21 Plants That Repel And Deter Rabbits

Looking for herbs or flowers that will chase off these animals? The list of plants that repel rabbits.

While rabbits are cuties, the damage they are capable of causing on your plantation is very far from cute. The last thing you want after spending time, money, and energy to come out with a classic garden is for some very cute little pest to turn it upside down.

Rabbits can destroy your veggies and litter everywhere, all because they are innocently catching some fun.

It is very important to take preventive actions that will repel the pest.

While it is not realistic to avoid planting your veggies just because it will attract rabbits to your yard, it is important to identify also the vegetable or food they don’t like.

Once you plant flowers or herbs that rabbits around your garden, you will successfully get rid of them in the most natural way ever. You won’t even need to use pesticides against them.

Garden Plants That Resist Rabbits

Several plants can repel rabbits because of their smell or taste or their outlook. You can use any combination of the plants below as companion plants to protect your vegetables or other crops from rabbits’ invasion.

The plants that will repel rabbits can either be scent-based or taste-based. Scent-based repellents are plants with a very strong smell that repulse rabbits. Whereas, some plants are taste-based repellent because of their bitterness or hardness.

The other categories of plants are poisonous plants that may kill rabbits. Even though rabbits can smell danger from a distance, it is not advisable to plant such because when a rabbit finds no other vegetable to eat, it will eat anything.

Some of the plants that rabbits detest are;

  1. Agave

This is a hardy plant that can survive very harsh weather conditions. It is a succulent plant that repels rabbits. The century plant is the most common of the Agave varieties for the garden.  Unfortunately, most of these plants will die immediately after bloom but produce pops that will replace them

  1. Ajuga

It is also known as the Bugleweed plant, and it is perfect for ground cover. It will do well under any kind of light, as long as it is light. Ajuga is a hardy plant that can survive drought despite its love for water.

This plant blooms in early spring and comes out in rose, white, or purple, and serves as a good rabbit repellent.

  1. Allium

The alliums have a very strong offensive odor that repels a wide range of pests including rabbits. A rabbit will never come close to this plant unless there is nothing left to eat. In full bloom, the flowers come out in different shades of pink.

  1. Artemisia

This plant is very toxic to insects and mosquitoes, but rabbits hate it because it is fuzzy foliage. With regular watering, this plant can grow up to 12 inches tall.

  1. Astilbe

This plant is very bitter for rabbits, so they are never going to be anywhere near it. Astilbe will do well in acidic soil and full or partial exposure to the sun.

  1. Bee Balm

This plant is also known as horsemint. It repels rabbits but attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. They are easy to grow, and they produce wonderful flowers in pink, white, red, or violet colors.

This plant will flourish in moist, well-drained soil and full exposure to the sun.

  1. Black-Eyed Susan

Black-Eyed Susan is a popular wildflower and a member of the sunflower family that can grow over 3ft tall. It can also be a companion plant in the garden to deter rabbits from invading. Yet, it attracts pollinators and other beneficial insects.

This plant flourishes when fully exposed to the sun.

  1. Catnip

This plant repels all kinds of pest excepts cats; in fact, you shouldn’t plant it if you have cats around. It has a very strong minty odor that repels a wide range of pests from insects to deers and then rabbits. It needs to be planted in well-drained soil and partial exposure to the sun.

  1. Holly Holly

This is a prickly plant that any rabbit will want to stay away from it as far away as possible. It produces red berries and green leaves.

This plant is a festive plant that loves full exposure to the sun and moist soil. To get the red berries, it is possible when you get the female seed because they are the ones that produce the red berries.

  1. Iris

This plant produces flowers that bloom in different colors; purple, pink, blue, yellow, and white. They also produce a very sweet smell that is a total turn-off for rabbits. Iris will do flourish in well-drained soil and full-partial sun.

  1. Juniper

These plants are creepy, which is why no rabbit will like to come near. Their leaves are needle-like. They can flourish when fully exposed to the sun or when under partial shade. They love moist soil, but too much water is detrimental to these plants. So you should keep this plant away from the sprinkler.

  1. Lavender

This plant gives a wonderful fragrance but repels a wide range of pests off your garden.

Lavender is always a wonderful addition to a garden- it attracts butterflies, gives your ambiance a beautiful fragrance, and then help protect your other veggies and plants from neighboring pest.

  1. Lenten Rose

This is particularly toxic, and because rabbits rely so much on their sense of smell, they can perceive danger when they come close to this plant and get on their heels. They don’t need too much attention and will grow well in well-drained soil and partial shade.

  1. Lupine

Some lupines are annual plants, and others are perennial. They are spiky and have an interesting texture that makes them inedible for rabbits.

  1. Lungwort

Almost all animals will stay away from this plant.

Lungwort’s leaves are furry and, therefore, inedible. It blooms in bright blue, pink, or white in early spring. It will make your garden appear colorful and, at the same time, keep rabbits off your vegetables.

  1. Red Hot Poker

This wonder plant stands out like a torchlight. It has a very strong odor that rabbits despise, especially when they are in full bloom. They enjoy full exposure to the sun but little water to flourish. While they repel rabbits, they attract butterflies to your garden.

  1. Salvia

This is a hardy plant that can survive all kinds of weather conditions. Its flowers bloom in spring and come out in shades of red and blue. This plant repels the rabbit as a result of its strong minty smell but attracts butterflies and other pollinators to your garden.

  1. Spurge

Planting this in your garden requires you to be very careful, it is toxic and can give you skin irritation if the white sap coming out of the stem touches any part of your skin. Rabbits hate this plant and will take it to their heel at the sight of this plant.

  1. Stachys

This is a herbal plant with velvety foliage, such that repels the rabbit. It is popularly known as lamb’s ear because of the spread of its leaves. It requires minimum attention and will do well in well-drained soil that is a little bit acidic.

  1. Yarrow

This plant has a wonderful fragrance that is everything but wonderful to rabbits. However, this plant will help attract butterflies to the garden. The plant blooms in summer, and they enjoy full exposure to the sun and well-draining soil.

  1. Yucca

This is a spiky foliage plant that deters rabbits. It is a beautiful companion plant whose flower comes out in pink in bloom from mid-summer to fall. It will give your garden a nice outlook, even as it helps to keep off the pest.


You don’t have to be frustrated with rabbits constantly ruining your garden. You don’t also have to keep spending money on pesticides that the pest may build resistance against. More so, you are faced with the risk of contamination if you want to use pesticides to get rid of the pest.

Thankfully, some plants will do the trick naturally.

Generally, rabbits don’t like plants with strong scents, prickly or thorny plants, feathery leaves, shrubs, or foliages. And by the way, they can also sense danger when it’s near, so planting some of the toxic flowers will naturally just turn them off.

A lot of these are easy to plant, and most of them are perennials. This means you only have to plant them once and then focus on taking care of them.

However, for your pet’s safety or yours, you have to be very careful with the toxic plants. Otherwise, stick to plants that will naturally repel rabbits because of their strong smell or bitterness.

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