Tree Cutting Tools – 10 Removal Equipment + Machines

In this guide for tree cutting tools and removal equipment, I will be looking at some of the most popular and widely used tree fellings, cutting, grinding, and disposal equipment you can find in the market.

Tree felling is an ancient art that has been practiced for millions of years. The earliest humans made use of firewood to keep themselves warm, and also to cook.

While their tree felling techniques were primitive, it was still good enough for them to get what they needed out of the trees.

Fast forward to the modern-day, and everything has changed. The way trees are cut and disposed of has become so Hi-Tech, that a model released today could be made to look like an ancient artifact by another model released the same time next year.

4 Expert Tools For Tree Cutting Jobs

Tree cutting or felling is never an easy job, however, the job can be less stressful if you have the right cutting tools in hand.

The tools you will require will depend on the size of the tree. A large tree, for instance, can’t be cut with pruning shears, you will need a chainsaw for that, and vice versa.

By the way, who says tree cutting is meant for the professionals alone? After all, there were no professional tree felling services Two Thousand years ago was there?

This is not to say we don’t need professional tree cutting services we do. Things have changed and so has the art of tree cutting. Remember, they didn’t have overhead power lines Two Thousand Years ago.

If the situation is safe enough for you to cut the tree yourself, then go ahead and do so. But if the tree is surrounded by, or is leaning on dangerous or delicate obstacles, do not hesitate to hire a professional to get the job done.

Regardless of who is getting the job done, the right tools will be needed.

So let’s get into it. Below I will list out the most popular tools for tree cutting, as well as disposal, and safety gear.

  1. Chainsaw

There is no way we will discuss tree cutting without a chainsaw popping up. This is the tool that ultimately replaced the ax.

Chainsaws are high-powered tools with very sharp blades that cut at a devastating efficiency and speed.

With a chainsaw, you will spend way less time slicing the trunk of a tree. It is ideal if you have multiple trees to fell, as you will barely tire out in the process.

Chainsaws come in different shapes, models, and sizes. They also differ in horsepower and price.

Most common types of chainsaws include –

  • Electric powered chainsaw
  • Battery-powered chainsaw
  • Gas-powered chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is corded and is dependent on an electrical power source to function. The batter powered chainsaw on the other hand is dependent on a built-in rechargeable battery. While the gas-powered chainsaw (my least favorite), runs on fuel.

Chainsaws are generally noisy, but the battery-powered chainsaw and electric chainsaw produce the least noise. The gas-powered chainsaw on the other hand makes a lot of noise, so you may want to put on some ear protection if you’re going to be using them.

Speaking of protection, always remember to handle the chainsaw with care. Turn it off when not in use and don’t walk around with it if you don’t have to.

Chainsaw injuries are very nasty, and take a long time to heal.

  1. Pole Chainsaws

This chainsaw was designed to cut down branches beyond arm’s reach. With this tool, you can reach branches as high as 15 feet above the ground.

They are smaller in size but they are equally sharp and should be handled with care. An average pole chainsaw is capable of cutting tree branches as wide as 8 inches thick in diameter.

The good thing about a pole chainsaw is that it spares you from having to climb up a ladder with a chainsaw. That is a risky business and I strongly advise against it.

If you’ve got a tall tree that needs its branches pruned, then a pole chainsaw is your best bet.

There are different models of pole chainsaws and they all have different pole lengths.

There are also electric, battery, and gas-powered pole chainsaws.

  1. Pruning Shears

Away from the large tree cutting tools, let’s move to the smaller ones. And which small tree cutting tool is more popular that pruning shears?

None I would say.

Pruning shears are meant for trimming the branches on smaller trees. Frankly speaking, garden trees wouldn’t be so beautiful if it wasn’t for pruning shears.

Because of their size, they are easy to handle and maneuver. This allows for artistic pruning, which is great for decorative purposes.

Pruning shears are tools that are used every day across millions of households around the world. This is a testament to how convenient they are to use.

I doubt you’d find a professional gardener who doesn’t have at least 5 sets of pruning shears.

Pruning shears are ideal for trimming hedges, shrubs, small branches, and almost any other type of garden plant.

  1. Chopping Axe

The ax was invented long before the chainsaw or the pruning shears.

Originally, axes weren’t just meant for the sake of chopping down trees, it was also used fighting and splitting animal bones.

As the ax’s popularity grew, it became more of a tree felling tool, rather than a weapon.

If you ever plan to cut your tree down manually, then an ax I exactly what you need.

The process of cutting down a tree using an ax is very tiring, as it will demand a lot of physical effort. All the swinging, pull-outs, and swinging again can take a lot out of a lumberjack.

This isn’t to say an ax isn’t a handy tool to have around, because it is. There are instances where you wish you had one.

Axes can be used to cut up firewood, as well as split tree stumps apart.

Their blades are very sharp, although they need to be sharpened regularly for the best results.

For safe-keeping, make sure you have a story sheath for your ax. You don’t want such a sharp object to be lying around exposed. Someone might accidentally kick into it and get injured.

Now that we’re done with the 4 Major types of tree felling tools, let us move on to the main types of tree removal equipment

Mechanized Tree Removal Equipment

There are certain instances where a chainsaw or an ax would do you no good. These instances involve the removal of very large trees and tree stumps.

These trees may be removed for the sake of transplanting, or maybe they have become a threat to the immediate surroundings.

What are these machines? Let us look at them below.

Tree Stump Grinder

The tree stump grinder is a very powerful machine that is used to decimate tree stumps in the fastest possible time.

When a grinder is done with a tree stump, it leaves only a heap of sawdust behind. That is how powerful this machine is.

Tree Spade Machine

These are very expensive heavy-duty machines that are powerful enough to grapple a tree stump and pull it right out of the soil.

The good thing about the tree spade is that it can pull a tree out without killing it. It is used mainly for large tree transplants and tree stump removal.

It has both digging and lifting mechanisms that are powered by hydraulics.

The blades dig into the soil, while the grapplers cling onto the trunk of the tree. The operator then lifts and off comes the tree or stump (along with its roots).

Domestic Tree Disposal Equipment

After a tree has been cut, the tree and all its chippings have to be cleared off the ground.

Below is the tree disposal tools equipment you will need.

Chainsaw: To cut the tree into manageable pieces.

Wheelbarrow: To load up the cut up wood.

Rake: This is more useful in small gardens, as it is used to collect all the clipped branches scattered on the floor.

Wood Chipper: This is a powerful machine that is used to cut pieces of felled trees into even smaller chunks that can easily be carried away. They are used to turn broken tree branches and trunks into mulch.

Tree Cutting Equipment Rental

If you do not have the necessary equipment needed to cut or remove your trees, don’t fret, you can always get them at a local rental store.

The rental charges will vary with stores, so be sure to get as many quotes as you can. Study these quotes along with the rental’s terms and conditions so you can rent your tree felling equipment from the one who gives you the best offer.


I trust this tree cutting and removal equipment guide has been informative.

Stay safe as you cut!

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