Standard Fireplace Sizing & Creative Design Ideas For Homes

How big is a fireplace? Here is a guide on the standard dimensions of a fireplace and design ideas for homeowners.

When it comes to building a fireplace, a lot goes into it in terms of creativity as well as using the right dimensions.

All such actions are aimed at arriving at the desired end. In a bid to achieve a certain outcome, it’s necessary to use all the help you can.

This article doubles as both guide and tip for persons seeking ideas design ideas for their fireplace.

Standard Fireplace Dimensions And Designs

Whatever your budget is, there’s something for you. It’s important to consider the fact that your fireplace will last for a couple of decades. It’s likely to occupy a prime location within your living room.

As such, you’ll have to give it your all to ensure the results you get (in terms of design) are flawless.

Room Style And Fireplace Measurement

Before you have a fireplace installed, you’ll need to consider your room style. By room style, we’re simply referring to whether you prefer a minimalist style or are more inclined towards a maximalist interior.

For a minimalist, the preference will be for a fireplace that has a clean-lined aesthetic which has a contemporary feel and is also visually appealing.

Also, this will require the exclusion of the usually cluttered mantel shelf which is common with a lot of fireplace designs.

Get More Creative With Width And Depth

To make your fireplace more appealing, you’ll need to get more creative.

Here, a mixture of art would do a lot to transform your fireplace. Speaking of art, you can get pieces such as beautiful wall hangings to place on the wall around your fireplace.

For smaller art pieces, such can be made to stand on the chimney or mantel shelf.

Making them overlap could improve its look. However, you must be careful to avoid cluttering up the area while seeking to improve your fireplaces’ appeal.

Popular concepts include:

  • electric fireplace designs
  • corner fireplace designs
  • log burner fireplace designs
  • modern fireplace design ideas
  • outdoor fireplace design ideas
  • off-center fireplace design ideas
  • gas fireplace designs
  • tv next to fireplace designs

Pick the Right Spot for Your Fireplace

To have a fireplace installed, it’s important to have the spot picked out right from the onset. You’re expected to have imagined the right location for building or installing it.

Normally, the most ideal locations for fireplaces are living rooms and family rooms.

Basically, the busiest sections of the home are usually targeted for fireplace installation. You could also have the fireplace installed in the bedroom or kitchen area. It all depends on your needs.

Asking for some professional advice wouldn’t be out of place. Here is the average cost of fireplace installation.

A Themed Appearance Could Do the Trick

Ideas are never in short supply when it comes to fireplace design. The adoption of a themed approach to your décor could just be the missing link you’ve always craved for. How about adopting a vintage theme?

That will be a great idea.

Here, your fireplace is could be decorated with only vintage or antique pieces. To make it even more unique, you could settle for a particular color that would be dominant. A mixture of black and white will be perfect.

However, there are lots of other colors you could experiment with.

Standard Fireplace Sizes

Fireplace sizing is crucial to its proper functioning. This is more of a technical procedure than a visual one. Proper sizing takes into account the venting aspect of a chimney system as it relates to the fireplace.

Both are components of the same system and work seamlessly.

Combustion gases coming from the fireplace will need to be vented out through the chimney. Without proper sizing, such combustion gases might move in the opposite direction.

Having such gases coming into your home creates a major problem.

  • Matching Dimensions between Flue Collar & Chimney Diameter

It’s important to note that your chimney diameter should match that of the flue collar on a wood stove. In clearer terms, a woodstove outlet measuring 6-inch should have a corresponding 6-inch flue.

Must it always be the case? Not so. A 6-inch wood stove for instance can vent into an insulated chimney measuring 8 inches in diameter or more.

However, the flue shouldn’t exceed more than three times the size of your wood stove outlet.

  • Space Planning

What does that mean? The space within a room has a lot to do with the fireplace design and size that fits it. Here, you’ll be looking at the size of the fireplace relative to available space.

It should be built in such a way that it doesn’t occupy too large of space, especially for compact rooms.

A chimney expert will be of great help in picking just the right fireplace size for your room. However, you’ll have to discuss all your needs in detail to help with the better implementation of space planning procedures.

Some Touch of Balance will be a Great Idea

Have you ever thought of adding some balance to the design of your fireplace? Now, this can’t be 100% perfect.

We aren’t saying every aspect of it should be symmetrical, but adding some balance improves the appeal of a fireplace. Still, confused?

Consider a scenario where your fireplace is split down the center? That isn’t going to happen but just imagine. Will both halves look similar? That right there is what we’re talking about.

Using this idea, you can arrange decorative pieces in such a way that balance is achieved.

Different Decorative Arrangements Will Appeal More

This is an obvious fact, right?

Well, it is, but what isn’t so obvious is the fact that decorative items having varying heights also spark more visual interest. This requires lots of creativity.

You might want to look up ideas for fireplace decorative arrangements on Pinterest.

You’ll be spoiled for choice. As always, it’s important to avoid over-decorating your fireplace. Doing so could end up making it an eyesore.

That isn’t an outcome you’ll want to get.

Standard Fireplace Surround Dimensions

For a fireplace surround, the width should be at least one inch wider than the space between mantel legs. The facing height should be at least half an inch taller than the height of the inside mantel.

When it comes to the fireplace surround, a lot of options are available to help with its design. You’ll have to choose the right materials or a combination of materials that help give or add a particular look or feel to the fireplace.

Construction materials include brick & stone, concrete as well as wood paneling. Of course, you’ll need to consult with a chimney expert to help arrive at the desired result.

These fireplace sizing and design tips will be helpful to any homeowner seeking to enhance the look of their fireplace.

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