Woodstove trivets are basically round or oval-shaped discs that are designed to sit at the top of wood stoves.

With its (trivet) positioning, the wood stove surface isn’t scratched as this cast iron structure holds whatever is placed on the stove.

Are you planning on an adventure or camping trip? Do you seek to camp out or simply do something different?

Cooking is one of those activities associated with adventure. When going through your options, the wood stove is likely to be considered.

Here, our interest lies in providing information on a key wood stove component; the trivet.

About Wood Stove Trivets

Woodstove trivets are among the oldest devices still used for cooking today.

Although not widely used due to advancements in technology, wood stove trivets are centuries old. The term ‘trivet’ has its origins in a Latin word which simply stands for a tripod.

This is easily understandable because most wood stove trivets have three stands. This design has been altered a little as trivets are now made to lie or sit flat on the woodstove.

With such positioning, there are hard scratches left on your wood stove.

  • What Are Trivets Made Of?

Most wood stove trivets are made from cast iron. However, the finishing is mostly made of a different material.

Porcelain coating is widely used for such finishing. To enhance their appearance, wood stove trivets come in varying colors. Buyers get to choose from the options available.

The advantage of using cast iron for making wood stove trivets lies in its reliability. Cast iron is a reliable material in the sense that no matter how rusted it becomes, it can easily be revived.

This is unlike most cookware such as iron among others.

  • Uses Of Wood Stove Trivets

As a wood stove component, trivets are built to serve a variety of uses.

Such uses include heat regulation and prevention of kettles, pots, and pans from running dry. Both of these points are intertwined as you’ll find out shortly.

As regards heat regulation, things placed on the wood stove are suspended. In other words, these don’t lie or sit directly on an open fire. Instead, only sufficient heat gets to cook whatever is being placed on the fire.

Due to this suspension over a fire by wood stove trivets, steamers and kettles hardly get dry or burnt. In a nutshell, wood stove trivets help with heat regulation and the preservation of cooking utensils.

Types Of Trivets For Wood Stove

You’ll notice that this subtopic leaves out the wood stove and only mentions types of trivets. This is deliberate because there are multiple types of trivets each used for specific functions.

Asides from wood stove trivets, others include silicone trivets, glass trivets, cork trivets, and those made of ceramic material.

These types of trivets are used to protect surfaces from damage. Hot pots, kettles, steamers, and pans are placed on these to prevent direct contact with surfaces such as countertops or dining tables.

How Do Newer Wood Stove Trivets Measure Against Old Trivets?

Quite a lot has changed in terms of design, size, and utility. Older wood stove trivet designs had taller legs. These were initially used in fireplaces before innovation (old) enabled the transition to wood stoves.

Today, with more effective wood stove designs, wood stove trivets are equally built for convenience and efficiency.

Unlike the three-legged and taller designs in the past, newer wood stove trivets have a flat bottom that allows them to sit flat on wood stoves. Plus, it’s positioning hardly causes any scratches.

The visual appeal of newer designs is much better than older ones.

Transforming Your Stove into a Slow Cooker

When cooking, there are times when we need to haste things up.

At other times, slow cooking is preferred. This is where a woodstove trivet comes in handy. When placed over a woodstove heat from the woodstove is lessened.

In a nutshell, you gain greater control over time spent cooking. Woodstove trivets continue to be useful today especially for outdoor use.

Add Some Style to Your Cooking

If you’re fascinated by matching colors, you may want to get multiple colors of wood stove trivets. These can easily be matched with pots, pans, kettles, etc being used.

The satisfaction you derive from such color expressions is enough motivation.

Wood Stove Trivets Used As Meat Racks

They are! This is one of the advantages of buying a wood stove trivet.

Not only are pots placed on such trivets, but some little barbecue can also be done using this tool. However, having any meaningful success at using trivets will depend on your level of experience with meat preparation.

Safety Concerns

One of the main concerns for wood stove trivet users is safety.

People who occasionally use wood stoves will have kids who are fascinated by the sight of a woodstove. A child may reach for the wood stove trivet thinking it’s not hot. Accidents such as these can be prevented by keeping an eye out.

Another safety measure to consider is to have your wood stove placed in hard-to-reach areas. There’s also the worry of exposure to smoke coming from a wood stove. This is a valid concern as sustained inhalation could result in health risks.

Your best bet is to use wood stoves in well-ventilated areas. Cooking using this stove would be just fine when done correctly.

Never Place Wood Stove Trivets on Wooden Dining Room Table

One of the reasons why you need to be wary about where you place wood stove trivets is because of how easily heat gets transferred.

As the name suggests, wood stove trivets are meant for wood stove placement. They should remain on your wood stove unless when cleaning them.

The importance of wood stove trivets has been highlighted in this article.

We’ve also seen that there are trivets for wood stoves as well as those for other uses. While a lot of people use newer cooking technology such as electric and gas cookers, the place of wood stove remains.

This is even more evident when cooking outdoors. So, if you wish to use a wood stove any time soon, you might want to get an appropriate woodstove trivet that fits.

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