What To Do With Tree Stumps – 10 Creative Ideas

Do you need cool things to do with tree stumps? Here are some interesting ideas.

A lot of times, people call for tree removal services without putting into consideration the stumps left behind. Tree stumps may end up occupying valuable space when not removed.

So, what do you do with these tree stumps? This is entirely up to you.

What To Do With Tree Stumps In Front Yard

Here, you’ll be provided with available options to try out.

The option you choose depends entirely on what your needs are. The needs of person A might not be the same as person B. So, different strategies will likely be tried out by each person.

Issues With Tree Stumps

Tree stumps can occupy limited space, thus serving as an obstacle.

The longer the stump stays around, the more annoying it’s likely to get. You may find it difficult to plant a new tree as such a stump takes up space that would have been perfect for such activity.

Tree stumps also serve as trip hazards as kids and even adults are likely to trip over. This may result in injuries that you don’t want to deal with. When mowing your lawn, stumps get in the way. You’ll have to maneuver around such stumps just to be able to complete the job.

If there’s an old stump lying around, chances are that as it decays, it becomes an attraction to a variety of pests.

These include carpenter ants and termites. Such pests might end up invading your home.

You Can Have Stumps Removed or Grounded

There are multiple options you can consider for your stump.

Two of the most common include stump removal and grinding. Any of these will serve the purpose; however, each has its advantages and disadvantages as you’ll soon find out.

This is one of several options available to you. The process is more intrusive and involves digging up the soil to loosen such stump(s). The rood systems are also traced and removed. This process requires the use of heavy tools & machinery to complete the process.

Having successfully gotten rid of the stump, you have a free space that can be covered back and used for other purposes. This intensive process leaves gaping holes behind that needs to be filled up. Although it gives the result needed, your surroundings become an eyesore until holes are covered.

This is another method where the stump is ground away instead of removing it completely. Stump grinders can be hired or used by a tree removal service to get rid of the stump. The grinder size used will depend on the size of the stump.

Larger stumps will require using larger grinders.

The grinder shreds the stump to tiny bits. These wood chips will be more with bigger stumps and vice versa. Such wood chips can be scattered as a mulch across your landscape. Although this method is efficient, it only eliminates the stump. The root system of the stump remains.

It will take a considerable amount of time for roots to dry out and rot.

Get Creative With Stump Ideas

Tree stumps don’t always have to be removed or grounded. Other options can be very useful in turning these into something useful. Tree stump ideas are ways to make the problems posed by stumps vanish away.

Ways to do this involves making board games for kids, creating a fairy garden, decorative art, creating a stump planter, and making a pot stand.

Others include making an aged moss stump, decorative mushrooms, illuminated tree stumps, garden sculpture and décor, and garden furniture.

  • Making Board Games for Kids

This innovative action aims to turn a disadvantage into an advantage. So, all you need to do is paint a board game onto a storm. Kids will find this colorful painting exciting and want to explore further by playing such games.

  • Creating a Fairy Garden

Here is what to grow around a tree stump.

If you have the time and imagination, you might want to establish a beautiful fairy garden. Kids will find this irresistible. You need all the help you can get.

As such, consider seeking ideas from online sources as wells as kid movies. The help of a handyman might be necessary here to achieve the best result.

  • Decorative Art

Are you an artist seeking to express yourself through colorful paintings? If yes, creating decorative art will depend on how imaginative you are. You can turn your stump into a work of art by making it colorful. However, you choose to create your decorative art depends on you.

  • Creating a Stump Planter

Have you considered creating a stump planter?

This is an exciting way to turn your tree stump into something useful and beautiful. Coming up with an idea of your own might prove difficult.

Nevertheless, some digging around will turn or reveal a lot of online resources to put to use.

  • Making a Pot Stand

A tree stump pot stand is another creative idea that can brighten up your home’s surroundings. Such stumps can either be painted to add to the color or left the way they are.

It’s important to go with whatever serves your needs best.

  • Making an Aged Moss Stump

Want to create or add an ancient feel to your surroundings? Consider making an aged moss stump. This gives your home a feeling that you’ll cherish.

  • Decorative Mushrooms

Decorative mushrooms are among unique creations that can add to the beauty of your yard. Tree stumps are carved in such a way that they look similar to mushrooms.

To do this successfully, the caps and legs of the mushrooms will be made from the stump wood and painted.

  • Illuminated Tree Stumps

If you love to play with some lighting, you might find this activity rewarding.

Lighting sources can be inserted into stump cracks to illuminate beautifully at night. When such cracks aren’t big enough, some widening with an appropriate tool may be necessary.

  • Garden Sculpture & Décor

Instead of having your tree stumps removed or ground, you can have them carved into any beautiful sculpture of your choice. This includes any decorations that will enhance its beauty.

  • Garden Furniture

Garden furniture can easily be made from tree stumps. You only need to carve or cut these into the right sizes. This adds to the beauty of your yard.

Knowing what to do with tree stumps saves you a lot of stress in having to deal with an obstacle that takes up space and adds little value. These strategies turn your tree stumps into decorative and appealing objects you won’t want to get rid of.

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