14 Replacement Parts For Outdoor Patio Heaters

This article discusses all outdoor patio heaters with a special focus on their different parts or components. Any of these parts can be used for replacement when a corresponding part breaks down.

Patio heaters mostly have two combustion variants; electric-powered, and propane combustion variants. These heaters are installed outdoors and provide thermal radiation for outdoor use.

If you need to install one, you’ll have to choose from two design options; wall-mounted, and dome-shaped.

As you read along, you’ll find this article very informative. Plus, you’ll understand its workings much better.

How Patio Heaters Work

Unlike most heating systems that are designed for indoor use, patio heaters are particularly designed for outdoor use. You might need some outdoor warmth when temperatures drop considerably.

It’s important to note that patio heaters only warm a limited area or immediate outdoor surroundings where it’s positioned.

This heater works via radiation.

Here, heat transfer only begins when internal combustion heats the metal components of the heater. Not all outdoor patio heaters produce heat through radiation.

Some products heat via convection. Under such circumstances, electricity moves through a resistor, thus generating heat.

Outdoor Patio Heater Components

Patio heaters have varying components. All work as a system to generate heat.

Key components include reflector shields, emitter grid, glass tube fixer, top plate, upper (long) support, glass tube, protective guard, glass tube, side panel, and black silicone ring, and control box assembly.

Other basic components include lower support (short), block belt, gas hose and regulator, wheel assembly, bottom plate, front panel, and ceramic fiber.

Let’s take a look at some of these components for an understanding of how they function.

  • Reflector Shields

Reflector shields are patio heater components that help improve your heating range. These components are available for different heater types such as those using natural gas, electric, and propane gas fuels.

By refocusing heat, it enhances the efficiency of operation.

A few of several products you can try out are the Commercial Round Reflector Shield, as well as the Glass Tube Heat Shield.

  • Thermostat & Controls

Thermostat and controls offer many benefits, one of which includes placing greater control in your hands overheating costs.

With this component, your heating expenses get significantly lower due to enhanced control of the system.

  • Patio Heater Covers

When the winter season is over, the need for patio heaters reduces.

These heating devices need to be properly stored. This is where patio heater covers come in handy. Good patio heater covers should be made from durable material.

Some popular brands include shield patio heater cover, fire sense patio heater cover, classic accessories patio heater covers, and Hiland patio heater cover.

Others include a modern leisure patio heater cover and AmazonBasics patio heater cover.

  • Bases

Strong bases are needed to keep outdoor patio heaters standing.

These must be heavy to increase the heater’s stability. This heater component comes in different designs. There are tall patio heater bases, as well as table bases.

You’ll need to know what works best with your design.

This is especially true when looking for a replacement. Before selecting a replacement, first, find out your outdoor patio heater model.

  • Couplers

Outdoor patio heater couplers help with the assembly or installation of these heaters. There are couplers for table tightening among different types.

The type of couplers you need depends on the outdoor patio heater model you have. These can be bought as replacements for worn-out couplers.

  • Housings

Patio heaters come in different types of housing. These are important components that house other heater components and also add to the beauty of this heating device.

Outdoor patio heater housings are mostly cylindrical in shape.

The housing finish may determine your choice of an outdoor patio heater. Asides from the finish, you also get to choose from the type of housing material among other things.

  • Tables

Patio heater tables are innovative additions that help improve the experience of users. Such tables are placed or form part of outdoor patio heaters as these heaters project from the middle of the table.

People can sit around the table and all equally enjoy the warmth from the heater in the middle.

  • Wheels

This is another replacement part of an outdoor patio heater that helps with the movement of the device. You won’t have to struggle to move your patio heater in position.

With the wheel in place, this is done much easier without the risk of injury. You’ll need to go through tons of products to find one that matches your needs.

  • Regulators

A propane or gas-fired outdoor patio heater comes with a regulator.

As the name suggests, this vital component serves to regulate combustion. Certain types are considered universal because they fit certain patio heater brands.

If you’re looking for a replacement, you’ll need to make your findings on what best fits your model.

  • Igniters

When it comes to lighting a gas-powered outdoor patio heater, the igniter component comes in handy. This comes as part of every patio heater system. However, when spoiled, the igniter will have to be replaced.

It must be replaced with the right type that’s built for your heater brand.

  • Switches

Different types of switches are installed for outdoor gas patio heaters. There’s a tilt switch that serves as a safety measure to immediately shut out the gas supply when your patio heater tilts or falls.

This helps prevent any further accidents, especially with gas heaters.

  • Gas Lines

Gas lines are essential components of gas-powered outdoor patio heaters that supply gas for combustion. These must be inspected for possible replacement when they get worn out or have to be changed.

  • Tubes

The glass tubes attached to your patio heaters may have to be replaced at some point. It’s necessary during replacement to only use those designed for use on your patio heater model.

  • Valves

Control valves are key components of outdoor patio heaters. These are also sold as replacements for worn-out or damaged valves.

These are some components for outdoor patio heaters you’ll need to know about. As part of the heater system, they serve varying uses.

When replacing any of these parts, you must check your patio heater model to know which component is compatible with it.

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