ABC Pest Control Prices – Cost Of Services

Here are the current ABC pest control prices.

With over 3 decades in existence, ABC Pest Control has built a solid and trusted brand that has attracted lots of clients. You’re probably reading this because you’re interested in patronizing this company but wonder what its service costs look like.

If this defines you, we’re glad to provide you with the information you seek. We’ll be covering the issue of pricing by providing ample information on the different costs for its wide range of services. Also, we’ll further explain the factors responsible for ABC’s pest control prices.

In other words, we will discuss how the factors identified impact on the cost of pest control service. With this said, let’s delve into the main discussion.

Pest Services At ABC Pest Control

The services offered by ABC Pest Control are varied. These are categorized under residential and commercial pest control services. Under these categories are several others that include termite and bed bug inspection and extermination.

Other pest issues handled by ABC include rodent exclusion & control, mosquitoes, bees & wasps expert removal services including roach extermination (plus other similar pests). ABC Pest Control also provides lawn pest treatment & control services.

So, why is it necessary to provide a list of services offered while discussing the prices or costs? It’s simple!

You’ll need to know the services rendered to better understand their cost implications. Plus, this information will prove useful in the course of this article.

ABC Pest Control Pricing – Average Cost Estimates

This is where we’ll be discussing several aspects regarding ABC’s pest control pricing.

Some of these will include the cost for certain services while others will focus on the factors influencing the cost. Coming up with a specific cost for pest control is usually difficult due to these factors.

  • Pest Inspection

Whatever pest problem you might have or be facing, ABC pest control first inspects the problem before proceeding with treatment. This can never be altered as the findings resulting from such an inspection helps determine the prices.

ABC provides this service for free. You won’t have to pay a dime to have your property inspected.

  • One-Time Treatment

Having determined the extent of the problem, a suitable treatment is decided. For one-time treatment, the cost to be incurred starts from $240. This can be significantly higher based on factors that will be unveiled shortly.

  • Annual Contract with Quarterly Visits

For easily reoccurring pest issues, an annual contract will be suitable. ABC Pest Control offers options among which is an annual contract with quarterly visits.

For such plans, a starting price of $95 per visit is charged. This may rise depending on the pest involved among other factors.

  • Annual Contract with Monthly Visits

If you prefer more frequent visits under ABC’s annual contract, this should be your best bet. The cost of monthly visits is less at a starting price of $50 per visit compared to quarterly visits. This is best for checking frequent pest occurrences.

  • Termite Treatment

Being one of the most challenging and difficult pest problems, the cost incurred for extermination services is typically higher. ABC Pest Control has a termite extermination price that starts from $550 to $1,300. This includes comprehensive treatment.

However, additional costs may apply such as those resulting from repairs resulting from damage caused among others.

  • Annual Termite Prevention

ABC Pest Control has an annual termite prevention program where it offers far-reaching solutions to termite problems.

The price for such a service starts from $270. It includes inspections and early treatments for termite problems. This helps save costs in the long run.

  • Pet Lovers Treatment

Another innovative service offered by ABC Pest Control is the pet lovers’ treatment.

This is focused on getting rid of pests that are common to pets such as fleas. Such pests cause significant discomfort. The starting price for ABC’s pet lovers’ treatment starts at $199.

  • Annual Mosquito Treatment

ABC Pest Control offers annual mosquito abatement to clients. Clients seeking to keep mosquitoes under check only need to reach out to this company.

For such a service, you’ll be attracting a starting fee of $200.

  • Wildlife and Rodent Removal

If you’re dealing with a rodent problem or faced with an unwanted occupation of your property by wildlife, ABC Pest Control is just a call away. It charges clients between $75 to $200 for removal services.

The nature of the problem also contributes to impacting the final costs.

Factors Impacting ABC’s Pest Control Prices

As long as pest control prices are being discussed, the factors influencing such prices must also be brought to the fore. There are multiple factors used by ABC Pest Control to determine the prices of its services.

These include the severity of the problem and property size. Others include ease of accessibility as well as the treatment being adopted.

  • Severity of Infestation

A full-blown pest infestation is more challenging to deal with than tackling it at its early stages.

ABC Pest Control considers the severity of infestation when drawing up its service costs. This will reflect on the eventual price.

  • Property Size

The size of property almost always has an impact on ABC Pest Control’s final price quote. The reasons are obvious. Bigger properties with a full-blown infestation will require more time and resources to treat than smaller ones.

Also, some of its pest treatments such as termite infestation are treated on a per sq ft basis. As a result, the more area covered will result in higher pest removal rates.

  • Ease of Accessibility

When ABC Pest Control technicians come around for inspection and treatment, they consider the ease of access to the infected area. Certain areas are difficult to reach or access.

In such situations, the use of specialized equipment will be necessary. This adds up to the cost of treatment.

  • Type of Pest

The type of pest problem being addressed will determine ABC’s treatment cost.

All pests are not the same. Some pests (such as rodents and termites) are considered more destructive and difficult to get rid of. This pest control company charges you based on the degree of difficulty involved in treating such problems.

ABC pest control prices have been discussed with varying factors influencing the final treatment cost. For the best deal possible, it’s necessary to discuss it with your service technician.

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