This article will be looking at poisonous spiders in the state of Georgia. If you live in this area, you might want to pay some more attention.

Poisonous spiders have come to be dreaded as vicious and venomous. Their stings in extreme cases have been known to lead to some deaths.

With more information comes the implementation of effective safeguard measures.

Throughout human history, spiders have crossed paths with humans in one way or the other. This mostly results from one group entering or encroaching into the other’s territory.

However, it’s poisonous spider stings we’re most concerned about. These poisonous creatures have varying degrees of venom and Georgia is home to a number of them.

Deadly Spiders in Georgia

Like California, Georgia has its own fair share of venomous spiders the two most common of these critters are the brown recluse spiders and black widow spiders. Both are highly poisonous in their own right and inflict serious bites that cause harm.

There’s a lot to say about each spider species as you’ll soon find out.

Brown Recluse Spiders

The brown recluse spiders are found in Georgia as well as a couple of other states. These other states include Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Missouri.

Others are Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska.

  • Bites

Since we’re focusing on poisonous spiders in Georgia, it’s only necessary that we also consider the effects or reactions of such poison. If you get bitten by a brown recluse spider, you must seek urgent medical attention.

This action is recommended by the Institutes of Health.

Thankfully, brown recluse spiders don’t readily attack or bite. They only do so in response to perceived danger or disturbance. Now, it’s important to state that not everyone reacts the same way when bitten by brown recluse spiders.

This is backed by research by the Integrated Pest Management Program a UC Berkeley.

According to research findings, an overwhelming majority (90%) of brown recluse bite cases healed naturally. That is, most people bitten by these poisonous critters needed no medical intervention.

Bite wounds healed naturally and without a scar.

  • Identifying a Brown Recluse Spider

Apart from its size which is less than a quarter and its cream to dark brown color, a brown recluse spider can be identified by other means. These include its violin-shaped pattern on the neck.

Additional distinguishing features include its six eyes arranged in 3 pairs along its face.

  • Preferred Habitat

As one of the poisonous spider species found in Georgia, you’re likely to find these critters in certain preferred habitats. These include hot, dry, and dark areas.

There’s ample availability of such conditions in empty or abandoned buildings.

Brown recluse spiders are attracted to undisturbed locations such as in piles of discarded junk, beneath old boards as well as in cluttered garages, attics, and closets.

Black Widow Spiders

As the name suggests, black widow, spiders glossy black and measure around 1.5 inches in size.

These poisonous creatures are also found in Georgia and are easily distinguished by their bright-red hourglass-shaped marking under their abdomen.

Compared to other spiders (both poisonous and non-poisonous), black widows weave the largest webs. Male black widow spiders aren’t poisonous. These spiders won’t readily attack when you come close.

However, they may do so in response to perceived threat or danger.

  • Most Active Times

These poisonous spiders are nocturnal. As such, they only come out at night to hunt prey which includes smaller insects. During the daytime, black widow spiders will hardly be seen unless you seek out their habitats.

Such habitats are located in dark corners of structures. Sometimes, these spiders might take up residence beneath or around your vehicle engine. If you suspect their presence, consider probing further by looking around these areas.

How Dangerous Are Poisonous Spider Bites?

Having included the poisonous spider species found in the state of Georgia, it’s necessary to determine considering the levels of the danger posed.

However, poisonous a spider is, the harm caused when a person is bitten depends on the volume or amount of venom injected as well as sensitivity levels.

Speaking about sensitivity levels, people have varying sensitivity levels. This is seen in a delayed reaction, immediate reaction as well as zero reaction to poisonous bites. Most people fall under these three categories.

The impact of such poisonous bites may be very serious in persons with allergic reactions. This will require emergency medical attention.

Failure to do get such medical assistance on time may worsen the situation and even lead to death.

  • Higher Sensitivity Levels

Persons with higher sensitivity levels to poisonous spider stings or bites are affected the most.

Such a bite might appear as a small whitish blister not long after the bite. Now, this may result in the hardening of the tissues around the bite site. The lesions will become dry with red coloration circling blue-white patches.

Volcano lesions may result in extreme cases. Here, affected tissue becomes gangrenous with large wounds resulting.

How Poisonous Spiders Get into Homes

Poisonous spiders always come from the outdoors and take up residence in indoor locations. There are various ways by which these enter into homes.

Such includes openings like windows, doors, and also through boxes carried into homes without inspection.

The favorable condition offered by your home encourages reproduction. Therefore, you’re likely to notice an upsurge in the presence of these poisonous spiders. This situation can be very scary.

You’ll need to take urgent steps to wrestle back control of your home.

Because you’re dealing with poisonous spiders, it’s best to call a pest management service. There are tons of reputable pest control services in the state of Georgia.

Despite your fears of poisonous spider presence in your home, an inspection will be necessary to ascertain or confirm such fears. When it’s determined that they’re present, an appropriate treatment method is chosen to tackle the problem.

We’ve been able to identify the poisonous spiders in Georgia.

One thing that’s common to all such spiders is that they aren’t aggressive. Nevertheless, getting too close or having them perceive signs of danger will make them bite. These poisonous spiders only respond to the perceived threat.

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