10+ Seagull Deterrents For Boats And Flat Roofs

Seagull deterrents are effective tools in keeping these birds away from your boats, roofs, and docks.

Seagulls are beautiful creatures to watch when in their natural habitats. However, these same birds can become a nuisance when they get into too close to humans.

There are several problems associated with seagulls, ranging from the noise created, their droppings which can present health hazards as well as the mess they leave in their wave especially around residential properties.

These birds are common around seaside towns and villages.

They’ve increasingly grown bolder and get too close for comfort especially when breeding their young. The easiest thing that comes to mind is to get rid of them, but how can this be done?

The Use of Seagull Deterrents

The use of deterrents is one of the best ways to keep seagulls at bay. These tools come in different forms with the sole purpose of frightening these birds or causing discomfort.

Deterrents could range from animals or birds of prey to the color red as well as electric zappers among others.

We’ll be looking at the different deterrents you can use to take back control of your surroundings and property. With these, seagulls can only be looked or observed from afar.

  • Optical Gel

An optical gel is one of many products that has proven effective in deterring seagulls. With the optical gel, you only need to apply onto surfaces where these birds hang out. Now, the magic happens when these birds perceive the gel to be flames of fire.

Seagulls will like to keep a safe distance from any perceived threat. For the best results, it is important to follow all the use instructions accompanying the product.

  • Installing Reflective Material

Reflective materials have been used successfully to scare seagulls from around restricted areas. While the reflections and noise created scares these birds, such an effect is short-lived.

In other words, seagulls will later become curious to get close enough to this deterrent, thus defeating its purpose.

One of the best ways to handle seagulls is by using reflective material in addition to other deterrents or changing the position of the deterrent to maintain the element of surprise.

  • Seagull Wire Deterrent, Spikes, and Nets

Wires, spikes, and nets are among the best seagull deterrents for homes. When seagulls come around, they always want to rest on high points around the property. Fortifying such areas with the right deterrents will make the area uncomfortable.

There are steel spikes as well as plastic spikes. Steel spikes are much more durable hence last longer. Polyurethane netting frustrates seagulls as they are unable to perch on their favorite spots.

Another option is to install parallel wires around areas frequented by these birds for exclusion.

  • Sheepdogs

One of the most effective ways to deter seagulls without having to kill them is by using sheepdogs. These dogs will always chase seagulls at the slightest opportunity. Patrolling the beaches with such dogs has proven to be efficient.

For best results, consider using these dogs when seagulls are most active (early mornings and evenings). Doing so makes beaches much calmer and enjoyable for beachgoers.

  • Spinning Propellers

Spinning propellers, rotating blades, and mechanical spiders all contribute to making a surrounding unwelcoming.

Seagulls are continually disrupted whenever they want to settle down. Any rapid motion is bound to scare seagulls away.

  • Mild Electric Zappers

It is best to avoid electric zappers that are likely to cause harm or death to seagulls. Mild electric zappers do the trick. While the shock given off isn’t sufficient to cause harm, it jolts these birds enough to make them seek for alternative resting spots.

Mild electric zappers should be installed at strategic points (mostly those areas that attract the highest number of seagulls.

  • Red Color

How does this apply or serve as a seagull deterrent?

The color red is has been suggested to frighten seagulls away. According to reports, red color is seen as a sign of hostility by seagulls. They would rather keep their distance than hang around your property.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen. However, it won’t harm anyone to try, would it?

  • Use of Scary Masks and Decoys

There are lots of products made to serve as decoys for seagulls and other birds. These are scary and look menacing. Recent innovations have been made to existing design resulting in movements and noise being created.

Such deterrents keep seagulls confused as they are at a loss whether these are live predators or non-living.

For decoys and scary masks to remain effective, you should consider changing their positions after a few days. This will paint a picture of unpredictability around your property.

  • Raptors

Falconers can prove useful to the fight against seagulls. A falcon or hawk is unleashed on a herd of seagulls and wastes little time in showing just how efficient it is in reducing their population.

Unlike most other methods, hawks or falcons will go for the kill if a prey or target is picked.

This makes it even scarier for seagulls to keep close to areas with such predators. Seaside towns or villages can use more of this strategy to keep seagulls away.

Also, dumpsites and landfills are known to attract seagulls a lot. Raptors help solve the problem in little time by patrolling such areas.

  • Sound Devices

Sound devices are known to be highly effective against birds including seagulls.

These come pre-recorded with sounds made by scary predators. These are hung around strategic areas and allowed to sound off loud during peak seagull periods of the day (such as early mornings and evenings).

  • Motion Activated Water Blasters

With motion-activated water blasters installed, you won’t have to hang around to scare seagulls.

These squirt guns will be triggered when the moment seagulls come calling. The best part is that it causes no injury but only scares them away. Your property then becomes unwelcoming for these pests.


These are some of the many seagull deterrents that can be used for effective control. Whether you want to spend some time on the beach without the noise and distractions from these birds or keep them off your property, these deterrents will serve the purpose.

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