Bat repellents give you control over your surroundings. You’re able to take back control of your space by keeping these birds away.

For most people, bats are unwelcome birds they’ll rather avoid having any dealings with. If you’re having a bat problem, you’ll need to find urgent solutions to the problem.

Bats And Human Health

Quite many diseases have been attributed to bats.

These include viruses and bacteria. Although this is true, the risk of infection is quite low. Bats carry many diseases such as the Hendra virus, leptospirosis, histoplasmosis, salmonella, and rabies among others.

The use of bat repellent is one effective way of keeping them out of your private space. You want these birds to leave your home and return to their habitats. Bat droppings are problems you have to deal with.

These droppings may contain histoplasmosis fungus. Also, dust inhalation resulting from dried bat droppings may result in allergic reactions. This isn’t so common but happens.

Bats and Insects

Most homeowners are oblivious to the fact that bats are useful in several areas.

These include control of insect pests such as mosquitoes among others. Insectivorous bats will readily feed on a variety of harmful insects, thus reducing your pest issues in the process.

The need for a bat repellent is only necessary when bats get into homes or nest around your property.

If you’re faced with such problems, then you’ll find the rest of the article interesting and helpful.

Best Bat Repellent Options That Work

There are several ways to deal with a bat problem. The most popular include the use of bat repellents.

Now, bat repellents come in various forms. These range from a flake or crystal naphthalene, lanterns & bright lights, ultrasonic repellents, repellent sprays, as well as traditional methods.

Does bat repellent work? Yes.

Using any of these methods successfully will require understanding how they work. As such, we’ll discuss the ways by which the above-mentioned repellents work.

  • Flake or Crystal Naphthalene

Flaked or crystal naphthalene is known to keep bats at bay. Bats detest the smell of naphthalene and will keep their distance whenever this is applied to an area. For this to be possible, a sufficient dose of naphthalene will need to be made available.

Although effective, this may be considered too much to keep around. Plus, the scent can be overwhelming. The good thing with naphthalene is to repel bats from an area. Once gone, this can be removed and possible entry points sealed to prevent bats from returning.

  • Bright Lights

Be it artificial or natural lighting, bats are known to dislike and stay away from such lights.

This is the reason why they’re most active at night. You can take advantage of this situation by lighting your attic and other spaces to keep bats out.

You only need to turn on the lights for a sufficient period of time to drive these birds away. However, a unique problem may arise from the use of light deterrents.

Bats may end up leaving the area but go deeper into your structure. This makes it even harder to get rid of them.

  • Ultrasonic Repellents

Ultrasonic repellents are available for use of all sorts of pests including bats. These devices help drive away bats from the sound they emit. Such bat repellent noise cannot be picked up by the human ear.

However, they’re unbearable to bats, making them leave your surroundings.

Using Bat Repellent Sound

There’s no definite assurance that ultrasonic repellents will give you the much-needed relief you seek. However, these repellents can be combined with others to achieve the desired results.

For the best results, it’s important to carefully read the use instructions on the product label.

All repellents are meant to be used in a certain way. Doing otherwise won’t give you any results. In other words, your success at deterrent bats starts from how well you use a repellent.

There are tons of ultrasonic repellent products available in the market. While some of these are effective, others aren’t.

We’ve added some of the most effective repellents to include Cleanrth CIN009 Industrial Electronic Pest Repelling System and DURANOM Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Outdoor.

Here are the common side effects of using ultrasonic repellers.

  • Bat Repellent Sprays

Repellent sprays are among treatments for bat problems. These are over-the-counter products that can be purchased from any store.

To have the desired impact, the use instructions on the product label must be carefully followed when using any natural bat repellent recipe.

Lately, there have been complaints about bat repellent sprays not having the desired effect. This is possible as none of the bat repellents listed here so far is 100% effective.

You’ll need to consider alternative methods of dealing with the problem.

Alternative To Bat Repellent: Exclusion

Professional bat exclusion is offered by experienced technicians skilled in this area of pest control. You only need to point to the problem and allow them to get the job done.

Here, possible entry points are detected and sealed after removing the bat(s).

This is the most reliable repellent action to take as most of those listed above won’t give you 100% satisfaction.

Adopting Preventive Action As Against Repellents

You don’t have to use a bat repellent or call for professional exclusion services when you do the right thing. One of the first preventive steps to take is by inspecting your home for possible entry points.

Your search is likely to find several such holes.

Seal up or caulk all such holes even the tiniest of holes. The use of chimney caps and window screens are additional ways to prevent bats from coming around. Also consider filling all electrical as well as plumbing holes with steel wool.

Outside doors should be tightly shut and hang bed netting or plastic sheets over existing entry points. Bats may squeeze their way out of these nets but are unable to return.

Preventive actions are much easier and cost-effective ways of solving an existing bat problem.

Bat repellents have been under focus here. This is one of the popular ways by which bats are kept out of homes and.

As mentioned above, there’s never a 100% chance of repelling bats using repellents. The most effective way to take back control of your property involves giving the professionals a call.

Technicians know just where to look and also offer preventive advice. Preventive treatment should be adopted after keeping bats away. Doing this makes your home safer.

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