This article looks at the permanent outdoor shades you can have around your home.

These come in all kinds of designs and fit different needs. In picking your preferred outdoor shade, multiple factors will influence your decision.

These include size, aesthetics, and construction, among others.

Permanent Outdoor Shade Structures / Canopies For Backyard

Outdoor relaxation is a pastime for many as people want to spend quality time in nature. Essential to such relaxation is proper shade.

While trees are primary sources of shade, there are also provisions where artificial shade is provided. This may be temporary or permanent.

  • Factors that Come into Play

Several things will cross your mind in your bid to choose a befitting permanent outdoor shade structure for your home. These include the type of shade. Its size, design, construction, and shade material.

Also, you may need to choose its positioning or location.

The time it takes to install the shade and why you need the shade are other things you’re likely to sort out.

Backyard Shade Structures

How much are you willing to spend on your outdoor shade? More permanent structures may attract more expenses than temporary types.

That is because they need to be durable.

You can decide what will best serve your needs based on these considerations or factors.

Let’s briefly discuss some of these points before discussing different shade types and their pros and cons.

  • Shade Design

Shade design should be among your topmost priorities after deciding to construct a permanent outdoor shade.

The reason is simple; the design can either improve the aesthetics of your surroundings or do the opposite. You want a design that blends and beautifies your surroundings.

  • Environmental Factors

Environmental factors play an essential role in permanent outdoor shade construction.

The environmental factors within your area will determine to a large extent, the type of shade you construct. Some locations are known to have extreme conditions.

This significantly limits your permanent shade options.

  • Shade Material

The shade material is also a key factor when building a permanent outdoor shade structure.

Luckily there are various materials, including wood and a combination of metal and fabric. It all depends on what serves your needs. You may seek expert opinion from contractors.

  • Shade Location

Where do you want your permanent shade located? This is one of the first things you’ll have to decide before proceeding with the project.

Of course, you’ll have to factor in the sun’s direction and movement path at different times of the day. A contractor may also provide you with valuable tips.

  • How Much Do You Intend to Spend

What are you budgeting for your permanent outdoor shade? You must know how much the process will cost you to budget adequately for the project.

If you have no idea how much it will cost, you can discuss it with a contractor to work out a cost estimate.

  • Shade Size

Like other factors mentioned above, shade size is also crucial.

This is one of the primary considerations you’ll have to make as you’ll need your shade to be the right size. Not too large, and not too small. Every homeowner will have their shade size preferences.

Decide on yours.

Outdoor Patio Shade Structures

Do you have an idea of the shade type you want for your home? There are lots of different types to choose from. Each shade type has its pros and cons.

Some popular types include hip & ridge style structures, large span fabric structures, conic shade structures, and cantilever shade structures.

More types include umbrella-style structures, shade sails, steel shade structures, etc. Let’s briefly point out some of these, with their pros and cons.

  • Hip & Ridge Style Structures

Also called the gable roof or fabric roof shades, this permanent outdoor shade comes with a triangular frame.

It’s primarily found in sports courts, multipurpose spaces, learning areas, and playgrounds. Its pros include customizable fabric & steel color and low-cost alternatives.

Hip & ridge style structures also have low edges, which promote better shade. The cons of getting this type of shade include limited shape customization.

  • Large Span Fabric Structures

The large span fabric structure is a type of permanent outdoor shade known by different names, including dome structure, shade & membrane structure, and canopy tension membrane structure.

It consists of a steel frame with a high-tension fabric cover.

You’ll find these in multipurpose spaces and sports courts. Regarding the pros, large-span fabric structures have customizable shapes and sizes.

They also have large clear spans. On the downside, it’s not one to install in a limited space. Plus, it takes a longer installation time compared to some types.

  • Conic Shade Structures

Conic shade structures are commonly used around eating areas, seating areas, atriums, and passive areas.

They’re also circus tents, cone structures, or inverted conic. You’ll find these with a high center point with low edges hence the name.

Its advantages include having a customizable layout and a unique architectural look. On the downside, this type of structure always requires central support.

Plus, it has a high fabric usage in its design.

  • Cantilever Shade Structures

Cantilever shades are commonly used around car park spaces, for sports seating, and on walkways. They’re also called walkway structures. You’ll find the structure projecting from posts on one side.

Benefits include unlimited length, minimal posts, and uninterrupted sight lines.

  • Umbrella Style Structures

Also called umbrella shades or commercial umbrellas, these permanent outdoor shade structures are commonly used around pool sides, outdoor learning centers, and sand pits.

Advantages include having only one post, easy color customization, and using waterproof or shade fabrics.

You can install these common permanent outdoor shade structures for various uses. You only need to pick what serves your needs best.

Consult with a contractor if you have doubts about what shade type to go for.

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