8 Best Toilet Papers For Septic Systems

What toilet paper is best for a septic tank? We will be reviewing safe brands for your system.

Contrary to the belief that all toilet paper types are fit for septic systems to use, there are specific types that fit this purpose. While this is true, we’re interested in only discussing the best toilet papers for septic system use.

If you’ve wondered what these are, you’ll find answers right here.

Septic-Friendly Toilet Papers

The safety of septic systems is crucial. There are all sorts of problems arising from the use of the wrong toilet paper. These lead to unsanitary problems as well as costly repairs.

First, you must know that your septic system consists of a highly efficient plumbing system that helps with waste treatment.

Any disruption to the normal functioning of this system results in problems. One of the ways by which disruptions are caused includes the toilet paper, wipes and pads flushed into such systems.

These are likely to result in clogs which are formed by large chunks of toilet paper within your septic system.

What Makes A Septic-Safe Toilet Paper?

Speaking of the best toilet paper for septic systems, it’s necessary to consider the key features of good toilet paper.

They include ease of tearing, zero clogs, long-lasting, soft and plushy, absence of irritating fibers, chlorine-free, and environmentally friendly.

Quality toilet papers also have more plies. We won’t be stopping at just mentioning these features, but will briefly discuss each point as follows;

  • Easy to Tear and Dissolve

One of the features a good toilet paper must have is the ability to tear easily and also to dissolve when flushed into the system. This helps prevent a situation where layers of these toilet papers accumulate and clog the plumbing system.

The longer a toilet paper takes to break down, the more it’s likely to cause a septic system failure. This may not be immediately evident, but will eventually take its toll on the system.

  • Zero Clogs

This point is closely related to the first. Bad toilet papers are known to take longer to dissolve.

This condition is noticed when frequent clogs are experienced. You may have to adopt the preventive measure of changing the toilet paper used.

  • Long-Lasting

The best toilet papers for septic systems tend to last longer. These normally come in big rolls that ensure they last longer on your roller.

However, we must also state that some bad toilet papers may also come in big rolls too.

As such, this feature isn’t an exclusive determinant of good toilet paper.

  • Soft and Plushy

Soft toilet papers are preferred over hard ones.

Due to the delicate nature of your butt, only one that’s soft will be considered good enough. Soft and plushy toilet papers flush easily and tend to pose fewer problems for septic systems.

  • Absence of Irritating Fibers

The best toilet papers have zero irritating fibers. With these, you won’t have to experience scratchy sensations or rashes arising from irritations.

  • Chlorine-Free

Septic-safe toilet papers are chlorine-free.

Such chemicals are mostly added by some manufacturers to whiten their tissue papers, thus resulting in low-quality products that aren’t safe for septic system use.

Chlorine-free toilet papers are environmentally friendly and harmless to digestive bacteria within your septic tank.

  • More Plies

More plies guarantee more effective use of toilet papers.

This also brings about greater comfort. This, and the other features mentioned above apply to the best toilet papers and helps with easy identification.

Bio-Degradable and Recycled Toilet Papers

Key features of the best toilet papers include bio-degradable and recycled products. More than anything else, you’ll need to maintain the balance within your system.

In other words, you want a product that can be easily broken down by the microbiome within the tank.

Such papers have a looser bond compared to bad papers with stronger bonds which slow down the breakdown process. In the case of recycled toilet papers, there’s less bleach in such products compared to non-recycled papers.

This guarantees the absence of harmful chemicals that may affect the balance of bacteria within your septic tank.

A balanced septic tank in terms of bacterial presence guarantees a faster and more efficient breakdown of waste products.

Categories Of Septic-Safe Toilet Papers To Consider

So, what is the septic-safe toilet paper you should get?

There are actually several! You have biodegradable, single-ply, and recycled toilet paper. Let’s discuss the characteristics of each of these as follows;

i. Biodegradable Toilet Paper

Although most toilet papers are biodegradable, not all degrade or break down as fast or effectively. It will serve you best to look out for biodegradable toilet papers. These are made from mostly natural materials.

As such, they’re likely to disintegrate easily when they get into your septic plumbing system.

Also, you’ll need less water to ensure a complete breakdown of used toilet paper. This saves you the stress of having to deal with blockages or clogs which are common with other types of toilet papers.

ii. Single-Ply Toilet Paper

Single-ply toilet papers are a better alternative compared to thick ones. In most cases, your septic system will easily handle this type of toilet paper without any issue.

iii. Recycled Toilet Paper

In the case of recycled toilet papers, these have no chemical contents such as formaldehyde and bleach. These two chemicals are mostly found in other types. You should go for those toilet papers clearly labeled 100% recycled materials.

Septic Safe Toilet Paper Brands For Homes & Offices

Our discussions to this point have been necessary to help the reader better appreciate the best toilet paper products. There are lots of products belonging to different brands.

Here, we’ve picked some of the best that tick all the features listed above.

In no particular order, these products include White Cloud Toilet Paper, Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper, Preference Embossed Toilet Paper, and Seventh Generation, Toilet Paper. Others are Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper and Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper.

Other top-rated septic safe toilet papers include Angel Soft Lavender Toilet Paper, Amazon Brand Presto, Firebelly Outfitters RV Toilet Paper, and Freedom Living Septic Safe Toilet Paper.

  • White Cloud Toilet Paper

This 2-ply sheet of toilet paper is soft and septic-safe. It’s dermatologist and hypoallergenic approved. It’s long-lasting but a bit pricier compared to most toilet paper brands out there.

  • Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

This toilet paper is specially designed for septic system use. However, it can also be used in sewer systems. It’s 100% biodegradable and non-scented.

Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper breaks up 4 times faster than most ordinary toilet papers would.

  • Preference Embossed Toilet Paper

This is a 2-ply embossed toilet paper that comes with about 80 rolls having about 550 sheets. It has a fast absorbent quality with guaranteed strength and durability.

However, it’s quite pricey than most toilet papers within its range.

  • Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Seventh Generation toilet paper is thin, yet highly absorbent, it’s environmentally friendly and comes whitened without chemicals. It’s the ideal product that helps prevent clogs common with low-flow toilets.

  • Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

If you want a septic-safe toilet paper that’s fragrance-free, BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and free of chlorine, then Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo toilet paper is the product to go for.

  • Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare Soft Toilet Paper

Although Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare comes 1-ply, it’s a thicker toilet paper that only requires the use of a few sheets (per use). It’s septic-safe and is soft and gentle on the skin.

It’s made from plant fibers and is biodegradable.

  • Angel Soft Lavender Toilet Paper

This septic-safe toilet paper is designed to break down easily. One of its key features is its low price. It comes with 2-ply rolls each having about 429 sheets.

  • Amazon Brand Presto

The Amazon brand Presto toilet paper is sustainably sourced and septic system-safe. It’s one product you can trust for all your toilet need.

Now, you have a list of some of the best toilet papers for septic systems. Any of these will serve your needs. You’re left to decide which to choose.

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