Termite Injection Treatment for Wood and Grounds

Termite injection treatment is one of the oldest methods of treating termites. It involves the injection of insecticides into holes in dry woods or on the ground infested by termites.

In this article, we will discuss how this practice is done and how you can completely wipe out termite colonies through it.

Termites cause lots of structural damage every year that costs billions of dollars to repair. They are widely regarded as the homeowner’s greatest nightmare. Their ability to multiply rapidly even in very tough situations makes controlling them difficult.

Termites can go very deep into the ground, weakening the foundations of structures. They can also hide inside walls, chewing through every wood on their way.

Without stopping the infestation as early as possible, it may likely become worse. By the time you try controlling them then, it would cost you lots of money, energy, and time.

A very effective way of eliminating them on time is through chemical injection.

How Termite Injection Treatment Works

Termite injection treatment involves the injection of effective chemicals (termiticides) into the soil or dry wood to kill termites or prevent them from infesting it.

This is usually done through holes drilled in the ground or on the wood.

Once inside the ground, the chemical goes on to eliminate any termite that comes in contact with it. Some of the solutions are so powerful that their effects can last for several weeks inside the ground or wood, thereby preventing future infestations.

One of the major reasons termite injection treatment works is that, unlike other treatment methods, it takes the termiticides directly to where the termites are. It is also one of the best ways to wipe out a termite colony fast.

Apart from passing chemicals through holes that must have been dug by termites on woods or inside the grounds, you can also dig yours using different injection tools and pass them through there.

The effectiveness of termite injection treatment depends on the number of holes drilled, the chemicals used, and how they are applied. If done correctly, this control method will eliminate the termite population within a very short time.

How To Treat Termites Using The Injection Method

The main objective of using this method to treat termites is to get the chemicals exactly where the termites are. Knowing this, first of all, ensure there are termites in the area you want to treat.

If you are plan on treating a piece of wood, you are to also make sure there are termites right within it.

A common way to do this is by checking for signs of infestations. Some of them include whitish substances, often in powder form, which is mainly wood digested by termites.

Other signs are dead bodies of termites scattered around the area, a hollow sound in the wood when you knock on it slightly, sounds of chewing coming from the wood, holes in the ground or on the wood, etc.

Once you are sure termites are living within the area, the next thing to do is get your tools together to eliminate them. This will include the applicator or injector, the termiticide, a screwdriver, or rod for drilling the holes, a power-operated pump, and a tank.

After you assemble everything needed, proceed to drill holes at the center of the wood. This will help the chemicals spread faster inside it.

If treating the soil, ensure that the holes are deep enough for the chemicals to reach where the termites are.

Connect the tank, and pump the concentrate to the rod or injector. Ensure that the rod goes deep inside the ground. Once you’ve done that, pump the chemical through it.

The moment it gets to the ground, the chemical will spread and soak the areas where it is injected. It will start killing the termites almost immediately and within a few days, the effects will be very visible.

Best Chemicals For Termite Injection Treatment

Like I mentioned earlier, one of the major factors that determine the effectiveness of termite injection is the type of chemical used.

Though several chemicals can be used, below are some of the most effective ones you should consider.

  1. Termidor (Fipronil)

Since its introduction in the United States in the year 2000, Termidor has proven to be a very effective termiticide. In over 90 percent of the time, the formula has been used against termites, it has delivered a 100 percent result.

Termidor contains Fipronil which is the active ingredient that kills the termite. Fipronil is a slow-acting chemical. This allows for worker termites that have come in contact with the formula to pass it off to the colony.

Once that happens, it won’t take time before the majority of the termites are eradicated.

Due to how toxic it is, a lot of caution is required when using this product. Ensure that you read through the label and follow the instructions exactly as they are.

Termidor may be the most effective and popular termiticide you can find out there, but then it is also among the most toxic of them. Due to its toxicity, it has been banned in several countries around the world, including in the EU.

  1. Altriset (Chlorantraniliprole)

Several tests conducted using Altriset have shown the chemical to be very effective in eliminating termites, even when applied inside the ground and woods where termites live and reproduce.

Unlike Termidor, this product is environment-friendly. It can be used at home and in several other places to treat termite infestations. Also, it is fully approved for use by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA).

Altriset is cost-effective compared to Termidor but works almost the same way. The only difference between them is the toxicity. While Termidor is highly toxic, Altriset is not, making it a better alternative for those who do not want to expose themselves to the risks associated with the use of Termidor.

Altriset may be new in the termite control industry but it is very effective. The rate at which it kills different species of termites has shown that it is here to stay.

The only challenge with the chemical when used in termite injection treatment, is the fact that it cannot be transferred from worker termites to the colony. It kills the insects on spot, immediate contact is made.

However, if applied directly to where the termites are, it can wipe out the entire colony within a very short time.

  1. Phantom (Chlofenapyr)

Phantom is one other product that is known to work effectively against termites. The formula contains active ingredients that kill the pests on contact. Once properly applied, the formula can wipe out the entire colony, giving you complete rest from the activities of termites.

Phantom can be injected into wood or soil and anywhere termites are known to live.

  1. Taurus (Fipronil)

Taurus and Termidor share a lot of similarities. They work almost the same way when it comes to killing termites. Taurus can be used in termite injection treatment to eliminate the pests fast.

A good reason to consider using this chemical in eradicating termites is the fact that it is more affordable compared to several other insecticides you will find out there. That it is lower in cost, does not mean it is less effective.

Taurus eliminates termites on contact. If properly applied, the chemical can completely wipe out a colony with time.

  1. Premise (Imidichloprid)

This concentrate is also known to be very effective against termites. It prevents termites from destroying woods around the house by limiting their ability to feed and socialize. The insects will keep wandering about aimlessly until they die.

The premise works well in termite injection treatments, whether it is Premise 2 or Premise 75. Once injected into places where termites are living around the house, the product goes on to wipe out the entire colony.

The premise is also effective when used as a repellent. The odor from the formula is known to scare termites away from an area.

Safety Tips During Termite Injection Treatment

When eliminating termites using this particular method, you must learn ways to keep yourself and those around you safe.

Below are some safety tips that you need to know before carrying out termite injection treatment.

  • Read through the product label for the manufacturer’s instructions. You will learn about the toxicity of the formula and how to apply the chemical.
  • Ensure you put on your hand gloves and other safety gear before commencing treatment.
  • Remove your pets and kids from the area before beginning the treatment.
  • If you do not know what to do or how to go about the treatment yourself, the best thing to do is call for professional termite exterminators to handle the job.
  • Keep whatever chemical that is left from the treatment away from the reach of children. Ensure they are put in a container and tightly closed.

In Summary

Termite injection treatment is one of the most effective ways to deal with termites permanently. You can either use the method to treat wood or soil around the house. It works very well.

Are termites about to bring down your house? You can wipe them out using this wall pest control method.

I hope you find this information useful.

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