24 Hour Septic Pumping Emergency – Reasons, Cost & Services

This article is about a septic pumping emergency.

For the most part, most homeowners consider septic maintenance services an activity that doesn’t require much urgency. However, the truth is; sometimes the need for emergency services may arise.

When it does, you’ll need your situation to be looked into as urgent as possible.

Here, we’ll be looking at possible reasons why you need an urgent tank pumping service. Is it even worth the stress? Answers to these and more will be fully discussed as you read along.

Plus, we’ll also be looking at how to find services that offer emergency tank pumping.

What Is Emergency Septic Pumping?

The name itself is self-explanatory. However, for the benefit of some readers who may have no idea of what’s being discussed, we’ll do some basic explanations.

Septic pumping is a maintenance activity that’s best performed once every 3 to 5 years.

This recommendation on pumping frequency is supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If pumping should be done once every three years, what makes such a task so urgent? If this question has crossed your mind, you’re totally logical to consider such.

The nature of such a need (emergency septic pumping) itself is quite unusual. This is because; it takes significant time before there’s ever a need to have a septic tank pumped. However, in the case of an emergency, certain conditions may warrant such urgent action.

The following section discusses such conditions in greater detail.

Factors Leading To Septic Pumping Emergency

When the need for urgent septic pumping arises, it’s because extraordinary circumstances are in play. These aren’t good and are carried out to manage an already delicate situation.

There are basically four reasons why you may need septic pumping emergency service.

They include nitrate concentration, sewage backup, septic water pooling, and repeated alarms. Any or a combination of these situations will require an urgent call for emergency septic pumping.

We won’t be mentioning these in passing. Let’s expand on each of these points as follows;

  • Nitrate Concentration

Nitrate concentration is one way to test for possible leakage of your septic tank.

Wells are mostly tested periodically for such nitrate concentration. Concentration level testing is crucial as it enables you to detect a problem that would have gone unnoticed for significant periods of time.

Health problems result when groundwater is contaminated with sewage leakages. Therefore, when your well water tests positive for high levels of nitrate concentration, urgent septic pumping will be required.

Emergency pumping of a septic tank alone won’t solve the problem. Additional maintenance action needs to be carried out to fix the leakage. It’s best to call reputable sewage removal services for this task.

Professional services are provided with problems fully addressed.

Such companies (as will be discussed later) have hotlines you can call for septic pumping emergencies. The aim is to remedy the leakage through evacuation or pumping before proceeding to effect further repairs.

  • Sewage Backup

A sewage backup situation is usually preceded by a slow drain. If you’re vigilant enough, you’ll be able to address the problem right from the slow drain situation before it worsens.

In a sewage backup situation, the foul odor from your sewage system permeates your home or hangs in the air.

This is a very uncomfortable situation you need to find solutions for as urgent as possible, hence the need for septic pumping emergency services.

Apart from your toilet(s), and other drainages connecting to the sewage will experience a backup. This includes sinks and showers.

Sewage treatment or removal services understand this delicate situation and will respond in no time to distress calls for septic pumping emergencies.

A better way to prepare for septic pumping is to look up such companies and have their contacts stored on your phone for use if the need ever arises.

  • Drain Field Pooling

Drain field pooling is one clear sign that you need emergency intervention.

By its design, a drain field is expected to hold wastewater to enable it to gradually absorb into the soil for filtration. The right soil serves as a good filtration system.

However, a problem arises when your drain field pools and such wastewater covers your lawn. Under such circumstances, you’re faced with a potential health risk plus a smelly surrounding. What you do next determines how this situation is contained.

Calling for septic pumping emergency service is the way to go. The causal factors for such drain field pooling are likely to arise from a waste buildup in your septic tank.

Emergency pumping will see a greater part of the problem fixed.

  • Repeated Alarms

Depending on the type of septic system, alarms play a crucial role in detecting issues before they worsen.

Whenever such an alarm goes off, it signifies a problem. However when such alarms become too frequent, you may want to probe further to determine the fault.

The cause for such repeated alarms may be as a result of a full septic tank. It may also be due to excess water which the system can’t keep up with. Calling for a septic pumping emergency service is one way to have the problem addressed.

Emergency Septic Pumping Costs More

When comparing normal or regular septic pumping to emergency pumping services, there’s a great deal of difference.

One of the major differences between the two is evident in service costs. Most companies offering this service factor-in the challenges associated with an urgent job into their pricing structure.

After pumping is completed, there’s the likelihood that other associated issues need to be fixed. Such may include the replacement of certain components among other things. All of these attract a cost higher than regular pumping prices.

What Sewage Removal Services Offer Emergency Septic Pumping?

Almost all reputable sewage removal companies offer this service. There are lots of them found across every state. You’ll need to make the necessary inquiry based on your location. You’re most likely to find lots of options.

A little discussion with these services will tell you what to expect. Such companies will also give you a rundown of all services offered as well as a price quote if you need one.

Septic system pumping emergency comes in handy when faced with a difficult situation. Here, we’ve discussed the factors that lead to septic pumping emergency as well as the cost factor.

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