Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench – Functions, Features & Types

This article discusses all cleanout plug wrenches for sewer systems. If you’re seeking to get one for basic maintenance, you should have all the information you need right here.

Join us as we take a look at the different plugs available. These are products from different brands each having its own benefits and advantages.

Cleanout Plug Removal Tool

Specialty plumbing tools are crucial to any maintenance work being performed or carried out.

This includes those related to sewer cleanouts. Sewer cleanouts are sealed by plugs that are put in place using basic tools like wrenches.

Because these plugs do not have similar dimensions, the wrenches are designed to cater to such needs.

Why You Should Own A Cleanout Plug Wrench Set

A lot of times, people assume they need to own certain tools isn’t necessary.

The truth is, such assumptions aren’t necessarily right. The most basic of checks will require being able to loosen your sewer plug.

Any further actions beyond basic inspection will have to be handled by a pro.

Types of Cleanout Plug Wrenches

When it comes to the types of cleanout plug wrenches, there are several.

As stated earlier, these are products from major plumbing brands. As always, you have a choice to make regarding what type of cleanout plug wrench best serves your need.

  • They Serve the Same Function

Irrespective of type or brand, these tools serve the same function. Having to loosen your cleanout plug for basic checks shouldn’t be a difficult procedure.

Let’s have a look at the different cleanout plugs.

  • HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench

This heavy-duty die-cast aluminum wrench from the HAUTMEC brand serves all your basic drain maintenance needs. It requires either a screwdriver or an adjustable wrench for easy use.

This wrench can be used for loosening flush valves, sink baskets, large drains, as well as bathtubs, drains.

Other uses include fixing & removing some lavatory drains and bar strainers among others. Manufactured by SUOBO TOOLS, the HAUTMEC Drain Remover Wrench falls under the tools and home improvement equipment category.

  • Camco RhinoFlex 6-in-1 Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench

This is a popular product from the Camco brand that allows you to take out or replace your cleanout plug with the least difficulty. With this tool, you’re able to take remove both 3 and 4-inch male sewer cleanout plugs.

This is in addition to flush and slotted sewer plugs.

If you’re wondering if it could be applicable with RV sewer systems, it’s absolutely applicable. With this universal 6-in-1 tool, you’re able to also loosen dump station caps without difficulty.

You can get the Camco RhinoFlex 6-in-1 Sewer Cleanout Plug Wrench at a starting price of $6.95.

  • Superior Tool Drum Trap Wrench

When you need to remove or install threaded plugs in cleanouts, this is the tool to use. Superior Tool Drum Trap Wrench is a specialty plumbing tool that makes your plumbing task much easier and faster.

Apart from the removal of treated plugs in cleanouts, this tool has four squares that measure 0.79”, 0.93”, 1.16” and 1.33”.

There are also two blades with dimensions of ¼”x1” and 0.48”x1.5”. Compared with the Camco RhinoFlex plug wrench, this tends to be more technical and is best used by plumbers.

  • Pasco Cleanout Plug Wrench

This is another cleanout tool for your consideration. Pasco Cleanout Plug Wrench has wide applicability for plumbing jobs.

It’s made from durable iron material and serves for both square countersank and slotted cleanout plugs.

Its high carbon steel material and tapered thread taps make it ideal for specialty plumbing jobs. This also serves for basic cleanout tool maintenance jobs.

  • Jones Stephens 6-Way Countersunk Plug Wrench

This cleanout maintenance equipment from the Jones Stephens brand is designed from alloy steel material. It has wide applicability and comes as an extra-strong one-piece cast-iron build.

This tool comes in handy for the removal and installation of threaded cleanouts, countersunk plugs, and drum traps.

This 6-way countersunk plug wrench has two head sizes (0.25”x 1” and 0.5”x1.5”) for slotted plugs and also four head sizes for square plugs.

The four head sizes measure 0.79”, 0.93”, 1.16” and 1.33”.

  • Jones Stephens 4-Way Countersunk Plug Wide Arm T-Handle Wrench

This is quite a mouthful! Also from the Jones Stephens brand, this is another cleanout plug wrench tool that has a basic design and is made from steel. Its dimensions are 12.48 x 4 x 4 inches.

This tool can be used for the removal and installation of drum traps, countersunk plugs, and threaded cleanouts.

It comes with four head sizes that each measure 0.63”, 0.75”, 1.0” and 1.25”.

What more? Its unique design provides a wide arm T-handle that offers added leverage to the user.

  • National Brand Alternative Wrench for Cleanout Plugs with Countersunk Tops

This is a product from the National Brand Alternative. It’s a cleanout plug wrench that serves for the removal and installation of countersunk with dimensions of ¾”, 1”, 1 to 1/8”, and 1 to 3/8”.

  • Pool Leak Academy

If you want a cleanout plug wrench for 3 and 4-inch sewer cap removal and installation, this is the product to go for. It’s made from marine-grade aluminum and is designed to be corrosion-resistant and durable.

It’s a handy tool for both plumbers and home inspectors and can be used by homeowners for basic inspections. It measures about 17” long and is easy to use.

This Pool Leak Academy cleanout plug wrench weighs approximately 1.75 pounds.

What Cleanout Plug Wrench Brand is the Best?

It largely depends on your user experience.

All of the brands mentioned above are among the most popular. For definite answers on product comparisons, it’s best to seek such answers from professionals.

As frequent users of these tools, they have a much better user experience and can tell what products are the most durable and reliable.

Features to look out for

Before settling for any tool, it’s best to make key observations. You want to look out for sturdiness, versatility, value for money as well as ease of use.

These parameters help with picking the right product.

We’ve listed and discussed several basic cleanout plug-wrench tools. If you had no idea, now you do. These details should help with picking the right type of tool for your plumbing needs.

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