Is there a Starling-proof bird feeder? Yes. Here are seven types that prevent starlings access.

If you’re a bird watcher and love to have birds around, one of the things you’ll need to worry about is the presence of starlings. Aren’t they birds and don’t they fit into the category of birds to have around?

Well, these are also birds, but they tend to be more aggressive towards other species.

So, installing bird feeders around your property needs to be done with some consideration for the safety of birds.

A lot of common backyard bird species found around properties will have no problem feeding in the same place. However, this is quite different for starlings as they often disrupt

Starlings Move-in Flocks

In addition to being aggressive to birds of other species, starlings move in flocks. This creates a major problem as they tend to take over the feeding station.

The purpose for having such feeders around such locations becomes defeated as they scare off other songbirds.

So, what do you do? You’ll need some form of starling control.

Here, we’re talking about restricting feeding. Rather than restricting feeding to all bird species, you could have specially-designed starling-proof feeders installed.

These should replace the old feeders or feeding stations.

Apart from sparrows, starlings tend to be the most adaptable birds to human surroundings. So, have a starling-proof feeder is a great control measure that may help you have some semblance of normalcy.

About Startling Proof Suet Feeders

Starling-proof feeders all have a basic design that prevents starlings from feeding.

To better understand this, you’ll need to consider the size of these birds. Starlings are mostly medium-sized birds that are mostly larger than most songbirds you wish to attract to your yard.

Now, their size is used against them be developing fees with smaller access holes. What more? Being medium-sized means starlings will be heavier than most songbirds.

This too works against them as certain starling-proof feeders are designed to be weight sensitive.

There are upside-down suet feeders which are best used to feed a certain kind of bird species like woodpeckers.

Replacing your traditional birdfeeders with these creates a challenge for starlings. These birds (starlings) aren’t adapted to feeding upside-down.

So, it becomes difficult to have access to such foods.

Types of Starling Proof Feeders

When it comes to starling-proof feeders, there are various types to choose from. Each type is designed to prevent starlings from joining in the feast with other smaller birds.

Being left out of the party, starlings have no option other than to move to a more favorable location.

To make your feeders less favorable and accessible to starlings, you’ll need to consider replacing the old with starling-proof feeders. There are different kinds some of which include nut guardian feeders and seed guardian feeders.

Others include fat ball & suet cake guardian feeder, suet pellet & mealworm guardian feeder, double suet cake feeder, mealworm feeder, and seed cylinder feeder.

Other types include seed cylinder pin, peanut/sunflower cage insert, mealworm cup insert, and barrier guard feeder among so many others.

For a better understanding of these starling-proof feeder types, let’s get into some details on each of them.

  • Nut Guardian Feeders

This starling-proof feeder type is designed with heavy gauge coated steel that serves to keep bigger birds from accessing the feed within. It also possesses an unobstructed lid that enables easy filling.

This category of feeders comes in varying sizes to fit user needs.

Its easy mount provision enables you to hang it or even mount it on a pole. This type of bird feeder not only prevents starlings from gaining access but also squirrels and larger birds.

  • Seed Guardian Feeders

You’ll find seed guardian starling-proof feeders in standard and large sizes. It’s designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning. Plus, it prevents large birds with long beaks from reaching feed.

Whatever the population of starlings is, seed guardian feeders are up to the task as they’re effectively kept out. You’re also able to fill the feeders without difficulty.

You may want to find the fit or size for your needs.

  • Fat Ball & Suet Cake Guardian Feeder

This type of starling-proof feeders holds up to 10 large balls of suet cakes.

It keeps out starlings and other large birds including squirrels. The bird feeder within is only accessible to smaller birds that you wish to feed.

When starlings and other larger birds land on this protector, the wide diameter keeps them from accessing the feeder. What more? It’s designed to be easily maintained.

As such, cleaning isn’t a big problem as all you have to do is follow the directions for use to decouple clean and couple it back.

  • Suet Pellet & Mealworm Guardian Feeder

This starling-proof feeder can either be pole mounted or hung. It has a heavy gauge coated steel guardian with a wide diameter to make access to the feeder impossible to larger birds and squirrels.

Suet pellet & mealworm guardian feeder is designed to be durable. This means it will continue to serve you for a long time. However, you’ll need to provide basic maintenance such as cleaning.

Luckily, it’s easy to take apart and couple back.

  • Double Suet Cake Feeder

Holding two standard cake suets, the double suet cake feeder comes with a sturdy 16 gauge vinyl coated wire mesh. This keeps out squirrels, starlings, and other larger birds.

In terms of durability, the double suet cake feeder is built to last.

  • Meal Worm Feeder

This starling-proof feeder comes with a barrier guard, a bluebird feeder with blue glass as well as a mealworm cup. This baffled feeder is encompassed by sturdy wire mesh with perfectly sized openings to restrict squirrels, starlings, and large birds from gaining access to the feeder.

  • Seed Cylinder Feeder

Seed cylinder feeder is another type of starling-proof feeder that functions with the help of a center pin that holds the seed cylinder in place. Also, seeds are kept from touching the bottom, thus keeping them dry.

Its 16 gauge wire mesh openings serve to keep starlings off.

These are some starling-proof feeders we’ll be considering here. Keeping larger and more aggressive birds from your feeders has never been more effective.

All you need to do is find one that fits your unique needs in terms of size and functionality.

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