How To Attract And Catch A Crow

In this article, I’ll be giving you tips on how to attract and catch a crow.

Crows may look scary, that’s to their black feathers and loud, horror-like noises, but they are actually among the most intelligent birds in the world. They are so full of character, that a lot of people have taken up the habit of attracting and catching them.

People attract them to their yard for different reasons, one of which is to help eat up pest insects.

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How To Attract A Crow

Follow these tips to attract crows to your yard.

Make Them A Ground To Roost

Hardly would any bird resist a comfortable roosting ground. Crows for one, are animals that like to socialize and they would snatch the opportunity to land in a space area where they can rest and look around the environment.

If you can offer this kind of space to a crow, chances are they will accept the offer to roost.

Crows love horizontal roosting poles, which is why you can find them at the top of a utility pole and other structures of great height.

You may not have any trees tall enough to attract a crow, but that shouldn’t discourage you, as you can erect a pole at the top of your roof.

Using a pole to attract them has an advantage, being that it allows you to observe them better since they are in open view.

Having more than one pole would be ideal since it gives the crows several landing options. Remember, they are also large but that has a decent weight, so the pole you install should be sturdy enough to support their weight.

They also tend to get excited a lot, and this will prompt several body movements. If the pole isn’t sturdy, then it wouldn’t hold up for too long.

Use A Bird Bath

Birdbaths are also something that birds in general love, and crows are not left out. Since birds need water just like pretty much every living thing, a bath would be very hard to resist.

A crow requires water to drink and bathe. They also need to drink after they have had a meal. Other uses of bird baths to crows include maintaining their feathers and cooling off during the hot summer seasons.

Setting up a birdbath can work at any time of the year, but you will achieve better results during the summer. The hotter the weather, the greater the need to cool off.

The winter season is also a great time to set up a birdbath to attract crows. During this time, a lot of standing water sources will be frozen and the crow’s options will be limited.

You have to make sure you check on the water in your birdbath regularly. It could freeze during the winter and would become unattractive to the crows. If the water in the bath is frozen, you can break it and replace it with new water.

Just as it is with the poles, you also need to consider the size of the crows. They would prefer larger baths as it gives them room to maneuver and express their excitement.

If you’re setting up one, make sure it’s long and dark. Also, ensure it’s deep enough to cater to the needs of the crows.

Another function the birdbath would have for the crows is the moistening of food. They, just like a few other animals, like to dip their food in water before they eat it.

Kill The Noise

As loud as crows can be, they will be discouraged from your yard if there is too much noise coming from it. Like most birds, crows will take off if a loud unexpected noise pops up all of a sudden.

If there are any random sources of noise in your yard, be sure to eliminate them so the crows don’t get spooked.

If there is a loose swinging gate in your yard, the screeching noise will repel them from landing there.

Wind chimes can be used to keep birds from nesting in your home, but they can also scare the crows away. Loud fence bells that swing will also scare them away. Be sure your home is free of these loud noises if you want to attract crows.

If you’re looking to attract crows to your yard, you should provide a good roosting area, a spacious birdbath, and keep your yard free of scary noises.

How To Catch A Crow

Ideally, a professional is in the best position to catch a crow.

However, you may want to try your hands at it. If you have little to no idea what it would take to catch a crow, then keep reading, as I will be providing tips for you to achieve your goal.

What You Need To Know Before You Attempt Catching A Crow

Crows are among many birds that are protected by federal laws, so you need to understand these laws before you attempt catching a crow. Doing this will guide you with the approaches you employ and ensure you are not breaking the law.

Be sure to do thorough research regarding catching crows in your area, as different states have different laws concerning crow catching.

You can get all the information you need on the internet. Do a quick search to see if you’re even allowed to catch crows in your area.

In America, you will require permission from the fish and wildlife authorities in your locality before you attempt to catch a crow.

Contact Animal Control

If you have a crow pest issue, then you need to first contact animal control. Many localities will refer you to your local pest/animal control agencies instead of attempting to catch them yourself.

As I mentioned earlier, the best way to catch a crow is calling on the pros to do it.

If you have lots of crows to deal with, then calling animal control is the best bet.

Use Larsen Traps

Larsen Traps can be used to catch crows and you can put one from a retailer, either online or from a physical store.

In case you don’t know what a Larsen trap is, it is a simple wire cage that is equipped with a spring trap-door. This trap allows you to catch a crow without inflicting any physical pain.

Larson traps come in different sizes, but considering crows are sizeable birds, you need to get one that is large enough to offer them enough space while they are trapped.

It is also very important that the Larsen trap has a shade at the top. This will protect the captured crows from harsh sunlight or rainfall.

Keeping a crow in an uncomfortable trap with inadequate space and shade is against animal protection laws, and you could face charges for animal cruelty.

If you cannot oblige to these conditions surrounding animal laws, then do not attempt to trap crows in the first place.

How To Use Larsen Traps To Catch Crows

The technique is pretty simple, as, with many other animal traps, you will need some bait.

One of the most tested and trusted baits to catch crows with Larsen traps is a live decoy bird.

You can get a loan be decoy bird via two means – catching one yourself or getting one from a gamekeeper. If you haven’t bought the trap yet, then consult with a professional gamekeeper on how you can acquire a live decoy bird.

After getting your live decoy bird, place it in the trap and secure it so it can’t fly away. Make sure that you provide it with adequate food, water, and space to move freely inside the cage.

The trap should be placed in areas where the crows are most likely to visit. These include within tall tree branches or on the rooftop.

Inside the cage, you should have at least two bowls of water and two bowls of bird feed. One set is meant for the live decoy bird to eat and drink from, while the other set is meant to attract the crow.

If after a couple of days no crow approaches your cage, then it means you may have placed it in the wrong position. Try placing it in a different position, one that is more visible so the crows can easily spot it.

You need to exercise some pat, as bird trapping takes time. Only move the cage to a new position after several days of failed attempts.

When a crow finally swoops down into the cage to get the food and water, the spring door will be shut and it won’t be able to get out. Remember, the cage is not to harm the bird in any way

As the days pass and you wait for a crow to swoop down into the trap, remember to keep the decoy bird well fed and watered. Feed the birds with foods that are healthy for them to consume. These include raw grains, fruits, worms, and nuts.


I trust this article on how to attract and catch a crow has been helpful.

Remember to follow the best animal trapping practices.

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