How Much Does It Cost To Plant a Tree?

How much do landscapers charge to plant a tree?

We’ll be dwelling on the tree planting cost for the most part. Here, we will cover all cost-related aspects of this procedure.

As you read through, you’ll understand cost thoroughly and what influencing factors determine these. With this said, let’s get right into business.

How Much Does A Tree Cost To Plant?

Each year, there are reforestation initiatives championed by governments, environmentally-conscious organizations, and individuals worldwide.

These efforts are aimed at helping to deal with environmental issues like global warming. One of several aspects of tree planting is the cost of the process.

How much does a tree cost to plant?

Would DIY Tree Planting Reduce Costs?

In a bid to plant trees around your yard, one of the primary concerns you may have will likely be cost reduction.

For many people, a great way to reduce planting and transplanting costs is getting the job done via DIY. While that is true, not everyone knows exactly how to carry out a great job.

For the most part, DIY tree planting helps eliminate labor costs. Ordinarily, such charges will be applicable when a professional is called upon to plant trees.

However, the DIY process enables you to save costs. The tree size determines the cost saved via DIY planting. More giant trees attract higher labor costs.

Most DIY procedures of tree planting are suited for smaller trees.

Professionals best plant medium-sized to more giant trees as they have the expertise and equipment to handle the rigors accompanying the process.

Cost to Plant A Tree

The tree size determines tree planting costs, tree number, and labor costs. Most tree planting projects fall under three main categories; small, medium, and large trees.

For each of these, the number of trees planted, labor costs, and other supplies contribute to the total cost.

i. Cost of Planting Small Trees

At face value, the size of a small tree might seem quite vague. However, this article classifies these trees as 4” to 6” tall and held in a 5-gallon pot.

For this tree size, the cost for each is around $75. Coupled with an average labor cost of $38 per hour, the total cost translates to about $106.

While that is true, some homeowners may wish to plant multiple trees on their residential lot. The total cost of supplies and labor will amount to around $528 for five trees.

This cost is likely to climb with more number of trees. Most times, more significant discounts are given for a higher number of trees.

ii. Cost of Planting Medium Trees

As expected, tree planting costs increase for medium-sized trees. These are larger than small trees and measure 8” to 10” tall.

Medium trees will usually come in a 15-gallon pot. When calculating the cost of planting, different things are factored in. They include miscellaneous supplies and transport etc.

A medium-sized tree will cost around $194 on average. Here, the cost per tree is multiplied by the required units. So, five trees will cost about $969.

Other costs include transport, site preparation, equipment, cleanup, and labor. When combined, the total cost of planting amounts to around $1,273.

iii. Cost of Planting Large Trees

Buyers interested in planting large trees on their residential lot will attract a higher cost. Large tree sizes mostly range from 14” to 20” tall.

These might be delivered to you in 1 cubic yard box. Multiple factors like transport, equipment, site preparation, and miscellaneous supplies are considered to arrive at the cost.

The average cost for large trees is around $2,119, with labor contributing about $38 per hour. Planting about five trees on your residential lot will cost about $12,115, including labor and materials.

Expect prices to go higher with more units purchased.

Factors Affecting Tree Planting Costs

Tree planting costs are affected by multiple factors. These range from the service provider hired, tree size, location, type of tree, and suitability of the area.

Let’s look at each of these points for more clarity.

  • Service Provider Hired

When discussing tree planting costs, one of the critical factors that will influence how much you spend or pay is who you hire.

Here, you have two options; getting the job done via DIY, eliminating labor costs, or calling the pros to execute the job. For many, the most reliable option will be the latter.

Arborists or professional tree services have price structures unique to their needs. This means tree planting costs will differ from one company to the next.

You’ll have to compare prices between multiple tree services to take advantage of these variations.

  • Tree Size

Tree size is a substantial cost consideration when it comes to planting.

As discussed, you’ll find that smaller trees attract lower costs compared to medium-sized or more significant trees. Clients choose their most preferred sizes based on their unique needs.

This, in turn, impacts costs.

  • Location

Your location has a role to play in determining tree planting costs. Certain areas like large cities tend to have higher living costs than smaller cities or towns.

As expected, nurseries in these locations will charge higher for tree sales compared to those in areas with lower living costs.

  • Type of Tree

The type of tree you wish to plant also matters. Certain tree species are either rare or perceived as more valuable than others. This tends to impact the cost.

Some examples of expensive plants include the old pine bonsai tree, the Gold of Kinabalu orchid, and the Shenzhen Nongke orchid.

  • Suitability of the Area

Asides from the suitability of trees for the local climate, there’s also a need to check with electric utility companies.

The reason is simple; the area needs to be checked to ensure the tree is suitable for planting without causing problems to utility installations like overhead lines.

Tree planting costs involve a whole range of factors, as discussed above. To know exactly what applies to your situation, you’ll have to call the pros to make necessary inquiries.

Such inquiries offer ready answers and allow you to budget for the procedure adequately.

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