Are you looking to buy a Persimmon tree?

Persimmons are great garden trees primarily valued for three things; their fruit, wood, and aesthetic appeal.

Grafted Persimmon Trees for Sale

Buying this deciduous tree in the nursery needs adequate guidance on how to proceed. For almost everyone, buying stuff is a no-brainer.

However, trees such as this require basic understanding to guide your decisions. All vital information added here aims to offer the needed guidance.

Some areas covered include the cost of persimmon trees, knowing where to get these trees, identifying the different species or variants, and growing zones most ideal for each species.

About Persimmon Trees

This deciduous tree is easily identified by its green-blue foliage, which also changes to yellow and orange in autumn. These color changes improve your garden’s visual appeal.

One of the benefits of growing persimmon trees is that they thrive on almost every soil type for as long as the drainage capacity is good.

With persimmon trees in your garden, you won’t have to worry much about diseases and pests as the tree tends to have resistance against these.

If this name sounds strange, it’s probably because you’ve heard it called differently.

Other common names for the persimmon tree include the common persimmon tree and the American persimmon tree. It’s known by the botanical name Diospyros virginiana and belongs to the Ebenaceae family.

Persimmon trees will do well in moist and well-drained soils.

At full maturity, persimmon trees can grow to a maximum height of 35 ft. Having introduced this tree species, we’ll discuss further how specific considerations can impact your purchase decisions.

Buy Asian and American Persimmon Trees

When you buy persimmon trees, it’s vital to note that several factors may influence your choices. These are important as they allow you to assess your options better.

Here, we’re referring to the cost of these trees, the available species to choose from, hardiness zones, and knowing where to buy your trees.

  • Cost of Persimmon Trees

Irrespective of type, the cost of persimmon trees falls within a range.

Here, the particular species you want determines its cost. There are lots of these to choose from. Whichever variety you buy, the price will typically range from as little as $5 to as much as $180.

You may want to know why the cost range is quite broad. Well, several factors can be given for that.

These include the size of the tree, its species, and the number of trees you plan on buying. Height plays a crucial role in determining tree costs.

Nurseries usually have varying sizes ranging from small to large persimmon trees. It’s logical to assume that smaller persimmon trees will attract lower costs. This is the case.

The opposite applies to larger sizes as they tend to cost more.

What persimmon tree species do you like the most? Every buyer has their preference, and this mainly forms their buying habits.

There are several varieties of persimmon trees to choose from. Knowing which to go for depends on your knowledge of these variants and their benefits.

You’ll have to research the different features of persimmon tree varieties. What volume of persimmon trees do you need to buy?

Some people are bulk buyers, while others only need one or more tree units.

You’re likely to get significant discounts when buying persimmon trees in bulk. The opposite applies to fewer purchases. All the factors mentioned here will determine how much you incur.

  • Best Persimmon Tree Species to Buy

Before buying your persimmon trees, you’ll need to determine the different species available. This allows you to choose your preferred variety.

Some of the most popular species include Yates American persimmon tree, the Tam-O-Pan persimmon tree, the Tanenashi persimmon tree, and Nikita’s gift persimmon tree.

Other variants include the Matsumoto persimmon tree, Meader American persimmon tree, Maekawa Jiro persimmon tree, Ichi Ki Kei Jiro persimmon tree, and the Hana Fuyu persimmon tree.

The giant Fuyu persimmon tree, Hachiya persimmon tree, Geneva American persimmon tree, and Eureka persimmon trees are among the options to pick from.

The Fuyugaki persimmon tree, Barbara Bush American persimmon tree, coffee cake persimmon tree, and the chocolate persimmon tree are still others to choose from.

We won’t be going into the nitty-gritty of all persimmon tree varieties. Those provided give you an idea of the options you have to choose from.

  • Hardiness Zones

It’s not enough to pick a persimmon tree to grow; before you buy such a tree, you’ll have to figure out if the climatic conditions within your location support its growth.

To give you an idea of how hardiness zones determine what persimmon trees to grow, let’s provide details about the growing zones for each of the tree varieties mentioned above.

Tam-O-Pan persimmon and Tanenashi persimmon tree variants are both classified as zone 8 to 10 plants. The Yates American persimmon tree species is considered a zone 4 to 9 plant.

Meader American persimmon tree is ideal for growing in zones 3 to 9.

The Matsumoto persimmon, Nikita’s gift, Maekawa Jiro persimmon, and Korean persimmon tree variants can be grown in zones 7 to 9, 5 to 10, 6 to 10, and 8 to 10, respectively.

The Ichi Ki Kei Jiro persimmon, Hana Fuyu persimmon, Hachiya persimmon, and giant Fuyu persimmon are ideal for zones 6 to 9, 7 to 10, 8 to 10, and 8 to 10, respectively.

You’ll have to pick your particular persimmon tree species and find the hardiness zone most ideal for growing it. This helps you buy the suitable persimmon tree variant.

Where to Buy Persimmons

Persimmon tree buyers will need to know where to get their trees from. Of course, nurseries and garden centers are ready places to get all your trees.

However, it would help if you found reputable nurseries for all your plant needs.

This will require digging up information by researching the most reliable nurseries. An excellent resource for looking up such information is customer reviews.

Read reviews about different nurseries and their quality of service.

There you have it! You can follow the guide provided to buy your persimmon trees. This saves you from a lot of mistakes.


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