Having trees around your home could offer multiple benefits such as the provision of oxygen and the reduction of water runoff. Also, they serve as windbreakers and home to a wide variety of birds and animals.

However, tree presence could pose risks too. Tree branch falling suddenly is one of such risks.

When this happens, you want to know why it did, or the reasons. Most importantly, you’ll need to take preventive action to stop future occurrences. This is what we’ll be discussing.

If you’ve wondered why you’re seeing fallen branches around, you’ll find all the answers and solutions here.

The Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome

Ever heard about the sudden branch drop syndrome?

Just as it implies, this is a situation that occurs when tree branches suddenly give way. This might not be due to storms or strong winds so, seeing it occur can be quite scary and raises lots of questions including finding ways to prevent it.

Are Certain Trees More Affected More By This Situation?

One of the likely questions to be asked when finding answers to this phenomenon involves finding out whether sudden branch syndrome affects specific tree varieties.

This is a yes and no answer in the sense that it does affect certain tree varieties more.

However, sudden branch drop syndrome is common to all trees.

Certain trees such as eucalyptus, oak, elm, sycamore, redwood, and beech are known to have more frequent occurrences. Others include Bradford pear trees, maple trees, Raywood ash trees, Modesto ash trees, and Chinese pistache trees.

So, in a bid to ensure the safety of your household, you’ll need to find urgent answers to this situation. Tree branches falling suddenly are a reality that can be addressed when the right steps are taken.

Problems From Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome

As you can imagine, there are several risks posed by branches dropping suddenly.

Apart from reducing your curb appeal, these branches may drop on parked vehicles or structures. There could be persons resting under such trees too.

Whatever the case is, you’ll need to find urgent answers to this problem.

When Does Tree Branches Fall Suddenly?

More cases of tree branches falling suddenly are reported during the summer season. This fact enables you to prepare adequately by putting necessary preventive steps in place.

Preventive steps may involve calling for inspection or having certain tree limbs neatly pruned off.

Causes of Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome

Lots of reasons have been given for why tree branches fall suddenly. While some explanations seem logical, others don’t. Anyone seeing a branch fall suddenly will be interested in finding answers.

We’re equal to the task and bring you all the answers you seek.

First, there’s no unanimous agreement on the cause of sudden branch drop syndrome. While this is so, you’d find a lot of literature attributing this phenomenon to internal cracks and poor pruning practices.

What more? Branch positioning and changes in the wood’s (branches) properties on hot dry days are possible reasons.

  • Changes in Wood Properties

Evapotranspiration (also called water loss) is a process by which water is lost to the atmosphere. In other words, when trees draw up water, they don’t utilize all of it. Now, the excess water drawn is released as moisture into the air.

This process can be affected when there’s a drop in temperature. A drop in temperature means that there’s no water or moisture release by trees through their leaves. When this happens, it locks in water which is unable to escape.

This causes increased branch weight which may be too heavy for the tree to bear.

  • Cracks

Another possible explanation for tree branches falling suddenly has to do with small crack agitation.

This may be due to several reasons such as the activities of birds and other wild animals. Windy days could affect such cracked branches, thus making them give way.

What causes such cracks? Cracks on branches could result when branches become too heavy due to excess water stored in them.

  • Poor Pruning

This could be another reason why your tree branches may suddenly give way. This situation is more common when a previous pruning job wasn’t done properly. It’s best to allow experienced arborists to handle your tree pruning tasks.

way, the job is done perfectly, thus eliminating the likelihood of tree branches falling suddenly.

Are There Observable Signs When Branches Are About To Drop?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to spot any signs of stress on branches.

These will normally look fine until they finally give way. You may want to have your trees inspected by an arborist before the summer season.

An inspection helps the professionals determine what branches are likely to give way. Pruning or cutting off the suspected branches may be recommended.

Long Horizontal Branches are at Greater Risk

Most cases of branches falling suddenly are attributed to long horizontal branches. These are quite heavy and could easily give way when there’s stress such as internal cracks.

Most arborists will recommend these branches be cut further back.

Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome is Common to Older Trees

Older trees are more likely to drop off branches suddenly. The opposite is true for younger trees. So, if the trees around your home or property are mostly old, you may want to exercise greater caution.

As stated earlier, calling the professionals for yearly inspections will limit the chance of this ever happening.

Preventing Your Tree Branches From Falling Suddenly

Sudden branch drop syndrome can be fixed in many ways. These steps are preventive actions that are beneficial to trees. They include regular pruning in addition to other maintenance services.

Calling for regular pruning may be necessary each year. Here, any issues are resolved before they worsen. It’s not advisable to carry out pruning if you know little about it. It’s best to allow professionals to get the job done.

Pruning may be necessary every year or as advised by the professional. With regular pruning comes healthy growth.

The risks of tree branches falling off suddenly are significantly reduced. After a storm, closely observe to see if any major branches have been cracked.

This task may prove overwhelming as you may not have the expertise or equipment for this. A professional would be in a better position to inspect and detect any issues that may arise.

These are the reasons why you’re seeing tree branches falling suddenly. We’ve not only highlighted the problem but also proffered solutions. It’s best to seek professional help for all your tree issues.

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