Sentricon Termite Treatment Cost

In this article, we provide you with helpful information on Sentricon’s treatment costs.

It’s important to mention here that this information should only be considered as a guide as there may be little or significant differences in actual costs due to several factors.

Ultimately, you’ll need to contact Sentricon for an estimate.

How Much Does Sentricon Termite Treatment Cost?

When hiring a pest control service, the cost is always a top consideration for many clients. While seeking the best possible deal, looking for the best service provider is also necessary.

Sentricon is one of those pest control services that offer comprehensive pest management and specialize in termite control. It is one of several good options to explore if you have termite issues.

However, deciding whether or not to call the company depends on your findings about its service costs.

A detailed estimate will require visiting your property for a full on-the-spot assessment of your pest situation.

Factors Affecting Sentricon Cost for Termites

When discussing pest control costs, it’s essential to consider price-determining factors.

These often impact the cost of treatment irrespective of which pest control service you use. Such factors include infestation size, property size, and type of pest, including treatment frequency and location.

  • Infestation Size

A lot of times, pest control interventions turn out to be bigger than earlier anticipated.

In other words, a homeowner may not know the true extent of a pest problem until it’s professionally assessed. As such, the size of an infestation will determine how much you pay for the service.

More significant and challenging infestations typically attract higher costs than minor pest problems. With larger infestations, more supplies need to be used.

This, combined with labor, increases the price of treatment considerably.

  • Property Size

What’s the size of your property? Like other pest control services, Sentricon is likely to consider that.

Cost is usually measured per square foot of treated area. So, more significant properties or treatment areas are likely to attract more expenses than when the size is smaller.

  • Type of Pest

What’s the pest issue you have? A variety of pest problems are common in both residential and commercial properties.

Examples include ants, bed bugs, bees, carpet beetles, fleas, mice & rats, roaches, silverfish, spiders, termites, wasps, wildlife, and many others.

Of the many pest issues you might have, some are considered more severe and problematic than others. Clear examples include bed bugs and termites.

The cost of treatment for these will tend to be much higher than other pest issues.

  • Treatment Frequency

Treatment frequency is another consideration that has an impact on cost.

There are one-time visits, monthly, quarterly, as well as annual treatment plants. When compared, past visits tend to cost more than scheduled treatment plans.

It’s advisable to find out details about the cost implications of each treatment plan.

Also, ask technicians to advise you on what plan to go with. You may also need to assess independently before calling the pest service.

  • Location

It’s common knowledge that pest treatment costs vary by location. Major cities with high living costs will attract higher prices than suburban areas or smaller towns.

With that said, how much would you expect Sentricon to charge you for its pest control services? This takes us to the next section.

The Sentricon System

Sentricon is known for its effective baiting system, which costs around $1,200 to $3,800 for initial installation. A yearly monitoring fee of $280 also applies.

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This company has earned the reputation for having one of the best baiting systems in the industry, with over 60 scientific studies documenting termite colony elimination.

For a lot of people, this might be considered expensive. However, the truth is, this amount is worth it, considering the relief you get from termite activity.

More importantly, your property is saved from termite damage.

  • Are There Ways to Lower Sentricon’s Termite Treatment Costs?

It’s often common for people to seek discounts or pest control services with the most competitive rates. While this is normal, it’s essential not to get too hooked on costs.

The primary objective is to have a thorough job done.

The issue of price discounts will have to be taken up with Sentricon. You’ll need to inquire if there are ways to get cheaper rates for its bait system.

Apart from the installation fee of $1,200 to $3,800 for Sentricon’s bait system, you’ll only need to pay around $280 for yearly monitoring.

How does Sentricon’s Bait System Affect Kids, Pets, and Vegetation?

It’s common to want to know the safety of Sentricon’s bait system around kids, pets, and vegetation or gardens. These stations are installed in the ground with only a service cover visible to provide an answer.

Such covers are locked and require a unique key to access.

Also, the bait or product is called Noviflumuron. While working to disrupt the molting process in termites and other insects, it has no adverse effect on humans and pets.

In a nutshell, your kids and pets are safe around Sentricon’s bait system.

What more? Having your herb garden close to Sentricon’s bait stations is okay. It’s considered safe because the active ingredient in the bait isn’t systemic.

As such, it won’t be taken up by plants. It’s also unlikely to leach.

In any case, you must raise your concerns with technicians to have your questions fully answered. Sentricon goes the extra length to ensure your family’s safety.

Are other Termite Control Services Cheaper?

Although Sentricon’s system has been proven highly effective, you may wish to find out how its prices compare with other pest control services. It’s good to explore your options.

However, you need to do a great deal of research to find an effective and affordable alternative.

So, how do I know the cheaper but more effective pest management services and products? There are a ton of helpful resources online. You need to start your search by doing a Vs. Between Sentricon and other alternatives.

You may also wish to know what people think by searching for reviews.

Having discussed the cost of Sentricon’s baiting system, you have the information you need to engage this pest control company. You’ll have to find out if there are any discounts and whether such is significant.

The best way to do this is by contacting the company for details.

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