Practical Root Barrier Installation Guide and Costs Involved

As trees and plants grow, their root systems spread in all directions for moisture and nutrients.

Such activity could affect nearby installations or structures hence the need to make provisions to keep out or prevent roots from growing in a particular direction.

This is where root barriers come into the picture. These are useful for preventing root development.

How to Install Root Barriers – Guide & Costs

The best root barriers are made from eco-friendly materials and are installed to allow enough space for the tree to develop while ingpreventing lateral spread beyond a certain point.

You’ll find this installation helpful guide if you’re planning on having a root barrier installed around your trees. Also, we’ve discussed the cost implications involved.

All of these details will prove highly useful to you.

  • Why You Should Have Root Barriers Installed

If you haven’t decided yet about root barrier installation, you might want to know some of the benefits derived from the procedure.

Root barriers come in handy for trees or plants with invasive root systems as they help contain the spread of such invasive roots.

You get to protect your property from root incursion while safeguarding underground installations like sewer lines from root damage.

A root barrier is a shield that protects your home’s foundation. Moisture leeching is prevented from your home’s foundation, thus saving the structure.

Categories of Tree Root Barriers

When it comes to tree root barrier installation, there are different types to consider.

Each type serves a specific need. The primary root barrier categories include mechanical root protection barriers and chemical tree root inhibitors.

  • Mechanical Root Protection Barriers

Mechanical root protection barriers consist of tree root deflectors and root screens or traps.

In the case of tree root deflectors, these are designed from durable materials like plastics or solid metals. They’re made to deflect growing plant roots away from structures and foundations.

Of course, these root deflectors must be strong enough to withstand the pressure of growing tree roots. On the other hand, root screens or traps are designed from porous woven materials.

Their porous nature means root tips can penetrate through.

While true, these roots cannot fully develop as they’re strangled as the heart tries to expand. Root screens are designed with materials having openings not more significant than 1/16th of a square inch.

Tree roots are unable to develop beyond this root screen.

  • Chemical Tree Root Inhibitors

Chemical root inhibitors, unlike mechanical barriers, are impregnated into a mesh-like material that serves as a barrier.

Any root that gets to this material is affected as further growth is inhibited due to the contact made with the chemical-infused mesh-like material.

  • Concrete Barriers

Concrete barriers also serve the same purpose of inhibiting root encroachment.

Here, the concrete barrier has to be built in such a way that it serves the purpose for which it was installed. This root barrier should extend below the ground surface to be effective.

Installing Root Barriers

The installation procedures for root barriers aren’t complicated.

While that is true, it’s essential to ensure the installation is executed correctly to keep roots out. The basic process includes digging a trench and laying the barrier material before refilling the trench.

In the case of concrete barriers, the approach is a bit different. After digging your trench, the concrete needs to be poured in. this forms an impenetrable wall that roots can’t breach.

Should I install root barriers myself? This is an essential question with a simple answer.

  • Should I Install Root Barriers Myself?

As a DIY’er, you’ll be naturally drawn to handle your installation needs without the help of a professional.

While this approach might work in some situations, it will be messed up in others. A more reliable way of going about the process has a professional carry out root barrier installation on your behalf.

Arborists understand tree development and growth.

As such, their expertise can go a long way when installing a root barrier. Their advice or direct intervention can prove invaluable to addressing your tree root problems.

Also, structural repair or maintenance services offer all kinds of services, including root barrier installations.

They also handle related projects like foundation stabilization, residential foundation repair, pier & beam foundation repair, and foundation drainage, amongst others.

Root Barrier Installation Costs

Professional root barrier installation comes at a fee influenced by varying factors. One of those is the depth of the structure.

Usually, before installation begins, an estimate is taken of the targeted area to determine the actual costs. Also, the type of installation will determine how much it will cost.

Before calling for professional root barrier installation, consider budgeting around $200 to $300 per meter. There are also annual inspections that are necessary to determine the condition of the barrier. This will attract an average cost of about $80.

  • Root Barrier Installation Costs Vs. Foundation Repair

When trying to figure out the costs of root barrier installation, you need to make critical comparisons with similar services. Here, foundation repair may be contemplated.

When comparing the two, it’s easier to see that root barriers are cheaper.

The minimum price you’re likely to pay for foundation repairs is around $3,000, while the average cost for the same procedure is about $7,500.

This is a lot costlier compared to root barrier installation. However, where extensive installation of root barriers is involved, the cost can be significantly higher.

  • For Details, Contact the Pros

To have a comprehensive idea of how much root barrier installations cost as well as the installation process, all you have to do is contact the pros.

Here, the job is assessed, including the type of root barrier used, This helps arrive at the exact cost details.

Root barrier installation guide and costs have been covered to help homeowners determine their options. For a thorough and more effective job, consider calling the pros.

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