5 Best Beaver Traps In The Market Today

Exterior pest control approaches vary by the type of pest and the objective in mind.

All through history, human and pest conflicts can be traced. Through these, an evolution of pest control strategies has played out. One of the oldest approaches still used today is the deployment of traps for pest control.

Beaver Trapping Sets

Traps for pests like beavers will be under focus here.

We intend to identify and add the most reliable traps for beaver control. If you’re dealing with such a problem, you’ll find this article quite handy as it provides you with some of the best traps you can find.

It’s also essential to state that buying the best traps won’t automatically give you the results you seek. In other words, the best beaver traps don’t translate to results unless appropriately used.

The first step is to find a more suitable and reliable product that fits your needs before sticking to its use directions.

Types Of Beaver Traps

Before deciding on what beaver trap to go for, you need to understand the types.

These are the broad categories available. Here two types are available; live and lethal traps. Each works differently but achieves the objective of ridding your surroundings of these large rodents.

Live traps are also called humane beaver traps. Their function isn’t to kill but to trap these large rodents alive. Lethal traps, on the other hand, are designed to kill beavers.

These include leg hold traps, drowning snares, and body grip traps.

People will always have their unique preferences when choosing what beaver traps to use.

Live traps require baits to draw or attract these beavers in. One of the most popular baits used is the beaver castor.

Beaver castor is an odorous substance that mimics the odor secreted by beavers to communicate their presence to other beavers. This draws in beavers into your live trap.

Other bait types include apples, twigs & branches, and poplar branches & twigs.

Best Traps for Beavers To Buy

When shopping for traps, you’ll find them in various designs, types, and sizes.

While these traps may operate differently, they achieve the same function of trapping large rodents like beavers. Determining the best can be a bit challenging as people have their preferences regarding beaver control.

However, the traps included here have great customer reviews and solid designs that help achieve the objective for which they were made.

These traps include the Duke 850-FJ, Bridger #5, TS-85, No-BS Beaver Extreme, 330 Conibear/Body Grip Trap, and the MB-750.

Others like the WCS Pro 7.5, Hancock Live Beaver Trap, OxGord Live Animal Cage Trap, Havahart Large 1-Door Trap, and Bailey Beaver Trap. There are many more top-quality traps available.

However, we’ll only be discussing these due to time constraints.

i. Duke 850-FJ Beaver Trap

This is a powerful beaver trap with thick cast steel jaws and a stainless steel rod dog with a PIT pan system.

However harsh the conditions are, this trap easily withstands them. This was initially designed as a wolf trap but was later modified, which led to the emergence of the closed jaw model for beavers.

ii. Hancock Live Beaver Trap

This is a live trap for beavers that weighs around 29lbs and can be conveniently carried around due to its ability to fold to a 7” thickness.

You can use the Hancock Beaver Trap in many surroundings, including marshes, fast water, lakes, non-moving water, quicksand bottom, and high banks.

It perfectly fits the needs of persons looking for durable traps that will serve for many years. By unlatching its rings, this trap opens up for beavers to crawl out.

Rather than drown these beavers, the trap is designed in such a way to allow for ample space above the water to be comfortable and dry.

iii. OxGord Live Animal Cage Trap

The OxGord trap is used for various animals, including beavers. Other animals trapped with this equipment include opossums, raccoons, stray, feral cats, rabbits, and rodents.

OxGord Live Animal Trap is built using durable materials like steel. To have desired results, proper placement and appropriate bait are necessary.

When shopping for this beaver trap, you’ll find it in a collapsed state.

It comes preassembled and only needs to be pulled up to open. You won’t have to worry about injury to the animal as beavers are unhurt due to the trap’s design.

iv. Havahart Large 1-Door Trap

This is a great trap to buy for your beaver issues. It’s also applied for live trapping of various animals like bobcats, raccoons, armadillos, cats, raccoons, small dogs, groundhogs, foxes, and several others.

Starting at $62, this trap has a 1-door design that allows beavers to get in fully before closing.

The closing door is activated by a trip mechanism designed to be only triggered by heavy animals like beavers. In other words, there are no false triggers by smaller critters.

What more? It’s built with durable material that ensures your trap will last long.

v. Bailey Beaver Trap

Bailey beaver trap is another live trap for beavers built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and chain link mesh. For this trap to be effective, it needs to be correctly set.

Here, pathways used by these rodents are targeted. It’s set close to the shore with the trap submerged in water.

Starting at $425, you can find Bailey Beaver Trap in hardware stores. Its durable design makes it long-lasting. When the trap is set, it gets triggered when a beaver swims over it and bumps the T-bar.


These are some of the best beaver traps you’ll find in the market. We earlier stated that there are tons of great products available. Based on client reviews, these traps will give you value for money.

You’ll have to go with a trap that fits your unique needs. Also, it’s essential to compare the different products to find the most suitable for your needs.

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