So, how much does wall demolition and removal cost? Here is what it cost to remove a wall.

Construction is never complete without the need to bring down certain structures while erecting new ones. Removal may be necessary to get rid of the old for a new structure or simply for remodeling purposes.

Cost To Remove A Wall

Wall demolition and removal is one of many types of construction-related services that may be necessary

Cost is relative to what’s actually needed as well as the procedure being performed. Demolition costs being provided here will seek to highlight all costing details including factors and much more.

In a nutshell, you’ll learn what it takes (in terms of costs) to have a wall removed.

What Demolition Category Does Wall Demolition Fall Under?

There are basically two demolition categories; total and partial demolition. Now, when wall demolition is being considered, it mostly has to do with internal walls. Here, the focus is on walls that do not hold the weight of the structure.

Wall demolition falls under partial demolition. This is because the entire structure isn’t targeted but a part of it.

Some walls are designed to equally distribute structural weight. Most times, these aren’t targeted. In situations where they are, a special provision will have to be made.

When external walls are involved, it could translate to the entire structure being demolished. Some parts of the external walls could be targeted for systematic demolition.

Categorization will depend on what’s being focused on.

Wall Removal Cost Breakdown For Total Knockdown

Wall removal is a delicate procedure that has to be professionally done to avoid the collapse of the entire structure. Asides from demolition, there’s also the need to remove debris.

What does knocking down a wall cost?

The unit cost of wall demolition is about $4.20 per square foot. Debris removal will cost around $1 per square ft.

Because demolition costs include debris removal, cleanup costs will have to be included. So, when demolition cost per sq. ft. is summed up with debris removal costs, it adds up to about $5.20 per sq. ft.

To have an idea of your wall demolition costs, you’ll need to multiply the cost per sq. ft. by the target area (that is, the wall to be demolished).

Wall demolition costs usually range from $400 to $5,000. The more walls to be demolished, the greater the total costs. To know the exact costs for your project, it will be necessary to call a demolition contractor or structural engineer.

An onsite assessment of the building is performed and the exact costs are calculated based on the wall area and construction material used among other things.

  • Need to Reroute Service Lines

Wall demolition for multi-story structures poses quite a challenge.

Unlike other structures, these will have load-bearing walls within the interior parts of the structure. Such walls help to evenly distribute structural weight.

When dealing with such walls, there may be a need to reroute service lines. This won’t be necessary for all jobs as certain walls may be removed and new ones raised or built at the very location.

In situations where service lines need to be rerouted, additional costs will have to be incurred.

Here, utility lines such as electrical and plumbing lines may be involved. In this case, the services of an electrician and plumber will be required.

Plumbers charge around $45 to $65 per hour. So, demolition costs will increase by the eventual fees incurred by rerouting a plumbing line. The same situation applies when rerouting electrical wiring.

Electricians charge an average fee of $65 to $85 per hour.

Total costs for rerouting of utility lines alone could fall within the region of $300 or more. This depends on the number of hours spent on the job.

  • Labor Costs

Labor takes a big chunk of total costs for wall demolition projects.

This is even more crucial when considering the deconstruction alternative. Deconstruction tends to be costlier than other demolition methods due to the work involved.

With deconstruction, the teardown process unfolds by using hand tools to carefully loosen the wall. This can be termed revere construction because it takes apart the wall by loosening the bricks.

Deconstruction is mostly performed to reuse or salvage certain useful wall components.

For purposes of comparison, the cost range for a wall demolition project ranges from $400 to $3,000. However, such costs will significantly increase in cases involving deconstruction.

  • Permits

Obtaining demolition permits may be necessary depending on where you live. Certain locations demand that permits be obtained for demolition projects. This includes partial and total demolition.

Demolition permits will cost around $50 to $100 to obtain.

It’s important to find out what permits apply (if any) to your wall demolition project. You can make all the necessary inquiries by directing your questions to an experienced and reputable demolition contractor.

  • Cleanup and Disposal Costs

Wall demolition and removal are always followed by debris cleanup. The area needs to be cleared and rubbles hauled away. Most reputable demolition services should include this among their service offerings.

Based on the size of the project, you might end up paying around $300 to $1,800.

For contractors that don’t provide such service, a hauling company may be called in to help with cleanup. Here, you end up paying anywhere from $400 to $800 per truckload of waste material.

Will DIY Reduce Wall Demolition Costs?

The DIY alternative is available for homeowners seeking to carry out demolition tasks as a cost reduction measure. However, you’ll need to be skilled to consider this option.

Wall demolition can be very risky as it involves load-bearing walls among others.

If you aren’t sure about the procedure, it’s best you allowed the pros to handle the job. This limits your risk exposure and also ensures that a great job is done.

There you have it! Wall demolition and removal costs are quite varied depending on the factors provided above.

The complexity of the job largely influences eventual costs. To have a more accurate assessment of demolition costs, it will be necessary to have a demolition contractor pay a visit.

Actual project costs are arrived at after considering all the variables. This eliminates guesses.

Also, consider available options at your disposal. In this case, try asking for quotes from multiple demolition contractors. This enables you to get the best possible rates.

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