shouldn’t be allowed to make contact with water supplies.

In a nutshell, this insecticide product shouldn’t be ingested in any form.

You must avoid spraying directly onto animals. Also, avoid spraying into the air. Safety considerations also have to be made for beneficial insects like bees.

As such, treatment should be done in a way that the product isn’t allowed to drift to blooming plants.

Apart from potential hazards due to ingestion, it’s necessary to also avoid spraying in or on electrical equipment. This could increase the possibility of shock hazards.

  • When to Apply Treatment

One of the ways of enhancing safety for humans and pets is to use Ortho Home Defense strictly as directed on the product label. Both humans and pets must be evacuated from the treatment area until this insecticide is dried.

Humans and pets are unlikely to get affected when this product is allowed to dry before stepping in or re-entering the treated area or space.

Keep Products Out of the Reach of Kids and Pets

Kids and pets have one thing in common; curiosity. This is even more common with kids as they can easily place objects in their mouths or even ingest dangerous substances.

As a safety precaution, it’s important to keep Ortho Home Defense as far off as possible from their reach.

This, coupled with the use instructions provided above goes a long way to safeguard your household members.

What Pest Categories does this Product Kill?

When it comes to its effect, Ortho Home Defense does an excellent job.

Bug categories affected include ants, aphids, bees, beetles, borers, boxelder bugs, bristletails, and caterpillars. Others include centipedes, chinch bugs, roaches, fleas, flies, fungus gnats, grasshoppers, hornets and lace bugs, etc.

Ortho Home Defense is generally safe when basic safety instructions accompanying the product are followed. Some of these have been provided above.

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  1. what if you spray kitchen baseboard and are sitting 3-4 feet away in a chair? If it’s not completely dry, can that be harmful to me? Lungs, nerves?

    • I also would like a label on this product that explicitly mentions it is safe to do apply so close (when is it note close) and without a respirator. Still, the government has approved its use without any respirator or face mask. The EPA-approved label only mentions you should apply this wearing long-sleeves and presumably pants. If you get in the eyes or on skin, wash it away immediately. I guess we can’t be 100% assured of safety in much of life. We just take reasonable chances. This seems reasonable, given the long history of the product.


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