How much does it cost to clean solar panels? Here is an estimate.

Solar panels are solar system components that are green energy sources that harness sunlight for powering a home. These panels are either installed on roofs or special racks or structures for optimal exposure to sunlight.

With these installed, there needs to be proper maintenance which includes cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning Prices

Cleaning is necessary because, over time, a gradual buildup of grime occurs. Also, leaves, water, and dust contribute to the blocking of the panels, thus hindering adequate sunlight penetration.

Such grime and debris need to be cleaned off the panels.

This is where our discussion on solar panel cleaning prices comes into focus.

Cost To Clean Solar Panels

When it comes to the cost of cleaning solar panels, prices aren’t fixed as cleaning jobs differ from one location to the next as well as from one client to another. The national average cost for this is about $200.

At the low end, you might pay around $91, with the high-end cost being around $400.

The average cost range for solar panel cleaning is between $173 and $225. However, these figures aren’t specific enough. Quite a lot (in terms of cost considerations) goes into pricing.

These include cleaning cost per panel, panel size, flat rates, cleaning frequency, and more.

Any Cost-Saving Measures?

For most people, one of the immediate considerations revolves around how to save on cleaning costs.

Sometimes when this consideration comes ahead of the benefits derived from cleaning, it becomes counterproductive. DIY solar panel cleaning readily comes to mind.

For hobby craftspeople or DIYers, this action will be considered deeply satisfying. Plus, you’re able to get the job done at little to no cost at all.

However, DIY solar panel cleaning will require getting the right type of equipment for the job.

Anything less than that won’t’ give you the results you seek. Problems like scratching your solar panels are likely to occur. Without necessary precautions in place, such scratches may eventually dull your panels.

If you aren’t sure what to do, it’s best to leave such a job to the pros.

Flat Rates for Solar Panel Cleaning

Depending on who you hire to clean your solar panels, you may either be charged a flat rate for a certain number of panels or variable rates based on other factors.

Flat rates are mostly calculated to include the cost of cleaning supplies, labor, transportation, and more.

Such flat rates aren’t applicable across all regions.

This is mostly due to the variable nature of living costs across different states and cities. In calculating the flat rate, the number of panels count and are mostly considered over other factors like panel style or brand.

Also, consider that more panels translate to more time on the job. So, a job that requires cleaning as many as 32 panels for instance will take approximately one to two hours to complete.

This is likely to incur a cleaning fee between $129 and $149. Fewer solar panels will mean lower cleaning costs and vice versa.

Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Cost Per Panel

While flat rates are applicable, other service providers charge cleaning costs on a per-panel basis. Here, the number of panels you have will determine your cleaning costs.

The number of panels cleaned is multiplied by the cost per panel.

Note that the cost per panel will vary from one location to the next. So, while typical costs maybe around $3 to $5 in certain locations, the same job may be charged between $8 and $12 in other areas.

You’ll have to compare quotes between service providers to have a fair idea of what obtains in your area.

Cleaning Frequency Matters

In discussing solar panel cleaning prices, we’ll have to consider the cleaning frequency. One-time cleaning is never going to be enough as dirt in the form of dust, grime, and debris is bound to accumulate over your panels.

According to the experts (solar panel manufacturers and technicians), it’s best to have your panels cleaned twice a year. This ensures they’re in optimal functioning condition.

So, for a solar clean job that costs about $400 on average, your yearly cleaning costs will be twice the amount which is $800.

It’s best to have an agreement with your service provider for the scheduled cleaning of your panels. Such agreements tend to be cheaper when compared with a situation where you’ll have to always call every six months for cleaning.

Factors Affecting Solar Cleaning Prices

The interplay of multiple influencing factors is quite common with solar panel cleaning jobs.

These factors include your location, the number of panels, local labor costs, the type of home you have, as well as accessibility to the panels.

While some of these factors have been earlier discussed, we may have to restate such for better understanding.

  • Location

Where you live has a lot to do with how much you pay for solar panel cleaning. The cost of living in certain locations tends to range from lower to medium.

For other locations, the cost of living is quite high. Solar cleaning services will charge accordingly.

In other words, solar cleaning prices in locations with a high cost of living tend to be higher. The opposite applies to areas with a low cost of living.

  • Number of Panels

The volume of the job matters.

In most cases, the cost of cleaning will be determined by the number of panels you have. However, you’re better off cleaning few panels (between 3 to 5 panels) as the costs could be higher.

Here, economies of scale come into play.

  • Labor Costs

Labor costs are always factored into cleaning costs. The more labor involved, the higher your cleaning costs will likely be.

  • Type of Home you have

Cleaning solar panels on the roof of a multi-story home is bound to pose more challenges than one on a bungalow. The level of challenge presented is clearly reflected in cleaning costs.

  • Accessibility

Are your solar panels easily accessible? This is one area that’s likely to influence how much you pay for solar panel cleaning.

  • Who you Hire

The cleaning service you hire for such a job is crucial. Of course, these must all be licensed and competent enough.

However, you’ll want to know their price quotes to enable you to compare and choose or bargain better.

This is where we’ll put a halt to our discussion on solar panel cleaning prices.

We’ve considered the various aspects of pricing that can prove helpful.

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