Bee Exterminator Cost – Average Treatment Prices

How much does it cost to exterminate bees? We have outlined current treatment prices and charges involved in a professional hive removal.

There’s always a bittersweet relationship between bees and humans. While these insects are known to be useful in pollination as well as the production of honey, they can also cause pain. Bee stings can be deadly for persons with allergies.

When bees get too close for comfort, it may be time you sought the services of an exterminator.

How Much Does A Bee Exterminator Cost?

Exterminators will determine if these will need to be safely removed or killed. This is an important service that comes at a cost.

Here, we’re more interested in knowing the cost of hiring a bee exterminator.

When Does it Become Necessary to Exterminate Live Bees

As briefly mentioned earlier, bees are very useful insects that are beneficial to agriculture and food or honey production. Deciding to exterminate most times isn’t easy as you’ll need to weigh different factors to determine whether to relocate or exterminate them.

Sometimes, relocating such bees will cost you more than exterminating them. Other times, the reverse may be the case. Different situations require different or varied approaches.

Average Bee Extermination Cost

The national average cost charged by exterminators ranges from $80 to $130. This is also the range for controlling many bee species and so you can use this figure to estimate carpenter bee extermination cost.

However, you’re likely to pay higher or lower depending on your specific situation. It all depends on the cost of influencing factors involved. These go a long way in impacting the eventual cost of treatment.

  • Factors Influencing Live Bee Removal Cost

Several such factors impact your cost of extermination. These include the type of bee problem, the size of the bee nest or hive, the severity of the problem as well as the location or accessibility of the hive.

Now, let’s discuss each of these factors briefly.

The Type of Bee Problem

There are several bee varieties. These range from honey bees, wasps, bumblebees, and more. Each type has its unique nesting behaviors and characteristics.

These include their level of aggression or docility and how much of a threat they’re perceived to present.

All of these will be taken into account when you call for an exterminator to get the job done. Establishing the bee identity will be among the first things or tasks performed by an exterminator.

The eventual price quote will reflect this.

Size of the Nest

This is very important when working on the cost of treatment.

An exterminator or service technician first inspects to determine the size of the nest. While it may be easier to determine the size in some cases, it isn’t the same in others.

Certain bee inspections may require probing further to ascertain how far a nest goes into a wall or burrow. The larger the hive, the more likely it will cost higher to get rid of them. The opposite applies to smaller hives.

The severity of the Problem

When determining the cost of hiring a bee exterminator, you’ll need to understand that the severity of the problem will be a contributory factor.

Some bee infestations aren’t so severe and can be gotten rid of within a short period. However, this isn’t true for difficult problems.

GUIDE: How To Deal With Beehives

Extermination takes longer due to the time needed to cover (exterminate bees and remove hives) the many beehives.

Apart from the time required to carry out the treatment, more chemicals are needed to be sprayed. As such, the cost of labor and chemicals all impact the total costs of removing a beehive and its occupants.

Hive Location and Accessibility

This is important in determining bee exterminator costs.

Some bees are known to build their hives or nests in abandoned burrows. These may be on the ground, as well as walls while others will make their nests on whatever elevations they find such as trees, etc.

These locations can either present more or less challenge in reaching them.

In some cases, tools such as ladders may need to be used. As expected, the higher up the beehive is located, the more it will cost to exterminate as the technician will have to climb up to apply the chemicals or whatever treatment necessary.

Will DIY Strategies Cost Less?

Sometimes, property owners may feel calling an exterminator to solve their bee problems will cost more.

As such, a DIY alternative will be considered.

So, will this alternative cost you less than calling the experts? At face value, it may seem to cost less due to a variety of options such as cheap insecticides and other locally available natural treatments.

The results obtained are never convincing enough.

In other words, such results aren’t satisfactory as bees will still be found around the property. Such failure may be as a result of inadequate experience on your part, the tools used as well as improper application.

You may have to go back to seeking the services of a professional exterminator. Consider the expenses made and the time wasted in seeking to get the job done yourself.

In the long run, it ends up costing more than calling for professional extermination of bees.

Fixing Bee Damage

Some bee exterminators will add the cost of fixing your building’s damage to the cost of treatment.

This is after successfully exterminating the bees and removing their hives. Certain elements of a building may need to be replaced. Such may include pain, floorboards, insulation, or stucco.

These elements of a building may have been removed while trying to get access to a beehive. The cost of fixing such damage may range from the hundreds or thousands depending on the scale of work carried out.

Why It’s Safer to Call an Exterminator for your Bee Problem

Calling an exterminator to help get rid of bees is the safest route to take due to its many perceived advantages.

The most obvious and important benefit includes the guarantee that comes with it. An exterminator will return within a specified period at no added charges if a problem persists.

As a result, you only get to pay once for a bee problem to have it fully resolved.

The cost of hiring an exterminator for a bee problem is provided here in addition to other related content. These will help give you an idea of what to expect and how best to cut down on extermination costs.

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