We’ll outline a handful of San Diego demolition companies. While listing them, we’ll highlight their services so you’ll know the right one.

If you’re ready, we’ll start right away.

Demolition San Diego

Demolition is more than just a one-man’s job; it can be time- and energy-consuming. Therefore you’ll need the services of a demolition company.

Fortunately, San Diego has several demolition firms that can take down structures efficiently and promptly. In addition to demolition, these companies can provide you with debris hauling.

They aim to ensure your space is kept neat and clean.

This article is an excellent resource if you live within this county and need a demolition service.

Companies that Tear Down Structures in San Diego

Do you have a residential or commercial building to demolish?

Below are some reputable services that you can count on. They’re fully licensed and insured by relevant agencies in the country.

  • Ace Hauling Junk Removal and Demolition

You can count on this company for satisfying services. They have been trustworthy and reliable in demolishing structures and hauling debris for over twenty years.

Additionally, they can level everything from commercial and residential buildings, retaining walls, driveways, and asphalt parking lots to patio covers.

Other services they offer include hillside excavation, dirt hauling, and land grading & and leveling. Bush removal, green waste, construction debris, and smoothing are additional services they provide.

Why you should opt for this service provider is numerous.

First, they respond to calls and arrive demolition site on time. Secondly, they’ll leave your space neat and clean after tearing it down.

Moreover, their charges are pocket friendly for those running on a budget. Finally, they’ll ensure their work environment is safe for your pets, properties, and yourself.

  • Elite Demolition

This is also a reputable and licensed demolition service in San Diego you can count on. They are experts in residential, commercial, and industrial demolition.

Regardless of the size of your project, this company will bring it down for you. They’ve been in this business for over a decade.

They offer various demolition services to homeowners, business owners, and contractors.

These services include concrete tear-down, emergency demolition, residential and commercial services, entire structures, kitchens & bathrooms, etc.

To patronize this service provider, call to schedule an appointment. They have professional and friendly staff who are prompt and cautious in service delivery.

They also provide professional advice to meet the needs of clients. Finally, they offer reasonable and competitive prices to make it affordable for customers.

  • Canales Demolition

Do you want to make room for a new residential or commercial property? Contact this demolition service. They have more than two decades of experience in pulling down unwanted buildings.

Before they leave your project site, your work must be 100% completed. Apart from San Diego, they also serve in California.

Other services offered are concrete, landscape, commercial, and residential demolition. They also venture into concrete cutting, excavation, decompaction, etc.

You have less to worry about their authenticity because they’re fully licensed. Moreover, they consistently deliver the highest results at the most affordable price.

In other words, they work with clients with big and small pockets.

  • Eladios Demolition

This is a locally owned and licensed demolition company in San Diego. They have an excellent reputation for tearing down properties of homeowners, commercial, and contractors.

Besides providing quality work, their prices are relatively affordable for those on a tight budget. Areas they service include Bonita, La Jolla, Chula Vista, El Cajon, CA, La Mesa, and nearby California cities.

We have several reasons you should opt for this service provider. Firstly, they have experts who can help with project planning, site preparation, total demolition, and removal of every piece of junk.

They help customers make intelligent decisions and minimize the cost of pulling down structures. Moreover, they respond to customers promptly, even in emergencies.

  • AMG Demolition & Environmental Service

This demolition company has been in existence in San Diego since 2002. They provide comprehensive services, including turn-key solutions, structural, interior, and selective demolition.

Furthermore, they are into asbestos lead remediation, general contracting, earthwork & mass excavation, etc. Because of their excellent service delivery, they have a longstanding partnership with highly reputable contractors.

What’s more? The company has a team of environmental and demolition experts. Regardless of their sizes, they’ll remediate or demolish your structures safely and cost-effectively.

Lastly, all works are executed to comply with environmental regulations.

  • CVE San Diego

You can also rely on this service provider for safe and efficient demolition. They’re licensed and experienced in everything from tearing down to lead abatement.

Some of their services include deconstruction, selective demolition, hazardous soil removal, UST removal, and more.

CVE can handle all projects, from complete industrial government demolition to small home model demolition.

Areas they service include the public & private sectors, commercial and industrial facilities, insurance firms, and more. Just call them, and they’ll promptly respond to your needs.

  • LAP Demolition Service

This company has handled clients’ commercial and residential demolition needs for over a decade.

In addition to pulling down buildings, they venture into driveway removal, swimming pool removal, interior demolition, and more.

Their services are easy to access and affordable for those on a tight budget.

LAP Demolition Service is also committed to continuing professional development and producing annual employee training. This is to ensure there are consistent with their quality service delivery.

Cost of Demolition in San Diago

You must know the cost implication of tearing down structures in San Diego.

That way, you’ll know whether or not your mission is worth embarking upon. Additionally, you’ll learn how much you’ll budget for the project to completion.

Now, the cost of demolition in this county depends on several factors. These include the company you patronize and the type of property to demolish.

However, the average price of destruction starts from $2,750-$11,250.

There’re more demolition companies in San Diego. The ones we listed above are the most reputable for providing quality services at affordable rates.

You can pick either of them that matches your demolition needs. Until then, you’ll need to research more about their services. You can call their office and make such inquiries.

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