What is Hydro Jetting in Plumbing? – Procedure, Risks and Benefits

This article takes a look at hydro jetting and explains what the procedure is all about and how you apply it to cleaning jobs.

As you read, you’ll learn about its different applications and whether it can be used as a DIY measure to clean up your clogged drains and pipes.

How Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Clogging issues can be stubborn and prove impossible to resolve until the proper technique is applied.

Hydro jetting is widely applied to all clogging and cleaning issues. It’s a non-invasive and environmentally cleaning technique you can use for your plumbing issues today.

As the name suggests, hydro jetting refers to using water at high pressure to clean, remove, or break up sludge, stubborn debris, and dirt.

Here, a particular machine releases highly pressurized water of up to 4,000 PSI into the targeted pipes to dislodge obstructions to drain lines.

A hydro jetting machine consists of the main machine that helps create the desired pressure, a hose, and a nozzle. Of course, water is an essential requirement for its proper functioning.

This cleaning process isn’t immediately applied. The condition of plumbing and nature of obstruction or clog, among other things, are considered.

Through the cleanout, the state of the drain pipe is assessed. This is performed with special equipment called a sewer scope or camera. This relays live feedback in real-time through a monitor.

The technician can see whether hydro jetting will be required and what section(s) of the pipe need to be concentrated on.

Is Hydro Jetting Worth It?

Through hydro jetting, a wide range of drainage issues is addressed.

Roots can get into pipes or drains through cracks, thus slowing down the movement of wastewater. Also, the slow buildup of fats, grease, oils, and debris could lead to a poorly functioning drain line.

  • Can this be done as a DIY Project?

As a hands-on person, you might find the DIY approach very appealing.

However, projects such as hydro jetting are best performed by pros. A lot could go wrong when adopting the DIY strategy. You could damage your plumbing system, among other things.

Here, a powerful jet of water is let out, which needs to be correctly positioned to get to the affected areas of your drain pipe. Without proper training and experience, you’ll likely make a mess of the situation.

Professional technicians fully understand what needs to be done. Plus, they have the training and experience required for success.

By calling a professional hydro jetting company, you save yourself the stress associated with guesswork. Also, you can avoid incurring costly repair bills due to damage caused by your inexperienced intervention.

When to Hydro Jet your Drain Line

All sorts of issues could come up without notice.

In most cases, essential interventions could help resolve such issues. However, there are times when you might deal with heavy clogs which cannot be fixed by routine snaking, among other clearing actions.

Hydro jetting is handy as it helps to deal with challenging situations like heavy grease, fat buildup, and significant root ingress into drain pipes, among other difficult clogging conditions.

During such times, the need to apply this cleaning technique arises.

Often, the decision to hydro jet a sewer line is only reached after assessing its condition.

Here, there’s no way to know the nature of the problem until a thorough inspection has been conducted. As always, it’s best to call for professional inspection and cleaning.

Benefits of Hydro Jetting

There are several benefits to hydro jetting.

First off, it’s an efficient way to get the job done. Secondly, it saves cost and is widely applicable to different situations. Hydro jetting is an environmentally friendly cleaning technique you can adopt.

It’s a sanitary way to dislodge tough debris.

  • Highly Efficient

Few alternatives exist outside the hydro jetting technique for stubborn clogs lodged within your drain line.

The sheer blast of the water jet will dislodge all sorts of debris or clogs. Not only is the clog dislodged, but the drain line or pipe interior is also adequately cleaned.

  • Cost Saving

At face value, it may seem like hydro jetting is a more costly cleaning option due to the higher cost of performing the procedure.

However, the long-term benefits to be enjoyed make it less expensive. After the initial cleanup, it will take a long time before you need the procedure repeated.

  • Wide Applicability

Versatility is another clear benefit derived from hydro jetting.

It can be deployed to multiple settings, including residential and commercial unclogging jobs. You can also serve big and small businesses through this cleaning method.

You only need to call your contractor to know your options.

  • Environmentally Friendly

With hydro jetting, there are zero harmful chemicals involved.

All that’s needed is sufficient water to complete the job. As such, there’s no adverse effect on the environment. Also, there’s the freedom to apply this cleaning method in any location close to water bodies.

  • Sanitary

The traditional techniques for unclogging drains might serve your needs to an extent but require more efficient and sanitary methods for demanding jobs.

Hydro jetting helps clear out all debris and sewage, thus freeing your drain line for better functioning.

Hydro Jetting May be needed If…

Before an inspection of your plumbing system is performed, it’s challenging to figure out the problem. However, sure signs may point to the need for hydro jetting.

They include noisy drain pipes, slow draining pipes, old plumbing pipes, foul smells from drains, and an increase in the water bill.

However, even these symptoms aren’t conclusive as to why hydro jetting may be needed.

Further inspections will be necessary to finally decide if the cleaning method should be applied or not. You might have noticed one that sounds strange from the points mentioned.

How does an increase in water bill translate to the need for jet cleaning? It’s simple! An unexplained increase in your water bill may be due to a plumbing issue.

For this, it’s best to check your plumbing system for leaks. Fixing the problem may require cleaning.

As seen so far, hydro jetting is one cleaning method that helps eliminate challenging clogging situations in your plumbing system.

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