Replacing Garage Door With Windows

Converting garage doors with windows is one logical, simple, and economical alternative. It can reduce both the cost and duration of construction.

You’ll need to read this article further to learn how to conduct such a conversion successfully. We’ll outline the step-by-step process of replacing garage doors with windows.

Garage Door Conversion to Windows

Usually, garage doors are replaced with windows when there’s a need for new living space.

But another tangible reason could be that your house lacks privacy and security. So it’s an excellent idea to block up excess and useless doors with windows.

Besides, windows are more energy-efficient than doors. They allow additional light into the house. During warm days, you can open windows to allow fresh air into the home.

Tools & Materials You’ll Require for Conversion

You’ll need some working tools before replacing a garage door with a window.

They include a cordless drill, router, pry bar, measuring tape, utility knife, bubble level, and caulking gun. Other equipments are hammers, circular saws, drywall finishing tools, drill bits, and drivers.

You may also require two-by-sixes, 16d nails, flashing tape (4-inch), and two-by-fours.

Additional materials include exterior-grade plywood, fiberglass roll insulation, drywall, interior and exterior window trim, house wrap, drywall joint compound, interior acrylic-latex paint, and more.

How to Replace Garage Door With Windows

Below are the steps for the DIY conversion of parking lot doors with windows. Follow them carefully with precautions for successful removal and replacement.

  • Remove the Garage Door and Walling off

The first step in this project is removing the door and walling off the remaining opening. You can do that by lifting the door using lifting mechanisms.

Next, you remove the hardware on the sides and hinges between sections. We refer to the tracks, mount, and opener.

Once you’re done removing the door, disconnect the springs. For torsion springs mounted above the door, you can use winding rods for the removal.

Then extension springs can be released with just ordinary tools.

  • Pull Out the Casing and Trim

You’ll need a pry bar to remove all molding that surrounds the space. We speak of interior trim, door header, and exterior trim.

This will leave you with a transparent door frame. Until then, you’ll need to jack studs on each side and a header at the top.

  • Construct a New Floor Plate

Next, you must construct a new sole plate across the opening. You can use treated lumber rated for ground contact for this purpose.

Insert a strip of aluminum copper or termite shield between the wood and slab. Then attach the sole plate with masonry nails or lag screws inserted in pre-drilled holes in the slab.

Meanwhile, you’re to measure the with between the two jack studs. Then use a circular saw to cut off a section of two-by-six to this length.

Ensure the floor plate has a rabbet groove on the interior, lapping over the finished flooring. You can use a router to create such a groove and nail it down.

  • Frame the Opening and Install Windows

When you’re done constructing a new floor plate, the next is to frame the opening. You can use 2-by-4 inches lumber on standard 16 or 24-inch spacing.

Rugged frame any window of your choice and mount. But before you do that, insulate all frame areas below, above, and beside windows. Then apply sheathing to all exterior walls.

  • Install Siding on the Exterior

When you finish the step above, mount the siding on the exterior wall. If the home’s exterior siding is horizontal, it will be simpler to fix contrasting siding.

It’s often challenging to attempt mounting the existing pattern. Next, you install exterior molding around the window opening.

  • Install Drywall

You can finish the interior by adding drywall. You’re to cut a section of it to cover the short wall. Apply drywall tape over the seam, using its compound as an adhesive.

You allow it to get thoroughly dried, then sand it slightly. Apply the second coat of mud once fully cured, and sand again.

  • Finishing Touches

This is the last thing to do when replacing a garage door with a window. Of course, you’ll not want to leave the newly constructed window looking dull or dirty.

Therefore, you’re to paint the interior window trim with trim paint. The best paint to use is interior acrylic-latex paint. It will blend the new wall section with the rest of the walls.

Until then, you’ll need to test the paint for lead before disturbing them. Lead-based colors are considered toxic and harmful.

Most homes built before 1978 often have lead-based paint on wall surfaces or trim, either exterior or interior. So you must be careful in handling such characters.

Best Time to Replace Garage Door With Window

Typically, converting a parking lot door with a window is a project that involves opening one side of your house. For that, it should be done in the warm and dry season.

This is to avoid exposing your home to cold or rainfall. You must ensure the conversion is completed within one day for security and energy efficiency.

In other words, you should have the doors removed and build a primary wall plus window in under 24 hours. Is that actually possible?

Yes, if only you have all materials on hand, plan, and start early in the day.

Professional Help May be a Better Option

If you can’t replace your garage door with a window yourself, it’s best to call a general contractor. They’ll come to do the conversion job efficiently and timely.

Most experienced contractors around town should be able to execute the project within 24 hours. You may also have an expert electrician extend wires through the short wall under the window.

However, you must ensure you’re calling a licensed professional contractor. The same goes for the electrician you may require.

This will ensure your project goes in line with local rules and regulations.

Do I Need a License to Execute Such a Project?

We can’t tell you yes or no. That’s because it depends on the city or state you live in.

But you can ask your local permitting office if a building license is needed. Also, verify if this alteration is allowed. This will ensure you do not get in trouble with relevant authorities.

We’ll stop here for now. You can see the step-by-step process of replacing a garage door with a window. This guide will help when you want to execute a project like this.

However, it will be better to invite professional contractors if you need help.

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