Here, we’ll be shedding light on the workings of submersible sewage grinder pumps, the different types as well as how best to maintain them.

When installing a sewage system, one of the most important components is a sewage grinder. Not only do submersible pumps help grind sewage or black water, but they also pump or move the same effluent to the drain field.

Functions of Submersible Sewage Grinder Pumps

These types of pumps won’t work for every type of sewage system.

Rather, they’re best used in areas where gravitation systems are unsuitable. Submersible sewage grinder pumps perform the function of transfer of domestic sewage and effluent to a sewage treatment plant.

Not only are submersible sewage grinder pumps cost-effective, but they also help protect the environment.

  • Benefits of Sewage Submersible Grinder Pumps

There are several benefits attached to using these types of pumps for your sewage system.

They include a highly efficient and dependable way to transfer wastewater and effluent to sewage treatment plants, as well as the ability to adjust impeller clearance just to name a few.

Choosing Your Brand

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a grinder pump is finding a reliable one. There are lots of products with different capacities. As such, you’ll need some form of guide on what brands to go for.

Some of the most popular and best-selling submersible sewage grinder pump brands include Liberty Pumps and Zoeller. Others are Burcam, Saniflow, Wayne, and Happybuy.

To find out more about these, it will be necessary to search for product reviews. This exposes the pros and cons of using each.

Pump Maintenance

After successfully installing your submersible sewage grinder pump, you’ll need to ensure it’s properly maintained.

Now, preventive maintenance involves a wide range of simple tasks that are necessary to keep the pump working efficiently. These include the following;

  • Keep Certain Things to Keep Out

To increase the lifespan of your sewage grinder pump, there are simple maintenance tasks to perform. They include keeping out things such as baby wipes, condoms, ashes from a fireplace, and cat litter.

Others include drain cleaners and chemicals (which can easily corrode grinder pumps).

Other things to exclude from your sewage grinder pump system include sanitary napkins, tampons, rubber gloves, Q-tips or cotton swabs, and plastic toys or scraps of any sort.

Metal fragments should also be included plus hair, gravel or stones, glass fragments or debris, combustible liquids, diapers, dental floss, and anything that might damage your pump. The exclusion of these will help your equipment function more efficiently and prevent the need for frequent repair.

  • Technical Maintenance

While there are simple maintenance tasks to perform, more technical maintenance will need to be carried out by professionals. These are likely to be persons who installed the submersible sewage grinder pump in the first place.

Technical maintenance may include the following actions; onsite troubleshooting, removal of grinder pump from a job site where necessary, and complete disassembly and inspection. Such inspection will include non-destructive testing.

Other technical maintenance measures will include thorough of all pump parts and components in addition to bead blasting.

What more? Worn out parts may need to be replaced or fabricated. The pump is then reassembled, a motor analysis carried out to check for loose connections or burned windings. This is followed by re-installation.

Submersible Sewage Grinder Pump Features

We earlier mentioned that grinder pumps come in different brands and makes.

However, their functions are much the same. These come with a variety of features aimed at increasing efficiency. To choose your preferred pump, you’ll need to look out for certain features.

Some of the best features grinder pumps come with include;

  • Watertight Cable Connection

Because it will be in constant contact with water, most pumps come with hermetically sealed polyurethane-filled, stainless steel cable plug connection.

What this does is that it keeps out all forms of liquid from penetrating through the cable and into the motor.

  • Cast Iron Flange and Feet

To enhance the suction power of submersible sewage grinder pumps, flange and feet are provided.

These also help with the protection of the grinder system. If you’re not a technical person and can hardly figure out what this means, seeking the help of a professional will go a long way in guiding you to the right equipment.

  • Short Motor Shaft

Most submersible grinder pumps come with compact designs. Such designs come installed with a short motor shaft which ensures a longer lifespan by creating less stress on outside bearings.

  • Stainless Steel Clamp

Depending on the sewage grinder pump brand you buy, some of these come with a stainless steel clamp. This helps with easy dismantling with no tools required.

Also, such clamps help with 180-degree rotation of motor housing.

  • Double Shaft Seal

When it comes to extended operating time, the double shaft seal greatly enhances the pump’s operation. It also reduces downtime significantly. What makes this feature very effective is that it can be easily replaced.

However, not all sewage grinder pump brands will have this feature.

  • Motor Protection

The pump motor will need to be kept from any form of damage.

As such, reliable brands are installed with built-in thermal switches. These are found in the motor windings and protect from overheating. With this feature, your sewage grinder pump is saved from damage, thus extending its lifespan.

  • A Well Designed Lifting Handle

As the sewage grinder pump is installed, it will need to be lifted at different angles. The same applies to maintenance jobs. A key feature that helps with maneuverability is a well-designed lifting handle.

This makes handling and installation much easier.

  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearings

Before settling for a submersible sewage grinder pump, you should be on the lookout for those with heavy-duty ball bearings. These are built to last and serve your needs for a long time.

One way to find out is by searching for product reviews. By asking the experts, you’re also saved from making the wrong decision.

The information provided on submersible sewage grinder pumps is vital for anyone seeking to install or get one.

We’ve provided ample information on the different types of grinder pumps, their features as well as how best to maintain such pumps.

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