What is the best bed bug spray? Do they work in getting rid of bed bugs? Find out more.

Bed bugs are notorious for causing tremendous discomfort, especially at night when they are most active. Due to this fact, the most efficient treatment methods are desirable. Bed bug sprays are among the best treatments available.

We will discuss some of the most popular sprays as well as the effectiveness of each product.

What Causes Bed Bug Infestation?

A lot of people have asked questions about what attracts bed bugs. It may surprise you to know that unlike other pests, bed bug infestation is not caused by poor sanitation. These pests are spread mainly through travel. How is that possible?

When you visit an already infested area like a bus, a hotel, a restaurant, etc, they easily cling to your clothing.

Once these are unknowingly brought into your home, they reproduce fast. Because bed bugs feed on blood, you will have to endure severe discomfort until the right treatment is applied.

This brings us to the bed bug spray which will be discussed shortly.

Strongest Bed Bug Killer Sprays

Bed bug sprays come in 3 major categories.

These include homemade sprays, natural sprays, and artificial or chemical sprays. Let’s consider each of these;

  • Homemade Options

These are low-toxic and organically prepared sprays. While these sprays can be highly effective in killing off bed bugs, they have little or no after-effects.

In other words, when dried, bed bugs are no longer endangered. For best results, bed bugs need to be sprayed directly. Some homemade sprays may contain alcohol or detergent or both. These have been identified by scientists as being dangerous.

  • Natural Bed Bug Sprays

Like homemade sprays, natural sprays contain non-toxic substances as well. However, these have their limitations. Natural sprays need to be applied directly to bed bugs. After it gets dried, there is hardly an after-effect. That is bed bugs not killed by the initial application continue to live.

Another disadvantage is that bed bugs are known to avoid areas where natural sprays have been applied.

  • Artificial or Chemical Bed Bug Spray

These are made from purely chemical or synthetic chemical substances. Chemical sprays like Lysol are among the most widely used in the world.

These are also the most effective.

However, while these are among the most effective bed bug sprays, the downside is that these can be toxic especially when applied without the help of experienced technicians.

The next section will list some of the most popular bed bug sprays. These will include all the categories (homemade, natural, and artificial) of bed bug sprays as listed above.

Types of Bed bug Sprays

  • Bed Bug Killer (EcoRaider)

This is a natural spray developed by EcoRaider. It acts fast on bed bugs and provides lasting protection in addition to being safe or non-toxic.

According to its publication, the Entomological Society of America Journal named EcoRaider’s Bed bug Killer as the most effective killer spray, with 100% efficacy.

You can either purchase a gallon at approximately $89.95 or obtain a travel-sized spray for $6.99

Some types of bed bugs are known to be resistant to insecticides.

EcoRaider’s Bed bug Killer gets the job done in time. It eliminates adult bed bugs and those at the larval stage. Whatever your needs are, this product comes in different sizes to enable you to choose your most preferred quantity.

This spray contains 2% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 1% Geraniol, and 1% Cedar extract.

  • Bed Bug Killer by Eco Defence

Starting at $19.99, this is a natural organic spray that has proven to be effective in eliminating stubborn infestation problems.

With this spray, you can easily get the work done without leaving stains or odors behind. You can choose to use this spray alone or combine it with other treatments.

Some of its ingredients consist of citric acid, Ethyl Lactate, and Geranium oils among others.

  • Bed Bug Killer Patrol

With Bed bug Killer Patrol, you can expect your infestation problems to be comprehensively dealt with in no time. To get desired results, this should be sprayed directly onto the bed bugs. It has been proven to have a 91 to 92% kill rate. Another plus to using this bed bug spray is that it can be spread onto bedspreads, furniture, cushions and bed sheets without any danger posed to humans whenever contact is made.

When it gets dried, there are little or no residual effects. Your best bet is to apply correctly to obtain the desired results. To do this, you will need to properly identify infested areas. Bed bug Killer Patrol starts at $18.48.

  • Harris Bed Bug Killer

This spray can be applied alone or with other treatments like diatomaceous earth. Whatever option you choose, it will get the job done in no time. This bed bug spray contains deltamethrin which is a fast active ingredient that ensures these pests die off within seconds. Harris Bed bug Killer sells for $19.49.

For bed bugs and eggs which are pyrethroid-resistant, its 1 gallon toughest bed bug killer will get the job done. This starts at $54.79.

Harris Bed bug Killer can not only be used for eliminating bed bugs alone. It can also be used as a preventive treatment as well. The large volume of this spray makes it a great bargain for buyers.

  • Ortho Home Defence

Bed bug infestation problems are twofold. While you have to deal with adult bed bugs, there are also the eggs that will hatch to compound the problem faced. Ortho Home Defence is your best bet to handle such problems effectively.

All you need to do is to spray all areas which serve as hideouts. These can be under your furniture, between cracks and other tiny spaces.

The high pressure of this spray makes it possible for difficult and tight areas to be reached. While the initial application will eliminate most bed bugs, the repeated application ensures that areas not covered are reached.

You can schedule an application for your application to fit your needs. Ortho Home Defence starts at $20.19.

  • EucoClean 3-in-1

This is a multi-purpose bed bug spray that eliminates bed bugs plus other insect pests, cleanses and also deodorizes your home. If there is anything you would love this spray for, it will be its multiple uses plus its refreshing fragrance.

EucoClean spray comes in a 750 ml container that goes for $22.00.

Apart from using it to eliminate bed bugs, you can also use it to clean your home. Dirty surfaces and bad odor are effectively handled with this spray. It is also safe for use due to its natural ingredients.

  • Bye Bye Bed bugs

If you are looking for a pet-friendly and safe bed bug spray to use, Bye Bye Bed bugs are your best bet.

This is an eco-friendly product that can be applied onto all surfaces including your mattresses and bedding. Whether you want a bed bug preventive treatment or complete extermination of existing infestation, this spray will get the job done.

Bed bugs will normally hide in difficult to reach areas during the day. This $30.00 spray has a solution. The tip of the spray can be adjusted to spray the contents into such areas.

  • Hygea Natural Exterminator Spray

Because bed bugs can be picked through a variety of means, this spray comes handy when traveling. It is portable and can easily fit into your luggage. Whenever you are unsure of your surroundings, it can be applied to your bedding as well.

When leaving, you can also apply to your luggage to make sure they are dead on arrival. This is a way to avoid introducing them into your home or surroundings.

Travel Hygea Natural Exterminator is non-toxic and sold for$7.25.It is odorless and leaves no lingering smell after application.

  • Proof Bed bug and Dust Mite Killer Spray

This plant-based bed bug spray not only eliminates bed bug infestation but also kills off dust mites as well. This non-toxic spray continues to have a lasting effect 3 weeks after its application! To get the most out of this product, you need to follow its directions for use.

It starts at $14.97 and can be purchased at your local supermarkets and department stores.

  • Temprid SC Killer

Temprid SC Killer spray eliminates a wide range of insect pests including bed bugs. The advantage of using this is that it covers every other pest found within your property at no extra charge.

There are two variants of this spray. They include the ready to use spray and the concentrated solution. The latter will need to be diluted before application.

When applying this spray, surfaces, where you are likely to come in contact with, should be avoided. This is because it can be toxic and cause irritation or poisoning if not handled properly.

Reasons why Bed Bug Sprays have Proven to be More Effective

Bed bug spray users prefer chemically prepared sprays to natural ones. This is due to the after-effects which linger and still act on any remaining pests long after application.

For this to happen, crevices and cracks used as hideouts by bed bugs must be sprayed. This makes it highly toxic and unfavorable for pest survival.

Apart from adult bed bugs, there are also eggs and larvae which they lay. These can sometimes be resistant to certain treatments. To get rid of them, multiple treatments must be carried out. Only then can they be effectively eliminated.

Bed bug sprays are some of the best ways to get rid of these insect pests. Although effective, you need to get a clear understanding of how they work and available options that fit your needs.

Without proper treatment, bed bugs can make your life unbearable. Their feeding habits are mainly nocturnal. These are periods when you need to rest but can. These sprays are also very affordable.

If you have an infestation problem, any of the above-listed can get the job done.

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