8 Best Natural Gas Fireplaces For Homes

This article takes a look at the best natural gas fireplaces to buy.

Fireplaces have evolved over the years with more energy-efficient and visually appealing designs being developed.

Natural gas fireplaces are among the most preferred due to their energy efficiency, ease of operation, and stylishness.

Best-Rated Natural Gas Fireplace Inserts

As a homeowner wanting to make the best natural gas fireplace pick, there are tons of products to choose from.

With lots of options available, there’s a likelihood of being overwhelmed with the selection process. However, we’ve stepped in to help narrow the list down to the very best gas fireplaces.

Buying Guide For Natural Gas Fireplaces

Before listing some of the best natural gas fireplaces to buy, it’s necessary to have a set of guidelines to follow when shopping for one. Natural gas fireplaces are among the most common fuel type for gas heating.

This fuel is lighter than air and easily dissipates when opened.

Here, important questions to be asked include what vent type is needed, what installations options are available, and what style is best for your home.

Other areas to consider include how your existing chimney will work with your new natural gas fireplace.

Let’s consider each of these points as follows;

i. What Vent Type Do I Need?

What are your heating efficiency requirements?

These are largely influenced by the gas vent type you choose. Gas fireplaces have different vent types. These are broadly classified into two; ventless, and vented gas fireplaces.

  • Ventless Gas Fireplaces

As the name suggests, ventless natural gas fireplaces do not need venting or the presence of a chimney to function. They’re designed to burn clean and hot and are reputed as being the most efficient due to the absence of heat loss.

  • Vented

With vented natural gas fireplaces, venting can either be through a wall or an existing chimney. Here, a glass door seals up the fireplace whenever it’s in use. Plus, venting is done through a co-axial vent system.

Under the vented gas fireplace types are the direct vent and the B vent variants.

ii. Available Installation Options

In terms of installation types, there are varieties to choose from. You’ll have to make your pick from options such as wall mount gas fireplaces, built-in gas fireplaces, freestanding outdoor gas fireplaces, see-thru gas fireplaces, and ventless gas fireboxes.

Each of these has its unique features. Before making a purchase, you’ll need to discuss with a professional installer to determine particular needs.

  • What style is best for my home?

The style of the fireplace matters. Appearance as well as the filler type or media pieces inside the fireplace count. You may have a preference for glass fillers or gas logs. Each type has a particular feel and look.

You may also have a preference for natural gas fireplaces with LED lighting systems, in addition to those which can be controlled remotely through an app.

All of these are key considerations when making a purchase.

iii. How Will the New Fireplace Work with my Existing Chimney?

If you have an existing chimney you’d like to use, a vented natural gas fireplace will be preferable. As stated earlier, you’ll need the guidance of an experienced chimney technician to help choose the most appropriate gas fireplace type.

Best Natural Gas Fireplaces To Buy

There are tons of gas fireplace brands available. Although every manufacturer boasts of having the best product, a true test of the product’s efficiency is seen in its usage.

Over the years, certain brands have consistently proven to be top-tier in terms of functionality and efficiency.

Some of these include Empire Tahoe, American Hearth Boulevard, Duluth Forge, Pleasant Hearth, and Cal Flame.

Other top brands include Empire Comfort Systems, Belmont Gas Fireplace, Peterson Real Fyre Oak Gas Log Set, and Napoleon Grandville fireplaces.

  • Empire Tahoe

The Empire Tahoe brand of gas fireplaces is designed for use with natural gas. This is the fireplace for homeowners having a preference for built-in styles.

Its direct venting system makes it easy to use with existing chimney systems. Its efficiency is rated 83%.

In terms of visibility, this is a see-through system that comes with a large tempered glass viewing window.

  • American Hearth Boulevard

With a BTU of 40,000, the American Hearth Boulevard brand is natural gas-powered. Its see-through design offers an appealing ambiance.

The American Hearth Boulevard is ventless.

This is the perfect natural gas fireplace for homeowners in need of something that takes up a large portion of their walls.

  • Duluth Forge

Do you want a free-standing natural gas fireplace?

This is one product you should consider. The Duluth forge brand has an array of natural gas fireplace designs that come in both vented and ventless variants.

Typically, its warranty spans a period of 1 year.

  • Cal Flame

With a warranty of 1 year, Cal flame is another top brand to consider.

Fireplace designs include both indoor and outdoor variants with different dimensions. You’ll need to go through its many top-quality products to find the perfect fit.

  • Empire Comfort Systems

As the name suggests, Empire Comfort Systems is a reputable natural gas fireplace brand known for its convenience and comfort of use.

They can be used with natural gas fuels and are built-in systems. Products come with a 3-year warranty.

  • Belmont Gas Fireplace

If you need a fireplace that burns both natural gas and propane gas fuels, then the Belmont brand would be a suitable pick. Its Comfort Glow products are ventless and come with electric spark ignition.

If you’re particular about convenience, this product is easy to assemble and operate.

  • Peterson Real Fyre Gas Log Set

A natural gas fireplace that is known for its ease of operation and durability is the Peterson Real Fyre gas log set. This product comes with a vented burner and gas connection kit.

  • Napoleon Grandville

The Napoleon Grandville brand is built with safety features such as its oxygen depletion sensors. What more? Its products have an on/off switch including a safety screen.

These are some of the top natural gas fireplaces to buy. Not only do they have a premium construction, but they’re also safe to use, stylish & economical as well as provide good heating.

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